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Lust Epidemic is a role-playing game that offers a great story, mysteries to solve, a huge creepy University to explore, and beautiful characters for extra fun.

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Lust Epidemic


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503 MB

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July 26, 2023

NLT has brought you Lust Epidemic with a unique story for players who love role-playing games. It is a game where you put on the shoes of Brad, a young college boy, and try to impress beautiful ladies stuck with you in a University. You can get lucky and enjoy exciting scenes if you use your mind. Try to help these ladies, and they will start liking you. The game has exciting content and many mysteries to solve. In addition, you can explore the creepy University to solve puzzles and find items. Keep reading to learn more about the game.

About Lust Epidemic

Lust Epidemic is a role-playing game that puts you in the shoes of a young boy, Brad. He studies at East State University in a city where everyone is involved in physical activity. In the city of temptations, you are the only loner boy who has not got an opportunity for an intimate encounter yet. The story of the game starts on a rainy day when you and your friend are going to the rival University to find your moms.

Your friend tells you they are meeting to discuss the recent scandal your University is accused of. As soon as you reach there, you see your mom and three other beautiful ladies, Amber, Amanda, and Katherine. Due to the hurricane, you are stuck there with other people. Now, you can impress these ladies and enjoy exciting scenes with them. Go talk to them and help them in their tasks, solve mysteries, explore the place, and find items to progress in the game.


Engaging Storyline

The game offers an engaging storyline to players. Here, you will be a loner college boy stuck in a University with beautiful women due to flood and bad weather. You will explore the creepy University, uncover the secrets, and help beautiful ladies to impress them.

Tricky Missions

When you talk to different characters in the game, they will give you tasks and missions. You learn about many secrets and find various items in your journey to complete all tasks and missions.

Exciting Scenes

There are many exciting scenes players can experience. It will boost their excitement and make the gameplay more fun. Talk to the characters of the game and help them. You can unlock tempting and exciting scenes with them that will make your day.

Huge Creepy Place to Explore

The game offers a vast place to explore. You will find many rooms unlocked where you can freely move. But to open the door locked, you will have to find a way. Find the keys, access cards, and more to explore all areas of the University.


The game offers many customization options, including character customization and game customization. In addition to it, it allows players to customize the characters in the game. You can find various costumes and change the appearance of game characters.


Moreover, the game has high-quality graphics that give the best gaming experience to players. Besides, the characters are designed beautifully, making the game more attractive.

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How to Install Lust Epidemic APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • You can’t install the game from the PlayStore. So, set up your device to install it from other sources.
  • Go to Settings and access the Security of your device. Now, find and enable the option for Unknown Sources installation.enable Unknown Sources to install Lust Epidemic

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Lust Epidemic APK on your device. It will take a while to download.
  • Once downloaded, go and check your File Manager App for the downloaded file. And tap on it.locate Lust Epidemic APK in File Manager
  • It will ask you if you want to install it; tap Install.start the Lust Epidemic installation
  • The Installation process will begin now. After a successful installation, you can Open and play the game.Lust Epidemic successfully installed


Is Lust Epidemic done?

The game is a completed edition. However, the developers have indicated a sequel. But this one is finished.

How big is Lust Epidemic file?

It is about a 500 MB APK file for Android devices. And your device must be running on the 4.4 or later Android OS.

How many scenes are in Lust Epidemic?

There are a total of 136 scenes included with animation.

What is Lust Epidemic about?

It depicts a story of a college boy Brad. He got stuck in a creepy rival University during a hurricane. He will now explore the place and encounter exciting scenes with beautiful women stuck with him.


So, that was all about the Lust Epidemic game. You can play the game and enjoy an exciting time alone. The game has a great story to offer. It is full of mystery, secrets, suspense, challenging tasks, and exciting encounters. It has a huge place to explore. You can go anywhere and find the secrets. Also, you can find historical costumes and customize the game’s different characters. Sounds interesting right? So, download the game from this website and start playing it without wasting time.

Reviewed by: Melanie Garcia

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