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Cyber Whatsapp is lesser-known but effective modified WhatsApp, which offers fantastic features for users.

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72 MB

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March 4, 2024

The Internet is full of alternatives to the official WhatsApp Apk. Cyber Whatsapp is one such app that offers extra benefits to the users. Users can customize the look of their WhatsApp messenger and have a lot of fun with its privacy features. It allows users to change the themes, colors, fonts, icons, and overall look of the App. Users can decide who can call them and who can see them online. Here are all the features of the app And you can download the Cyber WhatsApp Apk with the tutorial given below.

What’s New

  • Enable/disable the Group Admin Indicator.
  • Filter unread messages using the Search Bar.
  • Share photos, videos, audio, and other files simultaneously outside the App with other Apps.
  • A new drawing pen is enabled.
  • More Privacy features. Select specific contacts who can see them online.
  • Secretly leave a group. Only Admins will see that you left the group.
  • Group Admins can delete messages from any group member for all participants.
  • See the past members of the group.
  • Quickly react to the statuses with emojis.
  • New Text Status UI and New Status Privacy Design UI.
  • And a lot of Fixes and Improvements.

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It offers an effective Anti-Ban system. WhatsApp does not allow the use of any alter WhatsApp. And if a user gets caught using some modified WhatsApp, WhatsApp can ban their account even permanently. Cyber Whatsapp ensures your account remains safe with its advanced Anti-Ban system.


The App offers a lot of Privacy features to the users. It allows you to select the contacts who can call you. And you can also set the call decline type for other users. Besides, you can freeze your last seen so nobody can see you online, even when you are. Also, you can hide your second tick and blue ticks. You can use the Hide View status to view the statuses of your contacts secretly.


It also offers Security features to the users. It allows users to lock their WhatsApp. No one can open your App and access your chats without your permission. In addition, you can secure your WhatsApp with a Fingerprint, Password, or Pattern lock. Besides, you can select whether you want to keep your pattern invisible or visible. Also, you can enable or disable the vibration while drawing the pattern. 


With this App, you have complete customization control over the look of your WhatsApp. You can customize your chat screen. Including the Action Bar, Bubble box, Ticks, Text, and more, you can change their colors, look, background, and more. Along with this, you can also customize your Home Screen. The app allows you to change your screen’s UI, color, icons, and overall look. Plus, there are more than 4000 themes that you can select from.

More Features

  • Auto Reply feature will automatically reply on your behalf on receiving a message.
  • It allows you to download the status and copy the caption with a single Tap.
  • It supports more file formats than the original WhatsApp.
  • The file-sharing limit is also increased in this modified WhatsApp.
  • Also, you can now send larger files easily.
  • You can turn on the in-built Airplane mode to turn off the Internet for your WhatsApp.
  • It also allows you to change your voice in the Audio messages.

How to Install Cyber Whatsapp Apk?

  • First, go to Settings App >> Security. And enable the Unknown Sources option from there.
  • Then download the latest Cyber Whatsapp Apk version.
  • Open your File Manager App. And tap on the recently downloaded file from the Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the Install option, and the installation process will begin.
  • Wait for a few seconds until App gets installed. Once installed, Open the App.
  • Follow the same procedure as the official WhatsApp to open your WhatsApp account.

Benefits of The App

  • Users get full customization controls to change to look of their WhatsApp messenger.
  • You can modify the settings and make the App work according to you.
  • The App offers you a lot of Privacy features.
  • It allows you to select specific contacts to block their calls.
  • The App allows you to share any file type.
  • You can send larger files with this modified WhatsApp Apk.
  • Unlike the official WhatsApp, where you can share only 30 photos at once, this modified WhatsApp allows you to share 90.

How to Check for New Updates from the App

You can also check for new updates from the App itself. However, the App notifies you whenever an update is available. And you can also check it on your own.

  • Open the App and go to the Menu (three dots from the top).
  • Go to the PlusMods section.
  • Now, go to the Updates Section.
  • Finally, check for the available Updates. And download the Update if available.


What is Cyber Whatsapp?

Cyber Whatsapp is a modified WhatsApp with additional features that official WhatsApp does not provide. It has many beneficial features like Auto-Reply, Message scheduler, Freeze Last Seen, and more. You can customize your WhatsApp and choose any theme from 4000+ themes.

Is Cyber Whatsapp Apk Download Safe?

Cyber Whatsapp is completely safe. The App has no harmful files that can harm your device. However, you can never be 100% sure about your security. Although The App is safe to download, it is still prone to cyber threats. Your account can easily be hacked. 


The latest Update of the App comes with a lot of fixes and improvements. Additionally, there are a lot of new features you get with the latest update. If your App is not working correctly, it can be due to an older version of the App. Therefore, using the latest version of the App is always recommended. The App is safe to download but not as secure as the official WhatsApp. The decision is yours, whether you want total security or cool features.

Reviewed by: Cilik Chelsea

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