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Hopeless Land is a survival battle royale game for Android devices where you play with other players and fight for your survival.

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Hopeless Land

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Android 4.1 and later

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July 24, 2023

If you like Action games, you might have played battle royale games like PUBG. With the same concept, a new game Hopeless Land is available for players. The game is the same as a classic survival battle royale where you will be parachuted onto an island with other players. And you have to make your way through survival to win the game. The game has many features to excite players. And the best part is that you can play it on low-configuration devices too. There are many features of the game that are yet to know. So, keep reading!

About Hopeless Land

Hopeless Land is a battle royale similar to PUBG and Free Fire. The overall gameplay and rules are the same, but what is different is the number of players in a match and the feel of the game. Here, up to 120 players jump on an island and fight for survival. They collect weapons and other resources to become the last man standing and win the match.

Moreover, similar to other survival battle royale games, it allows you to make teams of up to four members. Also, you can customize the controls, including adjusting frameworks and each button to control the game better. In addition, you will get different game modes and a massive arsenal to collect in the game. Keep yourself safe from other players and be inside the energy field. Play wisely, and you can win the game.



Players can enjoy the addictive gameplay of this game. It is a survival battle royale where you will be parachuted onto an island. And you have to collect resources and weapons for your survival while keeping your safe from other players. Players will kill each other to be the last man standing and win the game.


In this battle royale, you enter into a match with up to 120 other players. Players can make a team of up to four players and play with strategy to be the winner of the game. Players can play with their local friends and other online players worldwide.

Design and Vehicles

Although the gameplay is the same as in PUBG and Free Fire, there are still a lot of new elements in the game. You can find a whole new battleground, and the buildings are inspired by real constructions. Besides, there are many brand-new vehicles, including air and road vehicles.

Chat Feature

The game allows players to have great fun in the game by providing the Chat feature. It allows players to enable the voice chat feature and communicate with other players while playing the game.

Low Devices Requirement

The game has low device requirements, so every user with any device configuration can play it and enjoy it. Download the game can play it smoothly on any device running on 4.1 or later Android versions.

Easy Controls

The game has easy controls, so anyone can play it easily. Also, the game allows players to adjust the buttons and control settings according to their preferences. And this helps them to have better control over their actions and movements in the game.

How to Install Hopeless Land APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • You can install this game only if your device allows installation from Unknown Sources.
  • To do so, go to Settings and open the Security settings of your device. Then enable the Unknown Sources option from there. If already enabled, skip this step.enable unknown sources to install Hopeless Island

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Hopeless Land XAPK on your device. And wait while the game XAPK file is downloading.
  • After downloading the XApk file, open the XAPK Installer App.
  • Ensure the required permissions are allowed to XAPK Installer.XAPK Installer permissions
  • Now, tap on Install XAPK files.tap on Install XAPK Files
  • Then select Automatically search XAPK files.automaically search XAPK files
  • After that, you will see the game XAPK file in the search results. Tap on the green download icon.hopeless land xapk file
  • And then tap on Install to install the game.tap on install to install Hopeless Island
  • Finally, you can Open the game after the installation. And allow the required permissions.


Can I play Hopeless Land on Android?

Hopeless Land was removed in October 2020 from all platforms. However, you can still find it on third-party websites and download it on your Android.

Is Hopeless Land still available?

The game is unavailable on the PlayStore. It was officially down for all devices. But you can still find the game APK on third-party platforms.

How do I install Hopeless Land?

To install the game, you must ensure your device allow installation from unknown sources. The game is unavailable on Play Store, so third-party websites are the only source you can get it from.

Is Hopeless Land banned in India?

The game has been officially down since October 2020. You can download it from third-party websites if you still want to try it.


So, that was all about the Hopeless Land battle royale game. Many players prefer this game over other battle royale games. It offers the same level of excitement as PUBG and Free Fire but does not need high device requirements. Players with low device configurations can also play the game easily. So, download the game today and enter the world of action.

Reviewed by: Taina Acosta

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