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Lensa is a photo editing tool that can enhance your pictures and create beautiful illustrations professionally.

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February 20, 2024

Sharing photos on social media is a trend these days. Everyone wants to make their pictures look perfect. And for that, many AI photo editing Apps are available. Here, we are talking about one of the best photo editing tools, Lensa. The App has many editing filters and tools to make your photos look ravishing. You don’t need a professional photo editor; Lensa has your back. It can turn your photos into mesmerizing illustrations that will make you stunned.

About Lensa: Photo Editor AI

Lensa is an AI photo and video editor App that you can use on Android and iOS devices. It makes your photos look amazingly attractive with its advanced features. You can create beautiful illustrations with hundreds of filters and techniques. When you use the App, it automatically refines your skin, making you look heavenly.

In addition, it enhances your physical features to make you look perfect for your avatars. Also, you can edit or change the background of your photos. Besides, you can use other features like lens correction, contrast editor, lighting adjustment, hair color & style changer, teeth whitener, etc. You can also adjust the photo temperature, saturation, sharpness, and tints with it.


Profession Editing

The App offers you professional photo editing tools to enhance your photos. You can adjust the color intensity, temperature, saturation, sharpness, and more. Also, you can add many filters, effects, and tints to your photos.

Skin Refinement

You can import your photos, and the App will automatically refine your skin. It will make your photos look heavenly and ravishing. The App can effectively remove blemishes and acne and retouches your pictures with beauty filters.

Feature Enhancer

Besides making your skin flawless, it enhances your physical features. You can shape your eyebrows, adjust dark circles, and remove eyebags easily. Also, you can add contours to make your face look perfect.

Create Perfect Illustrations

You can get ageless and flawless pictures with this App. It will help you create perfect illustrations of yours. You can select any style for yourself or change your hair colors. And get stunning outcomes every time/

Edit or Change Background

The App makes the most challenging part of photo editing easier for you. It allows you to blur or even change the photo background with just a single tap.

Select From Hundreds of Styles

The App features hundreds of attractive styles to make your or your pets’ photos look out of the world. You can give them different looks like stylish, fairy, astronaut, cyber scientist, rainbow, mermaid, and more.

Easy to Use

The App has a simple interface and includes a beginner-friendly procedure. It will ask you to select your desired styles and then choose photos for creation. To help you more, it will also guide you on what type of photos you should choose.

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How to Install Lensa APK

Before all, you must prepare your Android for the App installation. Enable the installation from Unknown Sources on your device from Security Settings. And then follow these steps.

  • Download the Voicella APK on your Android mobile.
  • Once downloaded, find the download APK on your device and tap on it.Find Lensa APK for installation
  • Now, select Install to install it on your device.install Lensa on your Android
  • And wait for the installation to complete. When done, Open the App and use it.Lensa successfully installed on your device.


Can you use Lensa for free?

Yes, you can use a seven-day trial version for free. After that, you will be charged the subscription fee.

What does Lensa do?

It enhances your photos and creates attractive illustrations of yours. You can make your skin flawless, enhance physical features, adjust photo lighting, change hair color and style, and more.

Is Lensa only paid?

You can use the 7-day free trial without paying any money. After that, the App will charge the subscription fee.

Is Lensa free for Android?

Although the service is not free, you can still try the App for free with the 7-day free trial. You may find many latest versions on the Internet, but none of them actually works.


So, that’s all about the Lensa App. It offers many features to make your photos look ravishing. You can create stunning illustrations with this App. This App will fulfill the requirement of a professional photo editor. It allows you to enhance your photos with skin refinement, physical feature enhancement, lighting and contrast adjustment, and more. So, download the App and start creating heavenly illustrations with the App.

Reviewed by: Inez Justak

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