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GBStickers is a free application that allows users to add unlimited sticker packs to your

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July 22, 2023

In this era where everyone wants everything extra, people are crazy for WhatsApp mods like GB WhatsApp. Although it offers many extra WhatsApp features, it still lacks WhatsApp stickers. So, to help you with the sticker on GB WhatsApp, GBStickers App is here. This App allows players to add unlimited stickers to their GB WhatsApp. It is free and easy to use. In addition, the game offers many features you will learn in this article. So, keep reading to learn about this sticker App.

About GBStickers

GBStickers, as the name defines it, is a sticker-pack-providing application for Android users. It offers a lot of trendy Stickers for GB WhatsApp. We all know GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are one of the most used WhatsApp variants. These WhatsApp mods offer many extra features than regular WhatsApp. The only limitation of these WhatsApp variants is the need for stickers. So, to solve this issue, GB Stickers App is here.

Moreover, the App is easily accessible and free o use. You can download and install many sticker packs for your GB WhatsApp. And the procedure of doing the same is very easy. All you need to do is select a sticker pack for you and then tap on the download icon or tap on the Add to GB WhatsApp button. The Sticker pack will be reflected in your GB WhatsApp, and you can use them and send them to your friends.


Many Types of Stickers

The App offers more than 80 packs of stickers for GB WhatsApp. You can find love stickers, funny stickers, and more. These stickers are perfect for conveying emotions. You can chat with your friends more visually.

Emoji and GIFs

In addition to GB WhatsApp stickers, you can get many emojis and GIFs for your GB WhatsApp. You can install them from the App and use them on your chat through GB WhatsApp.

Free App

You don’t require a subscription to use the App. It is a free App, so you don’t need to pay a cent to use the App. You can install unlimited stickers on your GB WhatsApp for free.

Easy to Use

Adding stickers to your GB WhatsApp through this App is a piece of cake. All you need to do is put effort into selecting the best stickers for you. Once selected, you add them to your GB WhatsApp with a single click.


The App is safe and secures to use. It does not contain any viruses or malware. So, you can safely install unlimited free stickers on your GB WhatsApp.

How to Install GBStickers APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • To install the App for adding stickers for your GB WhatsApp, you first need to ensure your device allows installations from Unknown Sources.
  • For that, go to the Security Settings from your Settings App. And then, find and enable the Unknown Sources option from there.enable unknown Sources to install GBStickers

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the GBStickers APK on your device. And wait while the file is downloading. It will take some time.
  • After that, open the File Manager App and find the recently downloaded file.locate the GBStickers Apk file
  • Now, tap on the file after finding it to get options for installation. Then, tap on the Install option to start the installation.tap Install option to install GBStickers
  • The installation will take a while, probably a few seconds. Once installed, you can Open the App.GBStickers successfully installed


Is GBStickers free?

Yes, you don’t need a subscription to use the App. You can use this App without paying a cent for it.

Can we add a sticker on GB WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use GBStickers App to add sticker packs to your GB WhatsApp. The App allows you to add unlimited, different types of GB WhatsApp stickers for free.

How to add Stickers to GB WhatsApp?

You can use the GBStickers App, where you will find over 80 new sticker packs for your GB WhatsApp. Select a sticker pack and then tap on Add to GB WhatsApp option to add them.


So, that was all about the GBStickers App. The App is really helpful as it offers all types of stickers for your GB WhatsApp. Besides, it is free and easily accessible. You can add stickers to your GB WhatsApp without paying a cent. Just select a Sticker Pack and tap on Add to GB WhatsApp option. And this will add that particular Sticker pack to your GB WhatsApp. This way, you can add as many stickers as you want. So, download the App today and enjoy!

Reviewed by: Taina Acosta

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