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Pokemon Fire Red is a 2D role-playing adventure game that puts you into the shoes of a Pokemon trainer to train and fight Pokemon battles.

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9.6 MB

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February 20, 2024

If you are a fan of the popular Pokemon show, you must try the Pokemon Fire Red game. This game gives you a chance to live a virtual life of a Pokemon trainer. You can see many Pokemon in the game, like Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Rattata, Mankey, and more. You can fight battles with other trainers and wild Pokemon. Use different attacks and defeat your opponent to level up your Pokemon. Besides, the game includes many fun elements that boost your interest and make the game super exciting. Keep reading the article to learn more about the game.

About Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Fire Red is a 2D role-playing game. If you have ever watched the popular Pokemon show, there is nothing complex to understand. In the game, you step into the shoes of a Pokemon Trainer who will have to go through a long journey, passing forest areas and various cities. On your way, you will find many wild Pokemon and your competitors. You have to fight battles and defeat them to level up your Pokemon and unlock more attacks. The game has many features, some of which are as follows.



The game has pretty cool graphics that look like the old console games we used to play back in time. The game looks beautiful because of its colors and design. However, you cannot compare its graphics to modern games, but it still looks attractive.

Pokemon Battles

The players can take part in various Pokemon Battles and Fights. They can use their Pokemon to fight different wild Pokemon. All you have to do is to choose your Pokemon’s attack and defeat wild Pokemon and fight battles against other trainers.


Pokemon Fire Red is lightweight, which means it does not require a huge space on your device. It is neither a lot of resource-eating game. You can play it even on low-end devices smoothly.

Sound Effects

The sound effects used in the game boost the player’s excitement while playing. All the actions have different sound effects. Plus, the music enhances the overall experience. When you step into a battle, it takes your excitement to the next level.

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How to Install Pokemon Fire Red Apk

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • You are downloading the game from a third-party website, so it is important to set up your device for installation from unknown sources.
  • Go to the Settings App on your device and then open the Security settings. And enable the Unknown Sources option from there.enable unknown sources

Step 2: Download and Install Pokemon Fire Red

  • Download the Pokemon Fire Red APK on your device and wait until the file is downloaded.
  • Once it is done, go to your File Manager App and search for the downloaded file.locate downloaded apk file
  • After locating the file, tap on it to get options. Now, tap on the Install option to start installing the App.click on Install
  • Wait for the installation to complete. Once the game is installed, you can Open it.pokemon fire red apk installed

How to Play the Game

  • Open the game, and it will ask you to allow Storage access. Allow it.enable storage access
  • Then tap on the Start button to start the game.tap on start
  • Now, you will see a short intro to the controls of the game. Keep tapping on the A button to go to Next.keep tapping on A
  • You will see Dr. Oak on your screen with some messages for you. Tap A to continue.Tap on A to continue
  • After that, select your gender.Select your Gender
  • And then enter your name and then your rival’s name.Enter your Name & your Rival's name
  • You can then play your game.


So, we can say Pokemon Fire Red is one of the best games for Pokemon lovers. The game is lightweight, which means even users with low-end mobiles can play it smoothly. The game allows you to live a life of a Pokemon trainer. Choose your Pokemon and fight several battles. Your opponent can be anyone, other trainers, or some wild Pokemon. Choose attacks carefully. Fighting and winning battles will help your Pokemon level up and evolve. They will unlock new powerful moves. So, download the game from above and install it to enter the super exciting world of Pokemon. Keep visiting Techylist to get latest updates of your favourite games. 

Reviewed by: Taina Acosta

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