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Hole House is a game for fun lovers where you grow your business with the help of girls of your house. Upgrade house and unlock more girls.

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December 23, 2023

You can find many mobile games of various categories for entertainment. But if you want true fun, Hole House is a game for you. It lets you play the role of a brothel administrator. You will find many beautiful girls there. Also, you will be involved in many exciting tasks. The players’ objective will be to improve their house status and grow their business. Your money will increase daily in the game, which you can use to grow your business. Besides, the game features an immersive story, quests, and exciting scenes.

About Hole House

Hole House is a fun game developed by DotArtNSFW. The game’s story is as if you are the new owner of an old brothel. It lacks staff, and only a few people are working there. You will see that only a few girls a living there. Before all, you must prove that you deserve to be the owner. And then you will be given an office.

Renovate the house and furniture and get more girls to join the business. Try to earn more profit to grow the business. Initially, everything will be locked, but as you progress and complete different quests, you can unlock several items and new girls. Upgrade your house and furniture to increase its value and grow your business.


Immersive Storyline

The game has an immersive story that makes you the owner of an old brothel. Despite being in a closing condition, you will make your business run well. You will have to prove yourself first by making a girl happy, and then you can start working. You can use your office for different tasks. Renovate the house and its furniture and get new girls for the house to grow the business. 

Exciting Scenes

The game includes exciting scenes that will make your day. You can select any girl of your choice and have a fun time together. Impress them with your skills and make them happy to increase your game stats. Enjoy different exciting scenes with them.

Be the Owner

You will be the owner of the house. So, you can call any girl anytime in your office or reception to enjoy and have fun time them. Choose any character to have fun with, renovate the house, and choose its furniture. Being an owner, set the working hours of your house. Also, find new girls and workers for your business.

Meet and Interact with Girls

Initially, a few girls will be in the house. You can unlock more as you progress and travel to new places. You can interact with them, impress them with your words and actions, spend fun time with them, and gain their loyalty.

Customize Girls

While having action, you can customize the girl’s character. You can change their clothes, feet position, nail paint color, type of action, type of body, and more. Besides you can also change their pregnancy status.

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How to Install Hole House APK

The is unavailable on the PlayStore. You can only download it from other sources. So, enable the Unknown Sources option from Security Settings before installing.

  • Download Hole House APK on your mobile.
  • Once downloaded, find the APK in your storage and tap on it.locate Hole House APK file in your storage
  • It will ask you to choose an action. Tap Install and start the installation.start installing Hole House APK
  • Wait for a few seconds, and Open the game when installed.Hole House successfully installed

Hole House Walkthrough, Guide, and Tips

  • Focus on completing quests to unlock more scenes and increase your game stats.
  • Travel to find more girls for your business. Charm them with your skills to make them join you.
  • Use all unlocked scenes and features to unlock different quests in the game.
  • Make girls happy and satisfied at least three times to earn their loyalty.
  • Upgrade your house to increase the rates of your service.
  • Install cameras in different rooms of the girls.


Can we play Hole House online?

You can only play the game on different devices after installing it on your device. You can play it on a PC, mobile, or tablet.

Is Hole House available on Android?

Yes, the game is available on Android. Download and install the game to play it on your device.

Is Hole House a good game?

It is an addictive game with lots of quests and exciting elements for players.


So, that was all about the Hole House game. The game is not popular as other games, but it is worth trying. It offers an immersive story, exciting scenes, addictive gameplay, many quests, many tasks, and many beautiful women to interact with. If you are feeling bored, the game is for you. It can turn you up within a few seconds, and you will be excited about playing this game. So, download and install it from this website and enjoy.

Reviewed by: Melanie Garcia

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