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J.B. Hunt DRIVE is a navigation cum management app for J.B. Hunt drivers.

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July 22, 2023

In this digital world, when everything is moving online, so does the transport business too. J.B. Hunt Transport Services originating from the United States has developed a tracking and logistics management app for their drivers. By using this app, a driver is able to track his assignments, route options, and other important details.

Not only this, but the app also provides various activities and badges to the drivers based on their performance. Unfortunately, the app has been taken down from the official app stores, so you will have to spend some time downloading the J.B. Hunt DRIVE APK file and installing it manually. This page tells you everything about this app so you can get started without any assistance.


Latest Version J.B. Hunt DRIVE App For Android Phone Features

Check Assignments

Right on the home screen of this app, both driver and the employer can see a list of all ongoing, completed and current tasks. This help drivers in doing the right jobs at the right time. Sometimes communicating over calls and text messages takes time and is not feasible; the J.B. Hunt DRIVE app comes in handy at that point.

Very Easy To Use

Since drivers don’t have much time to operate their mobile devices, the entire interface of this app is made very clear for easy usage. The fleet manager and drivers can communicate with each other with just a few taps. Not only this, but drivers can also easily submit their requests and issues related to the assignments.

Real-Time Updates

Drivers affiliated with the JB Hunt Drive app can track their work in real-time and get updates related to it. The company currently operates in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and drivers’ details are updated regularly. Recently, the developers have added a GPS location tracker to increase the app’s efficiency.

Navigate Easily

The drivers can use the GPS tracker to navigate the cities easily. This helps drivers and fleet managers complete the given tasks quickly. If the drivers want, they can also link the app with Google Maps, allowing them to get voice commands related to the directions and routes.

Built-in Performance Tracker

Apart from the load information, the managers can also use this app to check the performance of their drivers. The app calculates the check-in, check-out, and delivery time to create a performance-based chart for every driver. The analysis can be used to improve the services of the company further.


J.B. Hunt DRIVE Download | J.B. Hunt DRIVE App Android Download

While the app is still in development mode, some of its features make it stand out from the crowd. No other logistics companies around the world use apps like J.B. Hunt Drive for communication between drivers and managers. Some pre-built messages are available in the app, and with just a single click, the drivers can send information to their managers.

According to the company, the Drive app is disabled automatically when the vehicle is moving more than 5 mph to not distract the driver. You can use the J.B. Hunt Drive app download link mentioned above in this post to get a copy of it and then proceed to install it yourself, like Hike Messenger APK.

  • First, download JB Hunt Drive APK file by using the Download button.
  • Save it on your devices because you will need it later.
  • Next, open Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  • Find the Device Administration section.
  • Enable the option “Unknown Sources” by using the toggle button.
  • Go back to the Downloads folder and click on the downloaded APK file.
  • Tap on the Install button and wait for the process to complete.
  • Once done, open the app using the shortcut created, and enjoy using it.


FAQs Related To J.B. Hunt DRIVE Portal

What Is JB Hunt Drive App?

It is basically a GPS and RFID solution for the logistics and trucking industry to improve the communication between the company and the drivers. Both drivers and managers can access real-time data about the location, assignments, performances, and many more for better delivery and experience.

How To Install J.B. Hunt DRIVE App Update?

The app has been taken down from the app store, so you can either visit the official website to find the download link, contact your J.B. Hunt manager or use the link mentioned above in this post. We keep the J.B. Hunt Drive APK download link updated with the latest version so you can keep enjoying the updated features.

What To Do If J.B. Hunt DRIVE App Not Working?

If the app is not working, then there might be some issues with the internet connection. We will recommend you toggle the Airplane Mode a couple of times or restart your device. If that doesn’t work, then re-install the app by downloading it from this page. Don’t forget to uninstall the previous one before installing the updated one.

Is J.B. Hunt Drive App APK Download Safe?

This app is definitely a great mobile route managing solution for truck drivers and their managers. Though downloading it from untrustworthy websites can be unsafe. You must use websites like ours to get it or visit the official app’s website to find its download link.

Final Words

Not many apps like J.B. Hunt Drive are available out there that allow tracking of drivers and their consignments to the managers. It comes in really handy as it improves the working environment of the drivers and lets managers track their performance. Every company must adopt a similar working mechanism like it.

The J.B. Hunt Drive APK download link mentioned on this page consists of the latest version of this app. You can keep visiting the Techylist website to get Android’s most recent version of the app. If you want assistance using this app or have questions, shoot them in the comments below.

Reviewed by: Inez Justak

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