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March 6, 2023


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The Big hunter is the perfect match for those gamers who are looking for a game with excellent graphics that lets you be a part of an era where you have to take an effort to go out there and hunt in order to survive and feed yourself and your family.

In this article, we shall be talking about the features and gameplay of the Big hunter, the basic necessities in order to download the mod apk and we shall end the topic with the very important download link which shall give you access to the latest working version of the Big hunter mod apk.

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The Big Hunter : Features and Gameplay

Being a testimony to its name, The Big Hunter lets you become a hunter in an era where there is no technology and the only means of survival is to pic up a spear and go out on a hunt. The game has a story to back it up. You are introduced as a leader of the tribal clan. The clan’s members are dying out of hunger and its now your moral duty as the leader of the clan to take the matters in your own hands and go out there and hunt gigantic animals using the hunting tools. As a leader, you have the responsibility to ensure the survival of your tribal clan.

Features of the Big Hunter:

  • Big Hunter is an ever changing game that evolves around the basic concepts of physics which are used by the leader in order to hunt gigantic primeval animals.
  • The game enjoys a large amount of popularity because of the fact that it has a very smooth and easy gameplay which expands its reach. The game has easy controls which imply that with a touch on the screen you can throw a spear and hunt down a giant.
  • The game enjoys amazing graphics. It is said that simplicity is the best way out there and the Big Hunter game has the best and simple graphics that guarantee to keep you engaged without getting bored.
  • You get a rank because of your hunting skills and experience and you can use these ranking to compare with the ranking of the other people in the world in order to determine who is the best Big Hunter out there.
  • The game also boasts a great background sound which helps the gamer to be engaged and not get bored. The rhythmical sounds are what gives the Big hunter a good edge over the other similar games available on the Google Play Store.

If you have not been convinced yet so there is no need to worry. I guarantee that the next section shall make you fall in love with the Big Hunter game because we shall be talking about the added advantages that come with the use of the big hunter mod apk.

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What’s more in the Big Hunter Mod Apk?

The basic versions have nothing extra that will make the gamer excited about downloading the app. So the mod apks come to the rescue. The Big Hunter mod apk comes with the much important advantage of having all the difficulty levels unlocked which means that you can enjoy any level you want to without worrying about anything. You can bring you’re a game to the table right from the beginning and you will not have to wait for long periods in order to get the difficulty levels unlocked.

How to download and install the Big Hunter Mod Apk?

The internet provides a lot of webpages which claim to provide the latest working link for the Big Hunter mod apk but almost all of them are links to the older non functional versions and viruses which disrupt the working of the android device.

  • Click on the download link provided at the top of the site.
  • Select “Yes” and the download shall begin immediately.
  • As the download is completed, you will be directed to the installation page.

click on install

  • Select Install and your android device shall do the rest.

wait for few seconds

  • After few seconds, Big Hunter Mod Apk will get installed in your smartphone.

big hunter mod installed

Gameplay Screenshots:

big hunter gameplay first big hunter gameplay second big hunter gameplay third big hunter gameplay fourth

Final Verdict:

The Big hunter app is a game that takes you to the dinosaur era where you are in charge of a starving tribe who’s only hope of survival is the chief. So you have to take matters in your own hands and go out on a hunt to kill giant animals. The game has simple yet outstanding graphics and the background music gives it an edge over the competitors out there in the Google Play Store. The big hunter mod apk provides the awesome advantage of having all the difficulty levels unlocked so that you can enjoy the adventure and thrill of every level right from the beginning. Keep visiting our blog Techylist to get latest version of this Mod Apk regularly.

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