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YouTube Blue is a YouTube Latest version with extra features like Ad blocking, video downloading, playback feature, pause history, and more.

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June 18, 2024

Technology has made everything more accessible, especially when it comes to learning. And YouTube has made a significant contribution to it. You can watch different videos on YouTube, but regular YouTube has some limitations you will not find in YouTube Blue. YouTube Blue is a moded YouTube version that offers premium YouTube features for free. In addition, there are more YouTube features that you can use and get the best YouTube experience. In this article, you will learn about YouTube Blue’s features. So, keep reading!

About YouTube Blue

YouTube Blue is a YouTube version with some extra features. We all know YouTube has made everything easy and possible. You can find videos on cooking, educational stuff, software learning, fashion and beauty, and more. Not only can you learn something new, but you can find entertaining stuff too. You can listen to songs, watch movies, news, sports videos, or whatever you like. But with all these advantages, there are some limitations too, like Ads. So, the Youtube is here to save you.

Like YouTube Revanced, this Youtube will block all Ads and give you an Ad-free experience. You can now watch videos without any interruption. Also, you can download YouTube videos to watch them offline. Besides, the App includes extra features to enhance your watching experience. It has features like video zoom-in, HDR Mode, Playback feature, Pause History, Repeat Videos, Theme customization, and more. All these features of the App are described below. Have a look!



The App comes with an Ad-block feature that blocks all Ads from YouTube. So you can enjoy watching videos without any unwanted interruption.

Download Videos

Similar to YouTube premium, this App allows users to download videos. You can download as many videos as you want. After downloading videos, you can watch them offline anytime.

HDR Mode

The App also offers the HDR Mode feature to the users, which allows them to watch videos in a high dynamic range of video quality. You can experience watching videos with a quality you might have never experienced before.


You can customize the look of your YouTube. The App allows you to choose a theme color. You can make it Red, Pink, or Black, according to your choice. Additionally, the App will enable you to select the Theme Mode. You can use the built-in Theme Mode option to switch between Dark and Light Theme.


You can also use the Playback feature that keeps playing the Video in the background while you do other stuff on your phone outside YouTube.

Zoom In

The App also allows you to zoom in on the videos you are watching on Youtube. It will help you look closely at every object or detail of the scene you are watching.

Repeat Videos

Now, you will have more control while watching videos on Youtube. This App allows you to play, pause, and repeat videos. So, if you like a video and want to watch it again, you can use the Video repeat feature, and the App will repeat the Video from your again and again.

Pause History

One of the best features of the App is its Pause History feature. This feature allows users to stop their Youtube history tracking. Whatever you watch on Youtube will not be tracked and saved.

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How to Install YouTube Blue Apk

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • Firstly, set up your device to install Apps from other sources.
  • Open your Android’s Security from the Settings App. And enable the Unknown Sources option from there.enable unknown Sources

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the YouTube Blue APK on your device. The downloading can take seconds or minutes, according to your Internet Speed.
  • Once you have the file, locate it inside your File Manager App.locate the YouTube Blue APK in File Manager App
  • After finding it, tap on it to get options for installation. Then, tap on the Install option to install the App.Tap on Install to install YouTube Blue
  • After a few seconds, the App will be installed on your Android device. You can now Open the YouTube Blue App and use it.YouTube Blue App installed


So, that was all about YouTube Blue App. This Latest version of YouTube gives an enhanced experience of watching YouTube videos. You can enjoy all the premium features, like blocking Ads, downloading videos, etc., for free. Additionally, the App allows you to customize the App’s look; you can change the YouTube Theme and make it look the way you like. Also, you can use playback, video repeat, zoom in, window player, HDR Mode, and more features with the App. So, download the App from this website and install it to have a premium YouTube experience for free.

Reviewed by: Melanie Garcia

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December 12, 2023

Уважаемые разработчики можете вашем приложении YouTube blue перевести дополнительние настройки revanced ато там все на английском а так то все остальное на русском языке ато непонятно что там пишет на английском какие настройки включать пожалуйста переведите дополнительные настройки Revanced на русский язык пожалуйста?

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