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Muff or My Unusual Feline Friends is a simulation game where you can be friends with an alien girl and make her do anything.

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9.5 MB

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Android 2.3 and later

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July 28, 2023

Have your daily chores made you dull? If yes, an exciting game you can play on your mobile can be your savior. Here we are talking about Muff or My Unusual Feline Friend. The game’s name may sound a bit complex, but it is a simple and exciting game that can turn you up in a few minutes. In this game, you will meet an attractive alien girlfriend who will do anything for you. You can teach her about many exciting actions. Besides, the game lets you choose your dialogues to decide the game’s story. Sounds interesting right? Keep reading to learn more about its exciting features.

About Muff

Muff or My Unusual Feline Friend is an exciting game under the Simulation category. The game starts with you waking up in your room. The day was as usual until a pink light brightened up in your room, and a cat-like girl appeared out of nowhere. She is a girl from another planet who wants to learn exciting stuff from you. Now, you will teach her about things that can excite you and her. She has only five days to learn from you.

Moreover, you can keep the story going how you want by choosing your dialogue. The story can end in three different ways. You can be her master or teach her about love. She will do whatever you will tell her to do. The game includes exciting gameplay that will turn you up and make you excited. The game allows you to play with several toys for her. You can live your deep fantasies with this game.


Cute Girl Character

You will find an attractive and cute girl character in the game. She will be your girlfriend and do anything you want her to do. You will teach her about exciting stuff and love, and she will follow your instructions.

Engaging Story

The game has an engaging story that instantly engages you and keeps you hooked up with the game. The game starts with an interesting story, and later you can choose your actions and dialogues and decide the path and end of the story.

Choose Your Dialogues

You can choose dialogues in your game and decide the story’s actions, path, and end. Your choices will decide how the girl feels for you. And it will also affect the ending of the story.

Graphics and Visuals

Moreover, the game has high-quality graphics and vivid colors that make the game look beautiful. Besides, it offers incredible visuals that will make your day and boost your excitement.

Save or Load Game

Besides, you can also save or load your game with a few taps. You can play the game and save the stats. Next time when you will play the game, progress will not be lost, and you can continue from the same point where you left off.

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How to Install Muff APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • If you want to install the game, your device must not block the installations from unknown sources.
  • To check that, go to Security Settings of your device. And check if the Unknown Sources installation is enabled or not. If not, enable it.enable Unknown Sources to install Muff

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Muff APK on your Android mobile.
  • Once downloaded, locate the file on your Downloads and tap on it for installation.locate the Muff APK file in Downloads
  • Then tap on Install, and the installation will now start.start installing Muff
  • It will take a few seconds to install the game. Once installed successfully, you can Open it and play it.Muff successfully installed


What is My Unusual Feline Friend?

It is a simulation game that offers you an attractive and cute girlfriend. She will be from another planet and will do everything your want.

Is the Muff game free?

You can download and play the game for free. It is safe to download without any risk of viruses or malware.

Can I play the Muff game on Android?

You can play the game on any Android device running on 2.3 or later OS versions. Download the APK and install it to play it.


So, that was all about the Muff or My Unusual Feline Friend is a simulation game for Android. You can be the master of a cute feline girl. You can teach her exciting things, and she will follow and do exciting things with you. She will be an alien and will spend five days with you. It will be an exciting and warm journey. So, play the game by downloading it and enjoy a fun time with your cute feline friend.

Reviewed by: Simon Connerty

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