Top 13 Best Fitness Apps For Android Users (Free Apps)

Updated on April 22, 2022

Fitness is something that is dedication for some people while it is daily struggle for the others. How many times have me and many other people made a new year resolution about getting a well toned and completely fit body. But we usually end up not following our goal after a week of working out. The main reason that I think is letting people break up their fitness dreams is the laziness to get up and move out to go to gym. That is when the app developers out there decided to come up with a lot of fitness apps which shall help you perform all the exercises at the comfort of your home using just your android device. The list of the available options for the fitness apps out there in the Google Play Store is huge and that will eventually create a lot of confusion in the mind of the perspective user. So in order to make your decision easy and simple, after conducting research and reading about the user reviews, we will talk about a list of fitness apps that are easily available and provide a one of a kind fitness experience.

The list that we shall suggest will provide you with the best available options where there will be apps that will enable you to sync with Android Wear or even use the GPS tracking in order to track your fitness activity while performing your usual routine like walking or running. There may be android games which allow and encourage physical movement and thereby exercise. There will be apps that provide recipes for weight loss and the opportunity to customise your workout as per your requirements. There will also be apps that are developed by the best available app developers. There will be apps that will provide you with demo videos and graphics that will ensure that you perform the exercise in the right way.

All the apps mentioned in the list will be available for absolutely free of cost but they might come with certain exclusive advantages and extra features that can only be accessed by paying a certain fee. There will also be apps that will work on a subscription model where payment is made every month or every year as per user preference. So it is only justified that you lace up your boots and get ready to be in shape because with these apps, you just cannot get enough of fitness.

best fitness apps for android

Best Fitness Apps For Android 2018

1. Endomondo

endomondoWhen it comes to being the best in the fitness apps segment, the endomondo app is one of the best available option out there. The app lets you use the most cool features like counting your daily activity and then you can record prep messages for your friends in order to boost their morale while they are exercising because more than half of the people lose their enthusiasm after a week of exercising. The app is available for free of cost on the Google Play Store but there are certain features on the app that can be purchased by the user by paying a certain extra fees which shall unlock a whole lot of features such as the ability to create a customised fitness plan for yourself, analyse your heartbeat and most importantly, you can remove the unnecessary ads from disturbing you while using the Endomondo app. If we talk about something simple yet powerful then this is the right app for you.

2. Fit Notes

fit notesWe all do not like being bossed around and be told what to do all the times because we already have enough of it at work. That is exactly what all the fitness apps available on the Google Play Store do nowadays. But the Fit Notes app does not fall in the gambit of such apps because it does not take control over your fitness life. Instead it allows you to do what you like and offering to keep a simple log of it. The app is available for free of cost on the Google Play Store. There are a lot of features of the app which help it stand out from the usual like no advertisements to distract you while using the app, the exercise database that allows you to keep a complete record of everything you do which shall be extremely helpful for you to design customised tailor made workout sessions for yourself using the statistics you gather. If you do not like others telling you what to do then go for the Fit Notes app. Though there are some ads in this Android app but you can remove that in few taps with the help of Lucky Patcher App.

3. Google Fit

fitnotesThe popularity of any app just goes up by a whole another notch when it comes from an already popular and established developers. That is why the Google Fit is an already popular fitness apps out there. The app works well with all kinds of android wear which makes it a useful addition for everyone who owns a smart watch. The app lets you analyse and set goals for yourself doing all of this while tracking your every activity. There are a lot of apps out there in the Google Play Store that supplement the Google Fit which makes it a more favourable fitness apps out there. The best part about it is that it is available for absolutely free of cost so that you can enjoy all these cool features seamlessly and easily.

4. Home Workout

home workoutIt is one of the most easily usable app out there in the Google Play Store which comes with an awesome advantage of not requiring anything in return like the gym membership. The app includes a lot of warm up exercise routines for you to try out that will help you build your core strength. There is also a feature to track your physical activity, a huge collection of videos and animated content for you to learn various exercises while sitting at your home. The developer of the Home workout app has a lot of apps which shall specialise in arms workout and other kinds of workouts. The user should also go and check any of these available options because they all complement the Home Workout app. The app is available for completely free of cost from the Google Play Store but there are certain additional features that can be purchased by paying a certain additional cost.


jefitThe JEFIT app is completely dedicated towards being your fitness companion and your personal trainer and there are a lot of good reasons as to why you should go for it. The most special thing about the app is that it houses a huge collection, around a 1300 exercises database, of exercises along with animations assisting you about how to do them. There is also an option to track your fitness activities for absolutely free. The makers also introduced a website that goes well with the JEFIT app. There is also a pro version of the app that is available after paying a nominal fee which shall unlock for you a lot of cool features. There is also a subscription based model where you can use those features by paying a small monthly fee.

6. My Fitness Pal

myfitnesspalOne of the most popular fitness app available in the Google Play Store, My Fitness Pal comes with a cool database of around six million different food items which will help you in tracking all the calories you intake. It also houses awesome feature like the one for tracking your water intake and the various other cool recipes that will help you in losing weight in an easy and convenient way. The app maintains a record for your exercise routine and reminds you whether you are doing it correctly. There is a whole list of apps that integrate with the My Fitness Pal app which makes it even more exciting. The app is available to use after paying a fees. Fitness is something that deserves a lot of efforts and it should not hurt to pay a fees for that. My Fitness Pal is an app that definitely deserves a place in this list.

7. Pokemon Go

pokemon goIt may surprise you to see a gaming app in a list that is dedicated towards talking about the best fitness apps for android. Well the answer is pretty straight forward. It definitely deserves a place in this list because just like the other fitness apps out there it allows you to jump out of your comfy pants and go out there and take a stroll. It does not track any of your fitness activity but it does one thing pretty good which even the popular fitness apps are not able to do which is to let you actually get up and move. If you ask me, the Pokemon go app is actually a fitness app in disguise that encourages fitness in a never seen before way. If you want to go for exercising without actually knowing that it is a workout then you should definitely go for the Pokemon Go app.

8. Progression Workout Tracker

progression workout trainerNow it is time to talk about the fitness app that has been suggested by a lot of users out there and when someone recommends something it is definitely worth it. The Progression contains a huge list of exercises for you to follow or it even comes with an option of customising your workout. The app works well for everyone who is looking for fitness apps with exercise routines about a specific body part or any exercise type lets say a cardio workout in order to burn those extra kilos or the abs workout in order to build those stunning abs. In order to motivate you to perform your workout in a better way , the app makes use of time. It tries you to beat the time that you used to do your workout in the previous attempt. If you ask me, the Progression workout trainer is the perfect justification of its popularity.

9. Runkeeper

run keeperJust like the game, the app is all about running. It is compatible with all the android devices and even comes with a GPS tracker which allows you to keep a good track of all your fitness activity like running, walking or even jogging. It makes use of graphs and customised dashboards which shall help you get all the information that you need in order to thrive which makes information easily available for use but only when you want it thereby not spoiling your experience. The app also comes with a vast collection of music which enables you to listen to your favourite song while performing your exercises. If you are looking for a fitness app that gives you the ease while working out then you should definitely go for the RunKeeper.

10. Runtastic: Running and Fitness Tracker

runtasticThis app is all about fitness as it is easily usable with almost every android devise and it also comes with a GPS tracking system that enables the user to keep a complete track on the Fitness activities performed during the day. The app also makes use of the graphs which shall show your fitness levels graphically for you to interpret and compare. There is also a customised dashboard that provides you all the required knowledge but only when it is desired. In order to make your working out experience fun and exciting, the Runtastic: Running and fitness tracker comes with an in built huge collection of music that will enable you to listen to your favourite songs that will help you do your workout with utmost ease. Maybe with the Runtastic: Running and fitness tracker, you can finally do the extra push ups or get a step closer to those dream abs. The app is available for free of cost on the Google Play Store but comes with certain additional features that can be used by paying a nominal fee in return.

11. Stronglifts – GYM Log & Personal Trainer

strongliftsWith a complete android wear support and awesome video workouts in order to guide you to the right way of doing exercise, the Stronglift 5×5 workout gym log and personal trainer is the game that allows you to go for strength workouts which shall be extremely helpful for building the core strength. The app also comes with a timer and a calendar that will be instrumental in making you keep a right track of the fitness activity. The app provides the perfect workout schedule just like the other popular fitness apps out there but that actually sets it apart from the rest is the fact that it comes with the manageable workouts especially for beginners. The app is available for absolutely free and with utmost ease. But in order to get certain exclusive features, you will have to pay a small fee.

12. Strava

strava trainingThere is fun in using any fitness app out there in the Google Play Store but that same fun goes up by a whole different notch when you get the opportunity to compete with your friends and even with your own records. That is exactly what the Strava app does by providing the user with a unique one of a kind privilege of getting a leader board where you can make yourself compete with your previous workouts or even with your friends. The app is extremely popular amongst the fitness community and the unique features definitely tell us about its popularity. The app brings out the social aspect of fitness and that is not the only thing which the app offers, there are a lot of cool features for you to explore. The makers made sure to design an app that comes with an extremely easy user interface that adds to the accolades to the app.

13. Sworkits: Workouts and Fitness Plans

sworkitCompletely justifying its name, the Sworkits: Workouts and Fitness Plans is the right app for you that is looking to become your virtual personal trainer who shall help you achieve all your fitness goals without actually going to the gym. There is a whole list of workouts that you can do for the betterment of your body including the extremely satisfying Yoga. You can also use the app to create customised workout plans for yourself using the huge list of around 160 plus workout exercises. The app is available for free of cost on the Google Play Store but certain exclusive features can be purchased by paying a small fee in exchange. If you are looking for the perfect workout regime then you should definitely go for the Sworkits: Workouts and Fitness Plans.


Team of Techylist gave their best to list the best available fitness apps out there in the Google Play Store with the ability to turn your fitness dreams into reality. We talked about apps that are developed by technology giants and apps that come with an in built GPS tracker to track all your fitness activities. We even used the opportunity to talk about the apps which come with video and graphic tutorials for performing your exercise. We also talked about an extremely popular android game that allows you to exercise in disguise while playing an extremely popular game. There are apps allowing you to customise your workout as per your needs. Every app mentioned there is a worthy app and a must have fitness app on your android device.