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LimeWire is a platform that lets creators post, own, sell, or trade their content, and earn money by doing what they like.

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May 17, 2023

Everyone listens to music, and there are many Apps available to do so. Limewire is also a well-known name in this field. It was initially a file-sharing tool that went through some legal lawsuits and shut down in 2010. But in 2022, it relaunched and now has become a fully-fledged membership platform. It lets artists take control of their content, like selling records and other music-related collectibles. Here, you can directly connect to your fans and followers and get paid for showing your talent.

About LimeWire

LimeWire was first released in 2000 and became a well-known file-sharing platform. Later it went through a lengthy legal battle over allegations of music piracy that burned all the company’s bridges. And it shut down in 2010. But, to our surprise, it relaunched in mid-2022 and now has become a fully-fledged membership platform.

It is now a fully developed platform for artists to buy, sell, and trade music-related art and all other digital collectibles. Besides, the App lets artists connect with their fans and followers. You will have complete control over your content. And you can also earn money by sharing your content. Set up your creator page, share any creative content, and make money.


Become a Creator

You can create your creator page on the App with a few easy steps. Share your creative content and grow your audience. The App offers a perfect platform to become famous and grow fans and followers.

Share Any Content

Not only music, but you can post your content in any form on your creator page. It includes text, photos, videos, and more.

Free and Paid Membership

You can use the App and access its content and services by subscribing. You can either go with free or monthly paid membership.

Ownable and Tradable Content

The App uses blockchain and NFT technology, allowing users to own or trade content easily. Your fans or subscribers can own a digital collectible of every content you share on your page.

Premium Posts

Creators can decide whether to make their publications free or paid ones requiring monthly subscriptions. You can do that even with your free membership. Besides you can also share your limited-editions for extra charges.

Earn Money

You can earn money by doing what you like. The App allows you to share your free, premium, and limited edition posts. The more subscribers you have, the more you will earn. Your fans will subscribe to the monthly subscription to see your posts.

Earn Royalties

This platform ensures you get a share of your creation even if they are reshared or resold. You will get compensated with 2.5% of the sale price for your best-performing items.

Dedicated Hosting

The best part is that all your content on the platform is directly hosted on LimeWire. Unlike other platforms, it does not include the involvement of third-party platforms. This feature makes this platform a safer place to share content with no risk of piracy.

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How to Install LimeWire

The very first step for installing the App on your Android is enabling installations from Unknown Sources. Go to Settings and enable the Unknown Sources installations from Security. And then follow these steps.

  • Download LimeWire APK on your Android device. Wait a while to finish downloading.
  • Once downloaded, find the downloaded file in your File Manager App. And tap on it.locate LimeWire APK in your File Manager App
  • Afterward, tap on Install and confirm the App installation.start installing LimeWire
  • The App will be installed in a few seconds. Once installed, Open the App and use it with your free or premium membership.LimeWire successfully installed


Is LimeWire still available?

After it was shut down in 2010, it was relaunched in mid-2022. Now, it is available for users as a fully-grown membership platform.

Is LimeWire legal?

Yes, it is an entirely legal platform. You can use it on your devices without second thoughts about its legality.

What happened to LimeWire?

It was shut down in 2010 over allegations of piracy. In mid-2022, it was relaunched, and now it has become a fully-developed platform for creators to post, buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles.

How do you install LimeWire?

You can install it from this website. Here is the latest version of the App. You can download and install it to enjoy new features of it.

Final Words

So, that’s all about the LimeWire App. It offers a great platform for creators where they can upload their creative posts and grow their subscribers and fans. Your subscribers will see your posts and can own or trade the positions. Also, you can post premium posts or limited edition posts to make money with them. The App is easy to use and gives you an excellent opportunity to be popular and make money by doing what you like. So, download the App on your device and enjoy its premium features for free.

Reviewed by: Cilik Chelsea

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