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Status Saver for Whatsapp is a free tool that lets you save or download the WhatsApp Statuses.

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May 15, 2024

WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger Apps. It has many features, and status uploading is one of them. Users can upload their statuses, and their contacts can see them. WhatsApp allows you only to see your contacts’ status and not download them. If you want to download the statuses of your contacts, you must rely on a third-party App. In this article, we will discuss Status Saver for Whatsapp App that can download your WhatsApp statuses. It is free and easy to use, and keep reading to learn about the App.

About Status Saver for Whatsapp

Status Saver for Whatsapp is a WhatsApp Status downloader that helps you download the WhatsApp status of your contacts with one click. The App is free and easy to use. After selecting a status, you can download it with just one click. And the status will be downloaded in a few seconds.

The procedure of using the App is easy. All you have to do is to watch the status. And then, it will reflect in the App. You can download that status from the App by tapping the download icon. You may also see your past statuses in App, and you can download it too.

The App works for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, and GB WhatsApp. Additionally, you can use it in various languages. It supports multiple languages, so people from different regions can easily use the App conveniently. The App downloads all the statuses in HD Quality.

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Save/Download WhatsApp Status

The App lets you download and save the WhatsApp status of your contacts. If you have viewed the status, you can download it from the App even without the Internet. You can download or save it to your gallery. 

Supports Various WhatsApp Versions

The App not only supports the official WhatsApp but also supports GB WhatsApp and Business WhatsApp. You can download the status from your WhatsApp, Business WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp.

Direct Reshare/Repost

The App allows you to share the statuses on social media or repost them to your WhatsApp directly. You don’t need to download them if you only want to reshare or repost them.

Built-In Media Player

The App has a built-in media player that lets you play and preview all videos and images before downloading them. Just tap on status, and you will see the status on your screen.

Easy to Use

The App is easy to use, and you can save or download WhatsApp statuses in a few taps. In addition, to help you more, the App features an easy tutorial guide to help you on how to use the App.

How to Install Status Saver for Whatsapp APK

To download the App on your Android mobile, you must enable the installation from other sources. Enable the Unknown Sources installation from your device’s Security Settings. And then follow these steps.

  • Download the Status Saver for Whatsapp APK on your Android device. And wait while the App is downloading.
  • After downloading the App, locate it in your Downloads. And tap on it for installation.locate Status Saver for Whatsapp for installation
  • Then tap on Install to install the App.install Status Saver for Whatsapp on your Android
  • Wait for the installation to complete. Once installed, Open the App and use it.Status Saver for Whatsapp successfully installed


How do I save a WhatsApp status?

You can use the Status Saver for Whatsapp App and see a status on your WhatsApp. Come back to the App and download the status with the download given.

Is Status Saver for Whatsapp safe?

Status Saver for Whatsapp is safe to use. You can easily download and install it without thinking twice.

Which one is the best status save for WhatsApp?

You can find many Apps to download WhatsApp statuses. But not all are free, safe, and easy to use as Status Savers for Whatsapp.


So, that’s all about the Status Saver for Whatsapp App. The App allows users to download the statuses of their contacts. Now, you don’t have to waste your time asking people to share their status with them. The App has many features to excite users. You can use it in multiple languages. And you can download a video in a few taps. So, if you want to save time on efforts to copy someone’s status, you can download this App. And use it to download unlimited WhatsApp statuses.

Reviewed by: Inez Justak

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