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May 30, 2024

Many of the Android phones come with the built-in app lock feature, but that’s not good enough for maintaining privacy. Fortunately, the Smart AppLock APK is one such amazing app, which helps you to have amazing privacy while protecting your private apps. This app is widely used to keep your social, financial, and work apps safe from other phone users.

With the smart AppLock feature, you can use various methods to secure your apps including the Fingerprint, PIN code, and many others. If you want to have the best privacy on your phone and don’t want anyone else to use your sensitive apps, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about the features of this useful app.

Features of Smart AppLock APK for Android

#1 – Lock System Apps

Usually, the app lock apps do not work with the system apps, hence you are limited to the third-party apps. But with this app, you can lock the system apps with ease. This helps you to lock the calls with ease. This means, no one can pick up your calls without unlocking the same. This adds an additional layer of security to your phone.

#2 – Multiple Lock Methods

If you are not sure how to keep your apps locked, you can use the various lock methods. For example, this app supports the Fingerprint unlock, Face unlock, PIN unlock, and also the Pattern unlock feature. You can set the multiple lock methods if you want for additional security.

#3 – Intruder Selfie

The most important feature of this app is intruder safety. For example, if someone is trying to unlock your phone and puts in the wrong password, then the app automatically takes a selfie of the person. This helps you get to know about the people who are trying to access your phone on your back. This is the only app that provides the feature of taking intruder selfies to protect your phone.

#4 – Custom Lock Screen

When you try to open the locked app, you can set up the lock screen as per your needs. This is quite a useful feature, as you can disguise the app lock from others. You can disguise the lock screen so that others won’t know that you have kept the App Lock or even add a custom background to prank people.

#5 – Lock Gallery

If you have some explicit or private pictures, then you will find the GalleryVault feature very useful. This feature helps you to create a separate gallery for all of your secure pictures. This vault supports the pictures and also the videos to keep them safe from the intruders. Also, you can change the visibility of the vault from others, so only you can see the vault and access it at your convenience.

How to Install Smart AppLock APK on Your Android Device?

It’s very easy to install an APK file on your phone. If you don’t know the process to install an APK file, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. First of all, download the APK file on your phone. We’ve shared the direct download link above.
  2. Once done, tap on the file and then tap on the “Install” button to start the installation process.
  3. click on install
  4. Please wait till the installation as it will take a few seconds.
  5. Smart AppLock apk installing
  6. Once completed, tap on the “Open” button and the app will now begin.
  7. Smart AppLock apk installed

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Can we hide other apps with this app?

Yes. You can hide other apps with ease in the secret folder for additional privacy.

#2 – Is this a free-to-use app?

Yes. This app is completely free to use and there are optional in-app purchases.

#3 – Is this APK file safe?

Absolutely Yes! This APK file is completely safe to use as it helps to keep your apps safe from intruders.

Final Words

Smart AppLock APK is one of the most important apps to install on your phone. As your phone can be used by other people from your friends or family members, you must keep your private apps separate from the normal apps. That’s where this app comes to your rescue and helps you stay safe. In this post, we tried our best to share everything about this app. Feel free to ask us questions if any.

Reviewed by: Taina Acosta

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