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Poke Radar is a collaborative Map for locating Pokemon. Users can search for Pokemon or mark them on Map to help others catch them.

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August 4, 2023

Pokemon Go is a legendary game for mobile devices. It still has millions of players around the world. People who have played the game know the struggle of locating and finding rare Pokémons. So, Poke Radar is here to help players. We have already written an article on WeCatch App that lets you locate rare Pokemon. Poke Radar does the same but with some advancements. It not only finds Pokemons but allows you to add and mark Pokemons on the map. Sounds exciting? Keep reading to learn more.

About Poke Radar

Poke Radar is a Pokemon locator App that Android users can use for free. Pokemon Go players are well aware of the struggle of finding Pokemon. You go for miles to find Pokemons and still can be empty-handed. So, the Poke Radar App is here to help you locate them. It functions the same as WeCatch App, where you see the map and can locate various Pokemon and catch them.

In addition, it lets you add Pokemons to the map. So other players can see it and check nearby locations to catch that particular Pokemon. This feature helps you get the exact locations of Pokemon where they were last seen. However, it can be a limitation, too, as you can’t figure out the live location of the Pokemon. Besides, the App lets you search for specific Pokemons and find them.


Locate And Catch Pokemons

With the help of this App, you can easily locate Pokemon and catch them for your Pokemon Go game. The App gives you the exact location of the Pokemon.

Collaborative Map

The App features a collaborative Map, which means all the App users contribute to the map. All the locations you see on the map are marked by some users.

Filter Pokemons

Moreover, you can filter the type of Pokemon, and the App will show you selected Pokemon’s locations only. This way, you can focus on finding the Pokemon you don’t have.

Search For Specific Pokemon

Besides, there is a search bar that you can use to find the specific Pokemon. Enter the name of the Pokemon in the Search bar, and it will show you the location of that particular Pokemon.

Vote Locations

You can also vote or downvote the locations you checked. If you find the location helpful, you can vote it up, and if you find it useless, you can downvote it.

Mark Pokemons and Help Others

The App also allows you to add Pokemon locations to the map if you find any Pokemon while hunting. Others will see your marked location and catch that Pokemon there.

You can also try PGSharp App.

How to Install Poke Radar APK

You can’t install it from PlayStore, so allowing your device to install Apps from Unknown Sources is essential. Enable Unknown Sources installation from Security Settings and then follow the given steps.

  • Download the Poke Radar APK on your device and let it download completely.
  • When downloaded, find the APK file in your File Manager App and tap on it.locate Poke Radar APK in your File Manager App
  • It will ask you if you want to install the App. Tap Install and start the installation.install Poke Radar APK on Android
  • The installation will take a few seconds to complete. You can Open the App when installed.Poke Radar App successfully installed


What is the Poke Radar App for Pokemon Go?

It is a collaborative Map providing locations of Pokemon marked by other users. You can use it to locate Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Where do I get the Poke Radar?

You can download and install the latest version of the App from this website. It is safe and working.

Does Poke Radar work?

Yes, it works. You can see all the Pokemon locations marked by other users. Go there and catch Pokemon. In addition, you can also vote or downvote the locations.

What Pokemon can be found with Poke Radar?

You can find all types of Pokemon with this App. Also, it allows you to filter Pokemon, so you will only see the location of the Pokemon that you don’t have. Additionally, you can search for specific Pokemon from the search bar.


So, that’s all about the Poke Radar App. Pokemon Go game lovers can use it to locate different types of Pokemon. It is a collaborative map of locations, and you can search for any Pokemon or filter Pokemon to see only one you don’t have. The App is free and easy to use. You can also add Pokemons to the map. Besides, you can also see the information of all Pokemons your find all information about all Pokemon. So, if you want to catch some new Pokemon for your Pokemon Go game, download and install the App today.

Reviewed by: Troy Benjamin

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