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FMWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers a huge amount of features over the official version.

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July 11, 2024

FMWhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp variant that offers a huge amount of additional features to its users. It is becoming popular because of its features like Quick Auto Reply, Message Scheduler, Hide Double Tick & Blue Ticks, Hide Online status, and customization options like changing themes, fonts, and more. In this article, we will discuss the features & how you can download & install the FMWhatsApp Apk in your android phone.

Features of FMWhatsApp:

Privacy Features

  • The App allows users to use privacy tweaks. Users can hide Double Ticks, Blue Ticks, Last Seen, and Online Status.
  • You can hide your View Status. Other users will never know that you viewed their status.
  • You can also disable the Forward Tag. Now, nobody will know that you have forwarded a message. 
  • It also allows you to disable Video Calls. You can disable this feature if you don’t want to be disturbed by unwanted video calls.
  • An App lock feature is also there with which you can lock your FM WhatsApp and protect your chats from being accessed by someone who accesses your phone.

Customization Features

  • You can change the regular WhatsApp theme and use some cool and classy themes to make your WhatsApp look mesmerizing.
  • You can also add custom themes. The App allows you to add thousands of themes.
  • Not only the theme but you can also choose how all icons in your WhatsApp will look.
  • You can change the graphics and colors of the icons.

Exclusive Features

  • Unlike the official WhatsApp, you can send messages directly to a contact number without saving it.
  • You will be able to see the deleted messages and statuses of your contacts.
  • It enables you to share media and documents with the highest quality.
  • The quick Auto Reply feature will reply quickly on your behalf as soon as someone sends you a message.
  • You can also schedule a message for some occasions. The message will automatically send the message on your behalf.
  • You can download the WhatsApp statuses of your contacts.
  • Also, you get a limit to pin 100 chats with the App, which is only 3 in the official WhatsApp.
  • You can change the group’s colors and set them according to your choice.
  • The anti-Ban feature helps to prevent your account from being banned.

Security Features

  • The App allows you to secure your WhatsApp data with the in-build App lock feature. You can lock your App, and nobody can access your WhatsApp chats.
  • Also, you can make your chats more secure by just adding pins to your conversations.

Increased Limits

  • Where original WhatsApp allows you to send messages in groups with not more than 250 people, the App enables you to send messages even in 500-people groups.
  • With this WhatsApp alternative, you can send 60 images at a time, whereas the original WhatsApp limit is only 30.
  • With the FM WhatsApp App, you can send up to 90MB size audio and 50 MB size video.

What’s New in the latest version?

  • You can preview images without saving them to your device.
  • Repost Story/Status option
  • Create Backups in a .zip file.
  • Inbuilt translator.
  • Save Photos/ Videos after preview.
  • Options to create Polls in groups.
  • Fixed Crashes
  • Fixed Backup issues
  • Better Anti-Ban feature

WhatsApp Vs. FMWhatsApp – A Comparison

Feature Official WhatsApp FMWhatsApp
Maximum characters allowed? 139 255
Maximum media allowed at a time? 30 100
Maximum media size allowed? 15 MB 50 MB
Disable online status allowed? ✔️
Copy status of contacts allowed? ✔️
Multiple UI themes allowed? ✔️
Can you see deleted messages? ✔️

Advantages of FM WhatsApp Apk:

  • It has a lot of Privacy and security features.
  • You can customize your WhatsApp and make it look stylish.
  • There is a massive collection of themes for users.
  • You can also share larger and more files through FM WhatsApp as compared to the original WhatsApp.
  • It is easy and free to use.

Disadvantages of FM WhatsApp Apk:

  • The developer can see your chats and media.
  • With this App, you are compromising your privacy.
  • The App functions slower than the original WhatsApp.
  • It is not secure as the original WhatsApp.

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Permissions Required

  • Internet Access
  • Location Access
  • Contact Access
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, Mike, NFC Access
  • Camera Access
  • Kill Background
  • Get Accounts
  • Record Audio
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Send SMS
  • Write External Storage
  • Write Contacts
  • Vibrate
  • Use Maps

How to Install FMWhatsApp Apk?

Step 1. Make A Backup

  • It is essential to make a Backup before you uninstall the preinstalled WhatsApp.
  • Open your WhatsApp and tap on the three dots from the top-right corner.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Then select the Chats option.
  • Tap on the Chat Backup.
  • Now, tap on the Backup Button. The Backup process will start and will take a few minutes to complete.

Step 2. Enable Unknown Sources

  • It is essential that your device allows installation from unknown sources.
  • For that, Go to your Settings App >> Security >> Enable Unknown Sources from there.

Step 3. Download And Install FMWhatsApp Apk

  • To enjoy extra WhatsApp features, you first need to download FM WhatsApp Apk on your device.
  • After that, go to the Downloads folder from your File Manager App and find the downloaded Apk file.
  • Tap on the file and tap on the Install button to Install it o your device.
  • Wait for the Installation process to complete. Once completed, Open the App.
  • After launching App, tap on the “Agree and Continue” button. It may ask you to allow several permissions. Allow them from your settings.
  • Then enter your phone number there. And tap on Next. It will ask you to confirm your phone number and then proceed with verification. Allow it to send a message or make a call.
  • Enter your Name and tap on Next.
  • Now, you can use FM WhatsApp and enjoy its features.

How to Update FMWhatsApp?

It is always recommended to download the latest version of the Apk. If you are already using the FM WhatsApp App, you should update it whenever an update is available. To do so, follow the instructions given below.

  • Open your WhatsApp and go to the More Menu (three dots from the top-right corner).
  • Then tap on the FMMods option.
  • Select the Updates option from there.
  • Now, tap on the Check for Updates.
  • It will show you Updates if available. And you can download the updated version of the FM WhatsApp Apk from there.

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What is the FM WhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp version that offers numerous extra features. You can find more privacy features, security features, and customization options that you can’t find in the official WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp is similar to GB WhatsApp, which is another well-known modified version of WhatsApp.

Which App is best, GB or FM WhatsApp?

If we compare GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp is many steps ahead of FMWhatsApp. GB is better in terms of every aspect. With more and better privacy, security, and customization features, GB WhatsApp clearly wins the battle.

How can I download FMWhatsApp App?

You can download the Apk file from any reliable website that looks clean. If you have preinstalled WhatsApp, uninstall it. Then install the Apk on your device. After installation, Launch the App and proceed as you do with the official WhatsApp to open your account.

How can I update my WhatsApp to 2023 FM?

Open the application and then click on the three dots from the top-right corner. After that, tap on the FM Settings and scroll down to find the Update Option. Tap on Update, and it will take you to the official FM WhatsApp App page. Download the latest Apk version from there and then install it on your device.

Is FM WhatsApp safe or not?

If we are using FMWhatsApp, we can never be assured in terms of security. These third-party Apps may contain malicious files and can infect your device. No one knows the original source of origin of these Apps. Version 16.80.0 was even accused of having malicious files, Triada Trojan.


FM WhatsApp Apk is a modified variant of WhatsApp. It offers many features to users that our team of Techylist has mentioned above. You cannot enjoy these features in the official WhatsApp. If you want to download the Apk, you can download it with the help of a complete instructions tutorial given above. Here is everything a user must know about the Apk before installing it. You must understand that third-party WhatsApp variants, including FM WhatsApp, are not safe to use. Therefore, download and use FM WhatsApp at your own risk.

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