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September 7, 2023

As one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, WhatsApp has been instrumental in connecting people across borders, time zones, and cultures. However, despite its widespread usage, the app lacks several features that would enhance its functionality and user experience. One solution to this problem is ARWhatsApp APK, a modified version of WhatsApp that provides users with additional features and customization options.

ARWhatsApp is a third-party app that has been developed by independent developers to add more features to the original WhatsApp app. This modified version allows users to enjoy several features that are not available on the original app. If you are interested in getting additional functionality like theme customizations, advanced privacy and many others, it’s time to ditch the original WhatsApp. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about AR WhatsApp and its features.

Features of ARWhatsApp APK for Android

#1 – Customization

AR WhatsApp allows you to customize the interface of your WhatsApp app by choosing from a wide range of themes, fonts, and colours. There are a ton of default themes and community themes available to choose from. You can also create a custom theme from scratch and share it with others. Also, the app provides full access to other customization options like Colors, fonts, etc.

#2 – Manage Multiple Accounts

WhatsApp users always have multiple phone numbers, and they create multiple accounts to keep everything separate. Unfortunately, the original app does not allow them to have separate accounts in a single app. With the AR WhatsApp, it becomes easier to sign into multiple WhatsApp accounts and switch between them whenever you want. This is one of the most convenient features for people who have a Dual-SIM phone and want to use WhatsApp on their secondary phone number.

#3 – Complete Privacy Control

While on WhatsApp, you have access to certain privacy features, but they are not enough to fully respect your privacy. With the AR WhatsApp, you can have more than a few features to maintain your privacy. The first one is the Hide last seen, which is quite effective in freezing your Last Seen. Also, there is the option to Hide Status view, which allows you to silently watch the status of other people, and they won’t have any idea about the same.

#4 – Status Downloader

If you have some amazing friends, then they must be keeping some amazing status updates. But there is no possible way to download these statuses. But with the inbuilt status downloader, the AR WhatsApp becomes more useful than ever. With the single-click status downloader, you can download anything from pics to videos on your phone without any issues.

#5 – Message Scheduling

If you want to go into Silent mode and focus on your work but also don’t want to miss any important messages, then the message scheduling feature comes to your rescue. With this feature, you can schedule messages for certain people. This will automatically schedule the message and will send them even when you are not connected to the internet. This is highly beneficial for people to automate their WhatsApp Messaging workflow for official work.

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How to Install AR WhatsApp APK on your Android Smartphone?

It becomes easier to have the APK file of any app on your device instead of focusing on the Google Play Store. Here are the exact steps to help you download and install the APK file on your smartphone.

  1. First of all, download the APK file and then tap on it.
  2. Select the “Install” button to start the installation process.
    click on install
  3. The installation will consume a few seconds to complete.
    ARWhatsApp apk installing
  4. Once completed, just tap on “Open” and sign in with your WhatsApp number.
    ARWhatsApp apk installed

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Are all the messages on this app encrypted?

Yes. This app is just a user interface, and all of the messages are end-to-end encrypted by WhatsApp.

#2 – Does this app come with an Anti-Ban feature?

Yes. Anti-Ban is one of the prominent features of this app, and it will prevent any official bans from WhatsApp on your account.

#3 – Is this app safe to use?

Absolutely yes! AR WhatsApp is completely safe to use as it has end-to-end encryption from WhatsApp and also all the privacy features that you want.

Final Words

It becomes easier to have control over your privacy with the ARWhatsApp APK. Amongst all of the modded versions, this is one of the best versions that we’ve used. With all the features from the original WhatsApp and also the additional features, it becomes the best candidate to host your multiple phone numbers on a single device. As we are currently using this app, we team of Techylist thought it will be best to share detailed information about the features. If you have some doubts or want technical assistance in the download or install process, then make sure to use the comment section below.

Reviewed by: Inez Justak

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