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9 MB

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July 8, 2024

xManager is an Apk for Android users that helps them to manage and install any version of Spotify Apk. It allows users to upgrade and downgrade any Spotify version. xManager For Spotify Apk is the easiest way to enjoy Spotify with premium features. You can use Spotify with no unwanted Ads. Also, you can download your favorite podcasts too. All you can do with the help of xManager Apk in a few taps. xManager comes with a lot of incredible features that are given below. Here is all the information about the xManager Apk to install Spotify.

Features of the Latest xManager

  • xManager lets you upgrade or downgrade any version of Spotify anytime.
  • It has a Fear and Slick Minimalist User Interface.
  • xManager is easy to use, and you can install any version of Spotify with a few clicks.
  • It provides users with Manager Tools like Uninstall, Launch App, Clean Cached Data, and Open Settings.
  • It helps you block Ads from Spotify.
  • You can also download Podcasts from Spotify that you do with the premium version only.
  • The best feature of xManager is that it is a Lightweight Manager.
  • Users can also select Themes with the Theme Selector option.
  • It also has the Swipe Down feature for Refresh. So, anytime you feel the need to Refresh, you can swipe down on your screen.

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How to Install xManager For Spotify Apk

  • First of all, download the xManager For Spotify Apk on your device.
  • Now, locate the downloaded file on your local storage.
    locate the downloaded apk file
  • Then tap on the xManager Apk file, and Install it.
    click on install
  • Once the installation is done, Open the App.
    xmanager apk installed
  • After that, it will ask you for Storage Permission. Tap on Understood.
  • It will then ask you to allow Media Access. Tap on Allow.
    click on allow
  • Now it will ask you for Storage Access. Tap on Set Up. And it will take you to the Settings.
    click on setup
  • Find the xManager App, tap on it, then toggle on the Allow Access to manage all files option.
    allow file access
  • Go back, and you will see the homepage of the App.
    xmanager ready to use

How to Install Spotify with xManager Apk

After installing the latest xManager Apk with the method given above, follow the steps given below. It will help you to install any Spotify version on your device.

  • Open the xManager App.
  • Select the Spotify (Regular or Amoled) you want to install and tap on it.
    xmanager (use with spotify)
  • Now tap on the Spotify version you wish to install.
    xmanager (use with spotify)
  • Then tap on the Download button.
    click on download
  • Watch a video, and then the download process will start. If it is taking more time than usual, tap on Fixer.
    spotify apk downloading
  • Download the Spotify Apk and then install it.
    click on install
  • Go back to the xManager App and tap on the Square Box Icon With An Arrow under the Manager Tools.
    hit the open button
  • Then select Re/Am from the available options.
    open patched
  • It will open the Spotify App, and you can enjoy Spotify Premium features for free.
    use spotify for free

How It Works

It allows users to select the Spotify version they want to install on their devices. According to the preferred choice, xManager fetches the URL data. Users can install the Spotify version they selected when the process is completed. The best part of this manager is that it allows users to upgrade and downgrade any version of Spotify anytime. You only have to select the version you wish to install and then download and install it.

What’s New

  • The latest version of xManager comes with the “Fixer” feature. This feature helps the user to fix the download issues. It gives you an alternative link to download the same file.
  • There are also Minor Tweaks along with Stability improvements in the new xManager App.
  • The latest xManager Apk has downgraded Dexer that is from D8 to DX


What is xManager Spotify?

xManager is an application developed for Spotify users. It helps users to manage and install all the versions of the Spotify App. It is easy to use, and you can install the latest Spotify version with a few taps. Enjoy the premium features of Spotify with xManager Spotify.

How do you use xManager?

To use the xManager App, you first need to install the Apk on your device. After that, with the help of the xManager App, you can download and install the latest Spotify Apk. Then tap on the latest version of Spotify and download it on your device.

Should I download Armeabi-v7a or Arm64-v8a?

When you try to install Spotify with the xManager App, you may get stuck while choosing between Armeabi-v7a and Arm64-v8a. Which one should you install? Here xManager will help you. It will show you the preferred option above the Manager Tools section. You can see the “CPU” option. Or choose Armeabi-v7a, as it works for most of the devices.

What platforms are supported by xManager?

xManager supports only Android devices. As we know, Windows 11 and Chrome OS have Android support; hence you can use xManager in them too. But for other OS, with no Android support, like MacOS, Linux, and Windows, there is no option to use xManager.


xManager is a beneficial tool for Spotify users. As we learned, it allows users to upgrade as well as downgrade any version of Spotify. So, users must try this xManager For Spotify Apk. The older versions of the manager had issues with the download process. But the latest version of xManager comes with the ‘Fixer’ feature. It is a feature that will help users to choose an alternate method to download the file they are trying to download. With this, the latest xManager Apk comes with a lot of improvement. So, try it and enjoy the premium features of Spotify.

Reviewed by: Joseph Villalobos

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