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March 10, 2023


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IGTOR Apk is one of the top tools that provide users with some of the best services. It allows users to increase their Instagram Followers, Likes, Story Views, Video Views, IGTV views, Likes on Comments, and Saves. IGTOR is easy to use and easily available. And the most exciting part is that it provides all its services for free. So, if you want to learn more about the IGTOR tool, here is all the information you need to know.

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Features of IGTOR:

Followers: IGTOR gives free followers to its users. You can increase the number of followers on your Instagram in no time.

Likes: Just like Followers, you can also increase the number of likes on your posts. The tool offers free Likes to its users.

Video Views: Similarly, IGTOR users can increase the views on their Instagram videos. And show it off to your friends.

IGTV Views: If you are a content creator and make IGTV videos, IGTOR is beneficial for you. The tool can increase the views on your IGTV video in no time.

Story Views: I don’t understand the use of this feature, but you can also increase the views on your Instagram Stories.

Poll Votes: It also allows you to send fake votes on your poll. You can create Polls IGTOR can increase the number of votes in your Polls.

Saves: Not only Followers, Likes, and Views, but you can also increase the Saves in your posts. The tool allows you to send saves on your Instagram Posts.

Comment Likes: If you want to increase likes on your comments, the tool can help you. IGTOR sends likes to the comments on your Instagram posts.

Free To Use: The best part is that it is free to use. You don’t have to pay a single amount of money to use its free services.

How to Install IGTOR Apk

  1. First of all, download the IGTOR Apk to your Android device. Note that the Apk is only available for Android users.
  2. After that, locate the file in your local storage.
    locate the downloaded apk file
  3. Then tap on the file and then Install it.
    click on install
  4. After installation, Open the App.
    igtor apk installed
  5. Now, the App will open in the Turkish language. Tap on the English option from the top of the screen.
    igtor first
  6. You will see the options like Followers, Likes, Video Views, Story Views, Comment Likes, IGTV Video Views, Poll Votes, and Save. Tap on the Profile icon to log in to your account.
    igtor second
  7. You can log in to your account by entering your username and password.
    igtor third
  8. If you don’t have an existing account, you create one by tapping on Register.
  9. Provide details like Phone number, Full name, username, and password.
    igtor fourth
  10. Select Your Birthday.
    igtor login verify
  11. The App will send you an OTP; provide it, and it will create your account.
    confirm phone number
  12. Now, go back and log in to your account. And now you are all ready to use the services. Select “Followers” to increase followers, “Likes” to increase likes, and so on.

Advantages And Disadvantages of IGTOR


  • It is a free tool; you don’t need to spend money.
  • IGTOR Apk is easily available and easy to install.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use for everyone.
  • No human verification or survey is added to the tool.
  • It is a working and valid tool.
  • Users can use it online from the website as well as download the Apk.
  • Free Followers, Likes, Views, Polls, and Saves.
  • Use IGTOR for unlimited times after every 30 minutes.
  • You can change the language from Turkish to English.
  • IGTOR is not limited to only 1k followers. It can give you more.


  • Use of IGTOR excessively can put your Instagram account at risk. So, give time to the process.
  • IGTOR Apk is available for Android users only.
  • You can face Login Errors that may take a lot of time to fix.
  • Services can be unavailable sometimes. However, it always comes back, so you have to be patient.


Is IGTOR Reliable and Safe?

After all research, we can say that IGTOR is not a reliable website. The main reason for the same is that it is not a trusted source, and you have to provide the login credentials of your Instagram account to use IGTOR. However, you are good to go if you want to use it for a demo account. You can use IGTOR anytime and try its features.

What services does IGTOR offer?

IGTOR is a tool that claims to provide Instagram followers, Instagram Likes, Views, Story views, remarks, and more. And all that you can get for free with IGTOR. Although, there is no proof that the tool is safe and reliable. So, we recommend you try the tool on a demo account instead of providing login information for your existing Instagram account.

How to use IGTOR?

Using IGTOR is very easy. All you have to do is to download the IGTOR Apk and Install it on your device. Then, open the IGTOR app and Login with your account. If you don’t have an existing account, you can also create one. After that, you can use any service of IGTOR, like free followers, likes, free views on Stories and Videos, and more.

Does IGTOR work?

Many users reported that the tool doesn’t work; however, many claimed it works fine. Some services of the tool work fine, but some do not. IGTOR is good in terms of providing Video Views, Story Views, IGTV Views, and Poll votes. But it does not work for sending comments to your posts. If we talk about the Free Followers service, it may give you some followers too.


IGTOR is a very beneficial tool for Instagram users. It has many features with which you can increase Likes, Followers, and Views on Instagram. However, users still have many doubts about this tool. Whether the tool is reliable or not? Is it safe to use IGTOR? And many more. We have tried to provide the necessary information on the tool above. It may help users to decide whether they should use the tool or not.

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