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July 28, 2023

The National Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the leading educational institutes in India. With a huge institute like this, the management of the student database and employee management becomes harder. Fortunately, government institutes are opting for digital ways to manage everything. The CMS NIFT APK is one such amazing app that allows students and employees to access all the services offered by NIFT.

The students can use their Institute Login ID details to access all student services right on their smartphones. The employees can also log in and find all the information about the curriculum, Staff, Canteen holidays and many other things. If you are a NIFT Student and interested in this app, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about this fantastic app.

Features of CMS NIFT APK for Android

#1 – CMS for Students and Employees

This app acts as the mobile CMS for NIFT students and employees. Instead of visiting the official website and then accessing all of the services, the users can use this app and access the same right on their phone. The app is nothing but the mobile interface for the website, and it is useful for both the employees of NIFT campuses and also the students enrolled in various courses.

#2 – Online Admissions

The CMS NIFT app is suitable for students to complete their admissions procedure. As this app is nothing but the mobile interface for their website, the students and access the admissions portal and complete their online admissions process. This feature activates when the admissions window opens, and then only the users can access the same.

#3 – Fees Submissions

The Digitalization of Payments has made everything easier, and students can pay their academic fees right from their smartphones. The Fees Submission has been made easier, and students need to log in through their credentials to see the payment history, pending fees and then proceed to complete the payments.

#4 – Online Resources

The CMS NIFT app comes with all of the online resources required for the students. The digital marking system, notifications, results, admit cards, and every other minor thing is available in this app for the students. As everything is kept under one app, there is no need to use numerous apps or even visit the college offices to do administrative activities.

How to Install CMS NIFT APK on Your Android Smartphone?

As this app is not available on the Google Play Store, you have to download and install it manually. We are here to guide you with the exact installation instructions.

  1. First of all, download the APK file and then tap on it.
  2. Select “Install” to start the installation procedure.
    click on install
  3. Please be patient, as this process will take a few seconds to complete.
    CMS NIFT apk installing
  4. After that, tap on “Open,” and you can now log in with valid college credentials.
    CMS NIFT apk installed

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Can we create a new account on this app?

No. This app is only made for existing students and employees, and you cannot create a new account.

#2 – Is CMS NIFT app free to use?

Yes. This is a CMS app for the NIFT Institute and is completely free to use.

#3 – Is this app safe to install?

Yes. As it’s an official app from the NIFT Institute, it is completely safe to install and use.

Final Words

The CMS NIFT APK is the best option for students to have access to all the services offered by the National Institute of Fashion Technology. This is a universal app for all of the students on different campuses of the Institute. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information about this app. Feel free to ask doubts and questions in the comments section.

Reviewed by: Simon Connerty

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