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June 6, 2022

We love spending time on Instagram while watching the images and reels. The engaging feed of Instagram is what makes it one of the best social media platforms. With millions of active people sharing photos and reels, it feels good to browse through the feed. But the original Instagram app has a lot of flaws that are not fixed yet. The developers have not taken any action on the issues of user feedback, which is an annoying thing. Fortunately, the third part developers have taken the appropriate action and have developed the Instagram Plus APK, which is a modified version of this app.

With the Instagram Plus APK, you can get access to a lot of features that you might not find in the original app. With the Instagram Plus APK, you can dive deep into the platform, customize everything and also enjoy the platform. It is nothing but an amazing modded version of Instagram. If you are interested in downloading the Instagram APK on your device, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about Instagram Plus APK. All you have to do is to know more about this app and download it on your device to enjoy the unique features.

Features of Instagram Plus APK

#1 – Easy content downloads

With Instagram Plus APK, one can easily download the media. Be it the reels, images, or random videos that you find on the platform. In short, you don’t have to go on the internet and find third-party downloader websites to access the same. With the easy content downloads, you will find it easier than ever to download anything and share it with your friends on the other platforms. The original Instagram app does not have the same functionality, so it has importance in the Instagram Plus APK.

#2 – Follow Tracker

In the original Instagram app, you don’t get a notification or intimation that allows you to know if that person has followed you or not. If you visit someone’s profile, then you have to dig deep to understand if that person still follows you or not. But with the Instagram Plus APK, it becomes easier to understand if that person follows you or not. Below their profile name, you can see the status of their follows. If that person has not followed you, then you will see the same. This helps you understand how people are behaving with you on the platform and how often they follow or unfollow you.

#3 – Enlarge DP

Unlike Facebook, you cannot check the Display Picture of people on Instagram. You can only see the small thumbnail on their profile. However, there are third-party websites that allow you to open and enlarge the DP for better viewing. But that is possible with Insta Plus APK, which is a convenient option. You just have to tap and hold the profile picture to enlarge it. The app will load the original picture on your phone without pixelating it, which is an interesting thing as you can clearly see the profile.

#4 – Customize UI

The best thing about Instagram Plus app for Android is that it allows you to customize the UI. With the option for inbuilt customization, you can change the fonts, background, and many other things, which are essential. Although there are no full-fledged themes available in this app, you can customize it accordingly to create your personalized themes.

#5 – Chatting Privacy

Privacy is one of the things that is often being ignored by people from all around the world, especially on social media. But on Insta Plus APK, it becomes easier to get access to the privacy options. You can easily activate the privacy features on Instagram Plus APK. You can turn OFF the read receipts or even hide story view status, which is beneficial. With these features, you can silently read the messages, and the other people won’t even know about the same. Also, you can watch the stories, and the others won’t get notified about your viewing status. This will help you to stay updated with all happenings and still stay anonymous.

Download Instagram Plus APK on Android

Google Play Store must be your go-to place for downloading any app. But if you search for Insta Plus APK on Google Play Store, then you won’t find it. Google does not allow the modded versions in the Play Store. So, you have to go the manual way. You can download Insta Plus APK on your smartphone and then follow the manual installation process. In this section, you will find the direct download link for Instagram Plus APK. If you don’t know what to do with the APK file, then don’t worry. You will find manual installation instructions, which will help you to get this app installed on your device.

How to Install Instagram Plus APK on Your Android Smartphone?

  1. First of all, download the APK file of Instagram Plus APK from the provided download link.
  2. After that, tap on the APK file and then select “Install” to start the installation.
    click on install
  3. The installation will consume a few seconds to complete.
    instagram plus apk installing
  4. Once complete, tap on the “Open” to start the app and log in with valid credentials.
    instagram plus apk installed

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Can we use an original Instagram account on Instagram Plus APK?

Yes. We can easily use our original Instagram account just like you do on the official app.

#2 – Is Instagram Plus APK safe to use?

Yes. Insta Plus APK is based on the official version of the app, which itself is a safe app to install. Even with the customizations, the developers have taken care of the privacy and security aspects.

#3 – Is Insta Plus APK free to use?

Absolutely Yes. Instagram Plus APK is one of the best free apps to use on Android. As this is the modded app, you can download and use it for free.

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Final Words

Even though people don’t prefer using the modded apps, the unique set of features and the usability is irresistible. Just like any other modded app, Instagram Plus APK comes with a unique set of features that sets it apart from the official app. We’ve been using this app for a long time, and that’s why we can confidently share all the information about the same. If you are facing some issues while downloading or using Insta Plus APK, then make sure to comment below.

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