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GT WhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod with advanced features like Message Recovery and more.

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February 9, 2024

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging Apps with a vast user base. People from all over the world use it and enjoy the benefits of its exciting features. However, the features of the official WhatsApp still seem less in front of its modified Apps. WhatsApp probably has the largest number of cloned applications. You can find many cloned or modified WhatsApp on the Internet, and GT WhatsApp is one of them. It is ruling over the hearts of WhatsApp users with its extra and unique features. Keep reading to learn more about it.

About GT WhatsApp

GT WhatsApp is an instant messaging App that lets you connect with your friends through voice and video calls and text messages. The App is not just a messaging App; it has many features. This mod version of WhatsApp has more features than the regular WhatsApp.

Like other Apps, the App has many extra features, including boosted limits for sharing files, high-quality file sharing, Message Scheduler, Anti-delete messages, and more. But its deleted messages recovery feature makes it unique and slightly better than other mods.

In short, the App is not just a usual WhatsApp mod but a better one. It is easily accessible, and one can use it easily on their mobile devices. With this App, it is easy to recover your deleted WhatsApp chats. But remember that you can only recover the deleted messages within 60 days.


Deleted Message Recovery

The thing that makes this App different and better than other mods is its message recovery feature. The App lets users recover their deleted WhatsApp chats. You can recover all your chats deleted within 60 days. Remember that you cannot recover the deleted messages before 60 days.

Limit Increased

Not just recovers deleted messages but also can increase the limits as compared the regular WhatsApp. You can now share larger files with HD quality. Also, you can share longer video statuses without compromising the quality.

More Privacy

Moreover, the App features more privacy than the regular feature. You can hide your blue ticks, second ticks, online status, view status for WhatsApp statuses, and more. It allows you to use WhatsApp without being noticed by others.


In addition to many privacy features, you can use various customization features to make your WhatsApp look the best. You can change the Themes, Chat screen, Home Screen, and everything you want.

Use Two WhatsApp

You can use two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone with the App. All you need is two different phone numbers to open your accounts, and you can use them both on your single device.


The App has an Anti-Ban feature that secures your account from being banned. As the official WhatsApp does not allow any alter WhatsApp, it is risky to use such Apps. But you don’t need to worry, as the App offers an anti-ban feature.

You can also try other WhatsApp mods like WhatsApp Mix and WhatsApp Dark.

How to Install GT WhatsApp APK

To install the App on your mobile device, you must set up your device first for installation. Enable the Unknown Sources option from your device’s Security Settings and install the App with these steps.

  • Download GT WhatsApp APK on your mobile device. Let it download, and then proceed to the next step.
  • Locate the downloaded file in your File Manager App and tap on it.locate GT WhatsApp APK for installation
  • Now, select the Install option to install the App. And wait for the completion of the installation.install GT WhatsApp APK on your Android
  • It will hardly take a minute, and then you can Open the App and use it.GT WhatsApp successfully installed


Is using GT WhatsApp safe?

Yes, using the App is safe. It comes with an Anti-ban feature that protects your device from being banned.

Is GT WhatsApp original?

It is not an official WhatsApp App. Similar to other WhatsApp mods, it is also a third-party Application.

Is GT WhatsApp working?

The App is working, and you can install it and use it to enjoy its exciting features, like message recovery, message scheduler, more privacy, customization features, etc.

How to download GT WhatsApp?

You can download the App from this website or any other reliable website.


So, this was all about the GT WhatsApp App. The App offers all the features you can enjoy in other Apps, along with a message recovery feature. It offers more privacy features, security, customization options, and everything to enhance your user experience. So, download the App from this website and enjoy a unique and enhanced WhatsApp experience.

Reviewed by: Joseph Villalobos

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