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Peridot game lets you adopt magical creatures, Peridots and use AR. You can nurture and breed them and go on adventure with them.

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98 MB

Requires Android

Android 7.0 and later

Last Updated

November 30, 2023

If you have ever thought of getting a pet but never did, Peridot App is for you. This game lets you get a cute, unique pet for you. There are many cute creatures called Peridots that you can own and pet. You can own, feed, pet, play with, and breed them. The game uses Augmented Reality (AR) and lets your pets simulate interaction in the real world through your camera. You can meet your friends and hatch more Peridots. In addition, the game has many rewards and items for your cute pets.

About Peridot

Peridot is a digital pet game where you can pet unique magical creatures called Peridots. There are several types of Dots in the game. You can own as many as you can and feed them, pet them, play with them, teach them, and breed them to create a new Dot. Each Peridot in the game will have a unique DNA, so every creature is unique. And when you breed two Dots, a new one will hatch with the traits of both parents.

You can see traits like Ears, Horns, Patterns, Tail, Plumage, and Material. Collect different types of toys for your pets and let them dig to find items. Go outside and explore the world with your pet. Let them explore the area as they might find something exciting. Besides, you can take snaps, record videos with your pets, and share them with your friends.


Adopt Unique Peridots

The game lets players adopt Peridots for them. When you start the game, you will be asked to choose an egg for you. Hatch it to get your pet. You can breed Dots to hatch more. Each creature in the game will have unique DNA, so all of them will be unique and perfect companions for you.

Nurture Your Pets

After owning a pet, you can raise them, feed them different edible items, and give them belly rubs. Make them happy and increase your points. You can even play fetch games with them. Use the tennis ball or other toys to play with them. Also, you can get them cool outfits to make them look the best.

Go on Adventures

Take your pet with you on walks and give them an adventurous journey. Let them explore the area, and they may even find some exciting items. You can also take snaps with your cute pets and share them with your friends.

Hatch More Dots

Meet your real-world friends and breed your Peridots to get a new Peridot with traits of both their parents. The possibilities for the new Dots are endless. They may even look like real-world animals. Hatch more Dots and rank up in the Peridot Keeper Society.

Augmented Reality

The game uses Augmented Reality like Snapchat and Pokemon Go to make your experience better with your pets. It overlays visuals onto the real world with the help of your camera.

How to Install Peridot APK

Before moving any further, set up your Android for the installation. From Settings, enable the Unknown Sources installation from your device’s Security. And then, follow the following steps.

  • Download Peridot XAPK on your Android mobile. Wait for the download to complete.
  • And then, open an XAPK Installer on your device. In this process, we are using XAPK Installer App.
  • Make sure you enable the required permissions.enable the required permissions to XAPK Installer
  • Then tap on Install .XAPK Files.install XAPK File
  • Now, Automatically search .XAPK files or Manually select XAPK file.automatically search for Peridot xapk file
  • After finding the file, tap on the green download icon to install it.xapk installer found the Peridot xapk
  • Tap Install to confirm the game installation.tap Install and start installing Peridot
  • When it shows that the App was installed successfully, tap OK, and open the game.Peridot successfully installed

Starting the Game

  • Open the game after the installation.
  • First, select your birth month and year.enter birthday in Peridot
  • Then go with New Player or Returning Player.choose player in Peridot
  • Afterward, accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.Peridot terms of service and privacy policy
  • And then start playing.

Note: The App uses AR (Augmented Reality) that requires higher Android versions. It will not work in older versions below Android 7.0.


Where is the Peridot game available?

The game is available on PlayStore. You can even download it from third-party websites for free.

What is the game Peridot?

The game is about owning Peridots as pets and nurturing and breeding them to hatch more unique ones. You can also learn about the history of Peridots as you progress in the game.

Is Peridot out yet?

Yes, the game is available for different platforms, including Android too. You can play it on all Android devices running on 7.0 or later Android OS.


So, that’s all about the Peridot game. This game lets you adopt various cute, magical pets called Peridots. You can feed them different edible items, get them toys, take them on walks for adventure, and even breed them with your friend’s pets. Breeding two Peridots will create new creatures with mixed traits and endless possibilities for their kind. Explore different areas and let your pets uncover hidden items. So, get the game and enjoy the exciting experience with AR on your mobile.

Reviewed by: Troy Benjamin

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