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Girl House is a simulation game with beautiful characters, tempting elements, mysteries, a unique story, and more.

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Girl House

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July 25, 2023

Playing simulation games can be the best choice when you desire relaxation and entertainment together. Girl House is a new simulation game with a great storyline, beautiful characters, tempting elements, and many mysteries. As the game’s main protagonist, you will wake up in a hospital with memory loss and be accused of drug trafficking. Now, you have to solve the mystery to prove your innocence. Besides, the game has good graphics and sound to boost your excitement. And there is much more than this in the game. Keep reading to learn more.

About Girl House

Girl House is a simulation game full of mysteries and tempting elements. You will play the role of a handsome blonde man who woke up in a hospital, confused and without memory. You were in a coma for some time, and now you don’t remember anything. Plus, a big chunky detective is after you to arrest you for the accusation of drug trafficking. You have to escape the hospital before he arrests you.

You will have to make choices at certain moments of the game. Your choices will decide the fate of the story. Be careful; otherwise, you end up locked in jail. You will meet your guardian angel and the demon inside you in the form of beautiful girls. They both will help you move forward in the story. As you play the game, you will uncover many secrets and figure out what happened to you before your accident.


Solve Mystery

Unlike other simulation games, this game not only follows a story but also contains a mystery. You will discover and uncover many secrets and mysteries as the gameplay proceeds. For that, you will have to keep your eyes and mind open.

Beautiful Characters

The game has beautiful characters; the doctor and other girls from the house look so attractive in the game. You can have a conversation with them and impress them with your talks.


The graphics of the game are pretty impressive as they look 3D and real-like. The game will not disappoint you in terms of graphics. In addition to graphics, the game also has excellent sound effects to make you more excited.

Make Choices

The game will put you in many situations where you will have to make the right decision. Your choices will decide the fate of the story. One wrong choice, and you will end up in jail, and the game will end.

Free and Safe

You don’t need to pay for anything to play this game. It is easily available, and you can play it without a subscription. Also, it is safe to play; just avoid downloading it from a suspicious website.

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How to Install Girl House APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • To install the game, you need to set up your device first.
  • Ensure your device allows installations from Unknown Sources. You can do that by going to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources.enable Unknown Sources to install Girl House

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Girl House APK on your device. It will be downloaded in some time.
  • After downloading it, locate the file in your device’s storage.locate the Girl House APK file in your device storage
  • Tap on the file to install it. And then tap on Install to start the installation.Tap install to start Girl House installation
  • The game will take a few seconds to install. Once installed, you can Open it and play the game.Girl House game successfully installed


Is this a full game?

Unfortunately, only a demo version of Girl House is available now. The full game is not out yet.

Is the Girl House game safe to play?

The game is safe if you are not downloading it from a suspicious source. Avoid fishy websites to avoid malware.

What is the story of Girl House?

We can’t say about the story until the full game is out. Till now, what we know is that the main protagonist has lost his memory, is accused of drug trafficking, and now living with four familiar girls.


So, that was all about the Girl House game. The game is addictive and engaging as it puts you in a mystery of your car crash and being accused of drug trafficking. The game will keep you hooked until you finish it and solve the mystery. Besides, the beautiful game characters in the game make it more attractive. You will have to make choices at different moments in the game, and that will decide your and the story’s fate. So, be careful what you say and do in the game.

Reviewed by: Isabella Pahulu

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