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YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced is the new working version of the discontinued YouTube Mod - "YouTube Vanced".

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154 MB

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5.0 & Above

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February 5, 2024

YouTube Vanced was an application designed to enjoy the premium features of YouTube premium. After the official shutdown of the App, people are missing its features. So, the developers came up with its sequel YouTube Revanced Apk with more advanced features. The App has all the features that were shown in the Vanced App. Plus, there are new features available for the users. Some features of the New Revanced Apk include PIP Mode, Dark Mode, Ad-free experience, and more.


Here are features of the ReVanced App that you will enjoy after downloading the Apk on your device.

  • Ad-Free: The most attractive part of YouTube Revanced Apk is that it is Ad-Free. You can get rid of unwanted ads.
  • Works As YouTube: The User Interface and the functionality are similar to the YouTube Revanced Update.
  • Multitasking: It allows users to reduce the video screen and do other tasks simultaneously.
  • Background Play: Users can also use the Background Play feature to play the video in the background.
  • Swipe Controls: You can use the swipe controls to adjust volume and brightness.
  • PIP Mode: The Apk comes with the PIP Mode. It is only available for Android version 8.0 or above.
  • Auto Repeat Option: This feature of the Apk allows you to listen to your favorite music continuously, nonstop.
  • No Root: Users needn’t root their device to use the App.
  • Dark Mode: It allows users to switch between the Dark and the Bright Mode. Users can choose the mode according to their choice. The dark mode will help you save power and prevent your eyes.
  • Annotations Settings: Users have complete control over the display of Annotations and suggestion Cards. They can enable or disable them according to their choice.
  • Use With YT: You can run YouTube Revanced in parallel with the official YouTube app.
  • Support: The App is highly stable and requires a minimum Android version of 4.3+.


YouTube Revanced Apk allows you many customization options. Some of them are as follows.

  • It allows you to override screen resolution. This feature helps clear the 4K viewing. You can alter the resolution of your video, high or low, according to your choice.
  • Users can override codec choices like imposing VPN or H.264 on outdated hardware.
  • Users can experience the videos with a playback speed of 0.25 to 2X.
  • To get a more cinematic experience, users can turn off 60 FPS and HDR playback.
  • You can toggle home advertisements, UI Ads, and Community posts, remove comments, and compact banners.


The Sponsor block feature of the App helps you to avoid sponsored advertisements. You can skip Intros, Outros, and more. The App gives complete control over deciding whether the sponsored content should be skipped automatically or it should show the Skip button.

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How to Install YouTube Revanced Apk Latest Version

Here are the steps you should follow to install the ReVanced Apk. But before that, you must know that the Apk will not work without microG. So, downloading and installing microG is mandatory.

  1. First of all, download the microG Apk File on your device.
  2. Then locate the downloaded file.
    locate the downloaded apk file
  3. After finding the file, Tap on it to begin the installation.
    click on install
  4. After the installation, tap on Done.
    microg apk installed
  5. Now, Download the YouTube Revanced Apk file on your device.
  6. And then locate the file in your downloads.
    locate the YouTube Pro APK file
  7. Tap on the file and then tap on the Install button.
    install YouTube Pro Apk after download
  8. After installation, open the App.YouTube Pro successfully installed
  9. And you can start enjoying the premium features of Youtube for free.


What is ReVanced?

YouTube Revanced Apk is an alternative to YouTube Premium. If you are aware of the Vanced App, you can say it is a sequel to the App. The App comes with all the features of the Vanced App, along with many new ones. You can download the Apk file to enjoy its latest features.

What is the new YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced was shut down on March 13, 2022. It happened after the developers got a cease and desist letter from Google. Later, on June 15, 2022, the sequel of Youtube Vanced was launched. You can download the Apk file to enjoy the features of YouTube Vanced, along with many new ones.

Is there another YouTube Vanced?

If you are searching for an alternative to YouTube Vanced, you can find a lot over the Internet. But do they work the same? Do they offer the same features? These questions always come to mind. Not all Apps are helpful, and not all are safe. However, many of them are good to use. You can switch to YouTube Revanced App to enjoy all the features of YouTube Vanced with more advanced ones.

How do I get my YouTube Vanced back?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the YouTube Vanced back. It is because the App was officially shut down in March 2022. However, if you want to enjoy the same features, you can switch to its newer version. ReVanced is the sequel of Vanced that comes with many additional features along with the older ones. You can consider it the advanced version or the sequel of the Vanced App. Enjoying the premium features of YouTube has become much easier with the ReVanced App.


So, that was all about the Revanced Apk, a sequel of the Vanced Apk. With the help of this article, you can download the Apk file and enjoy your favorite Youtube content with premium features. You don’t have to face annoying ads anymore. There are a lot of features and advantages that the New Vanced App or its sequel offers to its users. You can learn about its incredible features in the article. Plus, there is a tutorial with which you can download the ReVanced Apk and install it on your device. And start enjoying YouTube functioning with the premium features.

Reviewed by: Melanie Garcia

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