Top 8 Best Call Blocking Apps for Android Users 2018

Updated on April 22, 2022

In today’s world where there is immense competition amongst telephone operators and any other business. We all are used to getting never ending calls from various companies who are just trying to sell us schemes and products that we are not interested in purchasing. At times the number of such phone calls received during the day increases so much that you get very irritated. Moreover with the arrival of internet, the number of internet frauds happening is increasing every second. There are phone calls coming from unknown numbers that ask the person about their personal details like the bank details and the end result is what we are completely aware of! Yes we end up losing our hard earned money. There is an option which we can use in order to protect our interests from these fraudulent phone calls and every other unknown telemarketing, sales pitching phone calls. There are a lot of app developers who took it upon themselves by helping all of such people by developing call blocking apps that are available for free of cost on the Google Play Store. These apps refrain the people that we add to the blacklist from making phone calls to us.

This very article is dedicated towards suggesting a list of the eight best call blocking aps that are available on the Google Play Store in order to help us avoid the confusion of choosing from the large number of alternatives available out there. There shall be apps that will allow you to create your personalised black list and whitelist. There will be others that allow to block phone calls from a specific series, number or country. There are also apps that will categorise all the unknown callers into specific categories like telemarketing, sales and etc. There will be some apps that will talk about giving trust ratings to the callers. So lets start with our journey of reading about the eight best call blocking apps for android.

best call blocker apps for android

Best Call Blocker Apps For Android Users

1. Truecaller

truecallerWhen we are talking about the best available options of the apps that allow the user to block calls with utmost ease, it is only justified that we devote sufficient attention to the pioneers in this segment. The answer to this is pretty straight forward, with millions of users, Truecaller is the leading app when it comes to talking about call blocking. Just as the name suggests, the app allows the user to get to know the real identity of the unknown numbers from which they receive phone calls. Now they can see who is calling them and avoid picking up calls which are spams because nowadays frauds are growing at a tremendous pace. The user can approach the history section of the Tuecaller app that shall give the caller details of every phone call you receive. Not just that, you can also use the truecaller app in place of the usual messaging app which also allows you to differentiate between spams and regular messages. Now lets address the elephant in the room, the truecaller also allows you to block the numbers from which you decide not to receive any further means of communication. The process is pretty simple, just search for that number from the phonebook or the history tab and then choose the option “block” that shall be followed by a warning text where you just have to confirm that you want to block this number and then you are good to go! If you trust the popularity then you should definitely go for the Truecaller app for a carefree life without any irritating spam phone calls.

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2. Call Blacklist- Call Blocker

call blacklist - call blocker

Being an extremely powerful app, the Call Blacklist is one of the few apps on the Google Play Store that specialises in the domain of call blocking. The app is extremely light and does not take much space on your android device. It allows you to block calls from unknown numbers, private numbers or hidden numbers and even calls from numbers which you have not stored in your android device. The app also comes with an option to block SMS coming from unknown numbers. The frauds on the internet are constantly rising and it is a safer option to avoid phone calls and messages from the unknown numbers. We are constantly in need of an app that allows us to create a blacklist that contains the list of all the numbers from which we do not wish to receive any further communication, the call blocker does exactly this. In fact it also allows you to create a whitelist using the contacts. You can constantly edit both your whitelist and blacklist in order to add or remove numbers. You can also decide to set a specific time period during which you want to activate your blacklist giving you the option to customise your call blocking settings. If you are looking for an extremely specialised option when it comes to call blocking, you can definitely go for the Call Blacklist-Call Blocker.

3. Hiya- Caller ID and Block

hiya caller idHave you ever missed a phone call from an unknown mobile number and you are wondering from who it was but you are not sure whether it was a legitimate phone call or fraudulent spam then you should definitely go for the Hiya- Caller ID and Block that slows you to use the superb option of reverse lookup where you can just simply enter the mobile number and you can get an access to the basic caller information about the caller. There is also an option to enable caller ID protection on your mobile number. The app has a mechanism where it uses the feedback received from the users about various mobile numbers and comes up with its own categorising the number as a fraudulent or a spam number. So by using the option where you can enable the automatic alerts for all incoming phone calls where the app alerts you on its own if the incoming phone call is from a fraudulent mobile number. The Hiya- Caller ID and block comes across as the complete package when it comes to searching for an ideal call blocking app because it allows you to make phone calls from the app directly so you do not have juggle between apps for blocking and calling because the app offers almost every feature that you can think about at one place. The app is available for free of cost with no interruptions from the irritating spam ads.

4. Mr. Number- Block Calls & Spams

mr number block calls & spamAnother awesome call blocking app, Mr. Number- Block Calls and spams comes absolutely free of cost with absolutely zero advertisements. Just like every basic call blocking app, it allows the user to block the calls coming from unknown mobile numbers. Not just that, it comes with an option to block all the incoming SMS from such unknown numbers. But the main quality that sets the app apart from all the call blocking apps out there is the fact that it comes with the option of blocking a specific area code so that you do not receive calls from that area. You can also choose to block specific international codes in order to avoid phone calls from the other countries. Nowadays, the scenario is such that the users are constantly the victims of frauds and in order to protect yourself, it is only a rational choice to use the call blocking apps just like this one. The app allows you to directly choose numbers from your phone directory which you desire to block or you can enter the number manually. In addition to this, you can also block the numbers that you have not stored in your android device’s phone directory. If you love using something which offers something unique and extra than the basic usual stuff then with the awesome never seen before features, Mr. Number- Block Calls and spams is the app that gives you the competitive edge that you are looking for.

5. Should I answer?

should i answerAlmost every call blocking app available in the Google Play Store divides all the incoming calls into two broad categories that is as fraudulent or not fraudulent phone calls. But there is no specific distinction. Sometimes amongst the numbers that are being classified as fraudulent, you need to receive certain specific phone calls. So what should one do in such a scenario? If you decide to not use the call blocking apps then you will get unnecessary phone calls. In comes the Should I Answer? App which divides all the unknown phone calls into specific categories like telemarketing, sales, customer care and many other things. Then you can definitely decide which phone call to answer and not to answer. Also there is an option to block any specific number be it from your phone book or anywhere in a very simple process. The app also provides ratings to each user so that you can get to know about the worthiness of any in coming phone call. Most importantly, the app gives you the option to decide what information you submit to the app database so that there is no unwanted use of your information by others. If you are looking for a call blocking app that gives specific identities to every mobile number thereby ensuring easy usage by the user then you should definitely go for the Should I answer? The app is available for completely free of cost and is available in an ads free version where there are no irritating ads.

6. Call Blocker

call blockerNowadays almost all the android users use a lot of apps and with a limited amount of space, it becomes more than obvious that apps which offer a low storage option become a popular choice out there and this is exactly what the call blocker app does. It offers an extremely light user interface where the user can get almost all the features of a call blocking app but at an extremely low space. The app allows you to block almost all the unwanted calls, private numbers, telemarketers and robotic phone calls in order to ensure an easy experience for the user. The app also allows you to create a blacklist out of the numbers in your phone book which shall enable you to not receive any phone calls from them. With a simple user interface, you can easily view all the blocked numbers on a tab where you can easily block and unblock the blocked numbers whenever you desire. In the list of cool features , there is an awesome notifications bar and a status bar icon. The Call blocker app is an app that does not allow any ads to disrupt your experience and is available for absolutely free of cost. So when it comes to searching for an app that allows you all the features of the call blocking app at an extremely low space and easy user interface then you should definitely go for the call blocker app.

7. Call Blocker Free- Blacklist

call blocker free blacklistWhen it comes to looking for the reviews and the ratings, the Call Blocker Free- Blacklist is an extremely popular app with great ratings and reviews. The app allows you to block not only the incoming unknown fraudulent unknown calls from unknown sources but also the spam messages from all such sources which shall enable you to have a carefree experience. The app comes with an option to create a blacklist, enabling the user to not receive calls from those numbers. You also get to create a white list of your contacts from the phone directory. The best part about the call blocker free- Blacklist app which sets it apart from all the other apps out there is the ability to allow the user to configure the settings of the blocked contacts. Which means that you can even get a notification if and when you receive a phone call from a number which is placed in the blacklist. The next exciting feature about the app is that it gives the user call reminders which shall help the user be aware of the fact that the incoming phone call is from a fraudulent mobile number thereby ensuring that the user stays free of all the frauds which are growing rapidly nowadays. If you are looking for a call blocking app that gives you one of a kind features and everything that you need stand out from the crowd then the Call Blocker Free- Blacklist is the right app for you.

8. Safest Call Blocker

safest call blockerNow this is that app that is sure shot success in the call blocking segment. You think of any possible feature that you want from your call blocking app and this app shall for sure deliver you on that feature. The most exciting part about it is that it is available for download at an extremely low space which adds to its convenience. The app allows you to directly add numbers in to the black list from your phone directory or you can manually enter the numbers too. There is a huge advantage that allows you to actually block a number from a specific mobile number series and stop receiving phone calls from those numbers by using the extremely popular wildcard feature on the app. This feature comes in handy when you decide to prevent yourself from all the fraudulent phone calls that you receive that dupe you into sharing the personal information that can cause financial loss. There is also an option that allows you to block the last received phone call. Plus you can get notifications about all the phone calls attempts from your black listed contacts. It is extremely convenient to use and allows you to see the history of all the black listed calls. The Safest Call Blocker app is everything that we look for in a call blocking app nowadays. The app is available for free of cost on the Google Play Store.


Keep visiting our blog Techylist to get latest Android updates regularly. Throughout this article we took the opportunity to talk about the eight best aps that provide the facility of Call blocking and are available for free of cost in the Google Play Store. There were apps that specialises in providing facilities of call blocking while there were other apps that give the opportunity to give specific ratings to every caller so that the user knows the worthiness of the callers. There were also apps that are giving specific categorisation to all the callers into telemarketing and sales. There are apps that allow you to create your own blacklists and whitelists while there are apps that provide the facility of managing the settings of all the numbers that are being blocked by the user. The services of apps is not restricted to blocking the calls but also blocking the unwanted SMS from various sources. Not it is not a problem that you will be troubled by the repeated phone calls from unknown sources and fraudulent phone calls that are looking to dupe into your money are over because call blocking apps are there to make your day.