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The Mighty Doom APK is one of the finest action-fighter games, which will take you into the world of DOOM. This game contains all of the elements from the Popular DOOM series of games and fast-paced action makes it enjoyable. In this game, you get to play the savior of the world, who has to fight against the demons and villains that are occupying the earth. These bosses and villains are fierce, and you can get the ultimate thrill while facing and defeating them.

This game relies on the same gameplay mechanics as the 1990s popular DOOM game and hence you get the feel of playing an arcade game. With the classic weapons, dangerous bosses, numerous missions, and multiple maps, you will surely love this game. If you want to play this game on your phone, then you must install it on your phone and that’s why we are sharing the installation instructions in this post.

Features of Mighty Doom APK for Android

#1 – Intense Gameplay

Just like the original DOOM game, this version comes with an excellent gameplay experience. With the various missions and the combination of villains, you get an intense experience while playing the game. You have to run and gun the opponents, make strategic attacks, avoid the obstacles, collect the points, and do many other things, which makes this a great action-packed game.

#2 – Numerous Weapons

As you have to use the weapons to overpower the enemies, you need some solid ones. There are more than a few unique weapons that you can choose. As this is a free game, you get to use all of the weapons for free. You have to choose the right kind of weapons to fight the evil bosses and normal enemies. Each weapon is unique and comes with a different firepower, making it suitable for various types of fights.

#3 – Multiple Villains

The villains and bosses play an important role in this game, as one can encounter them in the missions. With the heavy bosses and evil villains, you get to fight them while running and gunning. If you prefer, then you can make the tactical attacks on them to defeat them and proceed to the next missions.

#4 – Multiple Missions

This is not an endless running and shooting game that’s why there are more than a few hundred unique missions that you have to complete. Each mission is unique and has an increasing difficulty level. Also, you get to play on the different battlegrounds or maps in the levels, helping you have an interactive and engaging fighting experience.

#5 – 2D Graphics

The 2D graphics of this game make it unique and stand out from the crowd. The 2D graphics make this game lightweight and you can play it smoothly even on the older smartphones without any issues.

How to Install Mighty Doom APK on Your Android Device?

You will not find this game on Google Play Store and that’s why you should do the manual installation. Here are the exact steps that you have to follow.

  1. First of all, download the APK file on your phone. You will find the direct download link above.
  2. Once downloaded, tap on the file and tap on the “Install” button.
  3. click on install
  4. The process of installation will take a few seconds to complete.
  5. Mighty Doom apk installing
  6. After the installation process is completed, tap on “Open” and you are ready to enjoy this game.
  7. Mighty Doom apk installed

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – How many weapons are available in this game?

You can find more than a few hundred unique weapons in this game to fight against evil bosses.

#2 – Is this a free-to-play game?

Yes. This is a free-to-play game and you don’t have to buy any premium subscription or in-game purchases.

#3 – Is this APK file modded?

No. This APK file is not modded and is completely safe to install without any issues.

Final Words

If you love playing classic arcade games that have the ultimate gameplay experience, then the Mighty Doom APK is the perfect game. With the numerous villains, numerous weapons, and the unmatched thrill, you will get the best experience while playing this game.

Reviewed by: Mohamed Khalil

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