Top 10 Best Meme Generator Apps For Android In 2018

Updated on April 22, 2022

We all have been huge fans of memes. Haven’t we ? Memes are something that took the entire social media platforms by a huge storm that has been unmatched by anything. They provide a quirky interesting,, funny and most importantly relatable approach to creating a satire on the ongoing of the society be it politics, movies, actors or anyone and anything. Memes are something that create trending campaigns across social media that have now been used by many businesses in order to market their products in a more relatable approach to the customers out there. Memes are something that are constantly growing and becoming popular amongst people of all generations. It would not be an incorrect statement to make when I say that memes are the present and the future of the social media marketing platform out there for quite some time.

But the important question to ask here is that how are memes created well this is a task which can be traced back to technical professionals who are fully versed in the art of creating memes. But recent rise in the popularity of memes has led to the development of various apps which are available for free of cost in the Google Play store that allow the common folks like me who have no prior knowledge about meme creation to create memes thereby transferring the once exclusive to the technical professionals, art of creating memes to the common people with non-technical background.

This article shall be completely dedicated towards making the users aware about the best meme generating apps available in the Google Play store because with a lot of options available out there, it is more than obvious that the user shall get confused as to which meme generating app to download. So we undertook the task of carrying out proper research and then came up with the list that shall talk about the 10 best meme creating apps available at the utmost ease from the Google Play store.

best meme generator apps for android

The apps we shall talk about might be the pioneer in the meme business or they can be newly launched apps. They can also provide professional tools for creating memes or they can offer the most easiest user interface that shall make meme generating as easy as 1-2-3. So there is no need to worry! Let’s begin.


[appbox googleplay com.novagecko.memedroidpro]

It is said that whenever you have to pay for something which is usually available for free then only people who are die hard serious fans of that thing will pay for it and use it. That is the case with some of the specialised apps available in the Google Play Store. Memedroid is also one of the paid apps available out there. In order to determine the best memes that shall create a sure shot trend around the world, the app comes with an internal voting system where you can vote for your favourite memes. The app also comes with the an opportunity to add text to your favourite meme faces and create your own customised memes that shall for sure become a trend around the world. The fact that the Memedroid is a part of the list of apps that are not available for free in the Google Play Store, guarantees that the users are serious and the features are what that shall make it one of the best meme generating app available out there. If you do not mind paying a small fees in exchange for a superb app then Memedroid is the best available option for you.

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Meme Creator

[appbox googleplay com.gentoozero.memecreator]

Whenever we look at memes, our mind just goes to think that the process to create memes must be a complicated one. Well! It can be complicated at times. But there are certain meme generating apps available in the Google Play Store that provide the advantage of simplicity that makes them a popular choice amongst the existing options. Meme creator is one of such apps which comes with an easy and simple user interface which allows the user to add texts to the photographs available. It is not restricted to just adding texts, you can even add texts and images into a bubble and create your cool meme. The app allows you to save your generated meme to your android device’s memory once your are finished designing your meme. The app is available for free of cost in the Google Play Store. If you are a fan of apps that make the experience easy so that you can create memes easily, a task which was once limited to technically educated people then the Meme creator is the best available option in the Google Play Store.


[appbox googleplay net.trilliarden.mematic]

When it comes to meme generating apps available in the Google Play Store that provide you with the most simple and easy to use user interface, Mematic tops that list by being the app that provides the opportunity to create memes as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. As soon as you open the app, you shall be greeted with three options where you can either directly begin with creating memes or you can rate the app on the Google Play Store or at last you can know it about the app from the main page. Once you decide to begin with creating memes, you can use the most simple tools in order to add text to photographs be it templates from the app or click photos immediately from the camera or use the photos from the app gallery in order to create your memes. The Mematic app allows you to save your memes directly to your android device or share them to various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you are looking for an app which provides the most easy using experience along with the most amazing high quality tools for meme generation then, Mematic is the right app available out there.

Instameme: Meme Generator

[appbox googleplay com.fawesome.instameme]

What sets Instameme apart from the rest of the meme generating apps available in the Google Play Store is the fact that the app comes with a ton of preloaded memes which can be directly used by the user to trend around the various social media platforms. But if that is not enough then the Instameme comes with exciting tools that allows the user to add texts to the images or add quirky emojis or even the evergreen ever trending troll faces to make your memes even more exciting. There is also a feature using which you can use the photos from your android device in order to create memes so you can even ease your friends by making quirky memes of their photos. The app size is around 23mb which comes as the only drawback of the Instameme app. If you are someone who can compromise on the app size for an awesome meme generation experience then the Instameme is the perfect app for all you that shall for sure make you stand out and always up on your meme game.

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Thug Life Photo Maker Editor

[appbox googleplay com.thuglife.photostudio]

Now comes the app which is neither too big nor to small as far as the size is concerned but apart from that it is one of the best meme generator app out there in the Google Play Store. It provides you with the opportunity to add texts to the photos , you can even add goggles, necklaces, cigarette photos from the extremely wide collection from the Thug life Photo studio. The photo collection is very large and it continues to keep growing once you watch a few videos. Being the perfect embodiment of its name, the thug life photo maker editor is the app that keeps you ahead of the meme trends. With its vast collection of images, you can create the best memes out of the photos available already or from the ones in your android device’s gallery. The app is available for free of cost to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you like to experiment with a lot of options and are not concerned with the app size then the Thug Life photo maker editor app is the best meme generator app available in the Google Play Store.

Straight Outta Meme Maker

[appbox googleplay us.theworstapps.straightouttamememaker]

It is one of the best meme maker app available in the Google Play Store. The app is available for free and can be downloaded with utmost ease because of its extremely small size of around 3mb. The straight outta meme maker app is the meme generator that creates memes which perfectly justify the title “ Straight outta ______” memes . You can make memes in black and white or add your customised background in order to give your meme an own custom edge. You can even change the font and style of the text. There is certainly not a lot of stuff which can be done with this app but if you want the most easiest and the most convenient meme making experience then you can definitely go for the Straight outta meme maker app. It is everything that makes meme making a task of every common folk and not a task exclusive to the technically literate people.

Ololoid Meme Generator

[appbox googleplay com.zombodroid.MemeGenerator]

Using the ololoid meme generator you can generate memes using the existing list of templates or you can even design and create your own templates as per your requirements but what makes the ololoid meme generator special is the fact that it allows you to directly search for the images from the internet. This means that you can use the app for designing the any kind of meme that you like using any photo that you like be it on your android device or using the internet. There are a lot of cool features which are offered by the ololoid meme generator such as the facility to add text , change the font size and style for creating your meme. The app is available for free of cost on the Google Play Store but if you go for the premium version of the app which is available after paying a minimal price offers ads free usage and most importantly removes the annoying watermark. The app directly stores all the memes which you have created in the meme storage present in the app itself. If you are a fan of getting something extra from the remaining options present in the Google Play Store then you should definitely go for the Ololoid Meme Generator and you will be in for an amazing treat.

Meme Generator

[appbox googleplay com.littlebeargames.memegenerator]

This is an example of another basic meme generator app available that caters towards making meme making a task of the common folks and not something restricted for the technically educated people. The Meme Generator allows you to swap the faces with the either the troll face or the Derp, Derpine. This is pretty much all what the app does but that is also sufficient in its own way. The meme generator allows you to swap the faces of the photos that you select from your android device and swap them with the various troll face options available on the app. If you are a fan of simplicity and easy and smooth user interface then the Meme Generator app is the right meme creating app available in the Google Play Store.

Be Like Bill Generator

[appbox googleplay]

Now its time that we talk about the pioneers in the meme business. The die hard memes fans are fully aware about the fact that the term meme came into existence in the social media world because of the be like bill memes. This is what makes the be like bill generator app one of the best meme creating apps for the android devices. It stays true to its name and allows you to create memes just like the original memes where you can change the font style and the font size. You can also chance the preferred image change the colour of the text. Most importantly, the Be like bill generator allows you to let you align the placement of both the text and picture so that you create the best of the best memes. If you want an app that allows you to stay true to its roots then you should definitely download the Be like Bill generator app which is available for free on the Google Play Store and become the best meme creator out there. It comes with the one of the most easiest user interface which makes your meme creating experience smooth and fun loving.


[appbox googleplay com.giphy.messenger]

Giphy is an extremely popular meme creating app available in the Google Play Store especially when the user is an active user of Facebook messenger or other popular social media platforms. If you have this app on your android device then posting memes on the various platforms will become an easier task. You can choose to create an user account in the Giphy app. There are a lot of features available in the app like  memes, TV, movies, music, reactions. If we match the number of features available in the Giphy app with the other meme generating apps available in the Google Play Store then it is not wrong to say that the Giphy app is undoubtedly one of the best meme generating apps available . If you are a great fan of having a large number of features in your app then you should go for Giphy. Needless to say that the app is available for downloading at free of cost with the utmost ease and convenience. When it comes to meme creation, there is no match to Giphy.


While we are browsing through our social media platforms be it Facebook or Instagram or any other platform, the experience is considered to be incomplete if you do not come across the amazing memes which have their own satirical take on the conditions of the country be it politics, movies or any other general stuff happening across the world. Lot of business organisation have also understood the popularity of the memes and have tried to market their products using memes. This article was totally dedicated towards suggesting the user with the best available option when it comes to searching for the best meme creating apps. We talked about meme creating aps which are the pioneers in the meme business to apps which provide the most simple form of meme creation that makes meme a name synonymous with common folks and not task restricted to the technically versed section of the society. It is my guarantee that if you go for any of the available options from the list which we have provided then you will be in for an amazing surprise. We made sure that we cater to almost every kind of apps user be it someone who is not technically literate to someone who has a knack for professional features.