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September 16, 2023


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Pokemon Go is one of the first augmented reality games for android, which made ripples in the industry. With the unique gameplay, the Pokemon Go became the finest game on the internet. We’ve been playing this amazing game for a long time. Those who watch the Pokemon series are still the ones who love such games. People who have been playing Pokemon GO wanted some unique features integrated into the game. Fortunately, the third-party developers took their turns and modified this amazing game. With Pokemon Go, you can get access to a plethora of game features, which are unique to themselves.

If you are interested in playing Pokemon Go mod APK, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about Pokemon Go modded APK and also share the direct download link for the same.

Features of Pokemon Go:

#1 – New Pokemons

As Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game, you will find a lot of pokemon while moving around. You just have to open the smartphone camera and move around your vicinity to find and catch the pokemon. The best thing about this game is that there are many new types of pokemon added to the game, which will enhance your gameplay. You will not be greeted with the same set of pokemon but can encounter unique and rare pokemon quite frequently.

#2 – Excellent Graphics

The excellent graphics quality of Pokemon Go justifies the huge size of this game. As the game is made in augmented reality, it has some amazing graphics. The rendering of the pokemon, surroundings and even the fights between the pokemon is surreal, and you will love every bit of the same. With excellent graphics, you can adjust the quality according to the specifications of your smartphone and enjoy smooth gameplay. Just go to the settings and adjust the graphics quality to enjoy the gameplay as per your needs.

#3 – Battles

When you are playing the game, you are not only roaming around and catching the pokemon. You will find the Poke gyms and other players to fight and win the pokemon. The gameplay battles are very excellent, which will make your gameplay surreal. What’s the point of collecting the pokemon if you cannot utilize their special skills? With the battles to win the poke gyms and other competitions, you can truly immerse yourself into this game and become a perfect Pokemon trainer like Ash Ketchum.

#4 – Power-ups

For making your pokemon more powerful, you might have to use the powerups. With the Pokemon powerups, you can easily train your pokemon and make them powerful to fight against the other pokemon. You can earn the powerups from the pokemon fights or even find them while roaming. This is one of the most useful and unique things in the game that will help you to enjoy the gameplay and have the upper hand over your competitor.

#5 – Fake GPS

This feature is exclusive to the Pokemon Go mod APK only. You should know that it comes with the fake GPS feature, which means that you can fake your GPS location and enter another place to roam and find pokemons. The best thing with the Fake GPS feature is that it allows you to roam around while you are stationary. With the fake location and arrow buttons, you can roam around the strange places, find the pokemons and enter the Pokegyms to have a fight with other players.

How to Install Pokemon Go Modded apk on Your Android Device?

  1. First of all, download the APK file from the link provided above.
  2. After downloading the APK file, you have to tap on it. After tapping, select “Install” to start the installation procedure.
    click on Install
  3. The installation will complete within a few seconds. Please be patient.
    pokemon go mod apk installing
  4. Once done, tap on the “Open” to start the game and explore the world to capture pokemons.
    pokemon go mod apk installed

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Can we train Pokemons in Pokemon Go mod APK?

Yes. With the In-game items like Incense, powerups, lucky eggs and others, you can easily train the pokemons in this game.

#2 – Can we fight against the random players?

Yes. When you visit Pokegyms, you can easily fight with the random players and their pokemons.

#3 – Is Pokemon Go modded APK safe?

Yes. Even though it is modded, it is based on the original version of the game. So, it is completely safe to install on your device, considering the privacy and security concerns.

Special Mod Features

Pokemon Go mod APK comes with some special features that set it apart from the original game. It comes with the Fake GPS location feature, which allows you to spoof your location and move around the places to get access to the rarest pokemons.

Not just that, it comes with unlimited everything. Unlimited coins, unlimited pokemons, unlimited cards and unlimited poke balls. You don’t have to worry about anything in this game.

Final Words

Pokemon GO was one of the biggest trends back in the day, and it has been in the trend since that time. We’ve been playing this game for a long time and still enjoying it. If you are still willing to play it with the additional features, then you should download the Pokemon Go Mod APK. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information about the Pokemon Go game. If you are facing any issues, make sure to use the comment section below.

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