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June 12, 2024

PGSharp Apk is a mind-blowing application for Pokemon Go players. If you love to play Pokemon Go, PGSharp is for you. The App comes with a lot of exciting features that allow you to play the game better with ease. Players get several advantages, like they can teleport their location. One of the significant issues with the game is that it requires a lot of time. PGSharp App can solve this issue with the place teleporting feature. You can teleport your location to anywhere on the map. Now, you don’t have to move physically to play the Pokemon Go game. There are more features of PGSharp that are given in the article.


PGSharp has a lot of features that users can enjoy for free. It also has a premium version with which players can enjoy more advanced features. With PGSharp, you can use a joystick and move anywhere around the game’s map. Not only this, but you can also adjust your walking speed.

You can teleport yourself virtually with the help of PGSharp from a single place. Visit Pokestops and get exciting free items. You can now visit different locations like gyms, Parks, Schools, Churches, and more to find more PokeStops. The more you will visit the PokeStops, the more you will get items, and the more you will receive experience points.

The teleportation feature lets you teleport your location from one place to another without moving physically anywhere. You can even teleport your location to another country by inserting the GPS coordinates. So, all you need is the GPS coordinates and move anywhere on the map. Don’t forget to save your last location; it will help you to continue the game from the exact spot where you left.

Standard Features

PGSharp allows users to switch to the premium version of the App by paying for a monthly subscription. Here is the list of the features (including the features of the free version) you can enjoy with the premium PGSharp.

  • Teleport: PGSharp premium allows you to teleport your location and move anywhere on the map.
  • Joystick: Players can use the joystick and move their character anywhere, left, right, forward, or backward.
  • Enhanced Throw: PGSharp PGSharp offers enhanced throws to the players so they can catch Pokemon easily.
  • Caught Preview: There is a caught preview feature that allows players to preview the capture of a Pokemon.
  • Use on Two devices: If you purchase the premium, you can use it on two different devices.
  • With all this, you can get more features like Encounter/Inventory IV, 100 IV feed, Nearby Radar, Quick Catch, Block Non-Shiny, All Coordinates Feed, Encounter/Inventory IV, and more.

How to Install PGSharp Apk

Note That: Before proceeding with the method, make sure you uninstalled the previously downloaded Pokemon Go App. Also, you should have a Pokemon Trainer Club account. You can create it in a few seconds if you don’t have one.

  • First of all, download the PGSharp Apk file from a trusted and reliable website.
  • Then wait for the download to complete. Open the File Manager app and locate the file you have recently downloaded.
    locate the downloaded apk file
  • Once found, tap on the file and select the Install button to install PGSharp on your device.
    click on install
  • After installation, tap on Open and open the App.
    pokemon go apk installed
  • The game will first ask you to enter your date of birth. Enter it and tap on the Submit button.
    enter your DOB
  • Then select from Returning Player or a New Player.
    select player
  • Select Pokemon Trainer Club from the options.
    login with social media
  • And then, fill up the required credentials to log in to your account.
  • Now, you are all ready to play the game with the advanced features of the PGSharp App.
    options of pgsharp


Is PGSharp free now?

PGSharp is a free application that you can download on your devices. It offers advantages to Pokemon Go Players. With the help of PGSharp, players can play Pokemon Go easily without going anywhere from a single place. This application allows players to change location in Pokemon Go. The paid version of the App comes with additional features like Skip Evolve, Quick Catch, and Pokemon feed. It is up to players which version they want to use.

Does PGSharp work on Android?

Android users can use the PGSharp App. All they have to do is to download the Apk File and install PGSharp on their devices. The App is easy to use and offers a lot of features for Pokemon Go players. These features give advantages to the players to play the game with ease. Players don’t have to go here and there to catch different Pokemon. They can do the same from a single place with the help of the PGSharp App.

Does PGSharp still work?

PGSharp is still working and helping many Pokemon Go players to play the game quickly and save time. Although PGSharp has a lot of features to offer to the Pokemon Go players, the most important is teleporting the location. PGSharp allows users to teleport their location so they can save a lot of their time and still enjoy the game to the fullest. Users can switch to the Paid version of the App to enjoy more features.

How do you clone a PGSharp?

To clone a PGSharp, you will need the Lucky Patcher App. Then install the PGSharp. Open the Lucky Patcher App and search for Pokemon Go (PGSharp). After you see the App, tap and hold on to it, then go to the Tools option; a menu will now open on your screen. From that menu, tap on the Clone Application option, and you are all done. The best part of this method is that it doesn’t even require Root or Jailbreak.

Is PGSharp safe?

PGSharp is safe to use; it is an authentic and reliable app that users can install and enjoy Pokemon Go with some advantages. There are many safety features included in the App that keeps you safe and your activity of using virtual location hidden.


So, that is how you can install the PGSharp Apk on your device and enjoy its unique features. Now you can enjoy your Pokemon Go game from a single place without moving or going anywhere in real life. PGSharp is something you must try if you are a real Pokemon Go game and want to save your time.

Reviewed by: Taina Acosta

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