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March 5, 2023


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Bloons TD Battles provide you with a “Clash of Clans” like environment but instead of building and protecting your Kingdom from attackers, Bloons TD battles gives you the opportunity to protect your base from, yes you guessed it right, balloons or what the game calls very proudly “Bloons”. Don’t worry! To protect your tower , you can use dart monkeys, canons and many more warriors that will make you stand a chance against the enemy attacker to protect your tower because once you run out of lives then your tower is destroyed and that means only one thing, you are defeated and nobody likes to be defeated . So get your head straight and get prepare to form a superb defence and attack strategy to make your opponent taste the sour taste of defeat.

In Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk, you will have many important advantages like unlimited coins , unlimited lives, unlimited shopping or all the difficulty levels and challenges mode already unlocked so that you can bring your A- Game from the first day and reign supreme.

In this article, we shall embark on a journey where I shall tell you everything about the Bloons TD Battle, its features and gameplay then we shall talk about the requirements to play the game and finally we shall end our beautiful journey with the ultimate trophy, the download link to the latest Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk.

Bloons TD Battles : Gameplay and Features

Just to be clear, the game isn’t any ordinary shooting game. The game takes you to a far location where you get to engage in a fierce battle with a person from anywhere around the globe (all thanks to the multiplayer online mode) where you have to formulate a perfect defence strategy in order to prevent your base from your enemies. For that you can use the monkey darts warriors or the super strong cannons and many others. Not only does the game allows you to defend your base but you also get to make winning difficult for your opponents by launching more balloons in their tracks. So the game is the perfect platform to test all your defence and strategy skills in a thrilling and gripping battle. With the multiplayer mode, you get to compete with players across the globe in order to determine who is the best player in the world. The Bloons TD Battles app has everything to build a spectacular resume be it an intriguing background story or the opportunity to formulate your defence and attack strategy. To add this to an already shinning resume, it boasts the following features:

  • The game allows you to go head to head and engage in a fierce battle from a player across the world.
  • The game offers 27 battle tracks that will make sure that you don’t get bored that easily by making your every move uncertain.
  • By providing you to attack your opponent in addition to the usual defence building adds to the uniqueness of the game. All thanks to the superb Assault mode.
  • There are 22 monkey towers each with incredible 8 eye catching strong upgrades , guaranteed to keep you hooked up for a long time.
  • By earing good amount of money, you can build a stronger defence . The defence mode makes it possible for you to outlast all your opponents.
  • You can also boost up your bloons in the assault mode in order to have a stronger assault to ensure victory.
  • Customise your bloons with decals to leave an everlasting impact on your opponent.

With such awesome features, there is nothing stopping you to go out there and build a legacy by defeating every opponent out there and be the ultimate outlaw. If this isn’t sufficient to make you satisfied, don’t worry the next section of this article shall talk about the mod apk of the Bloons TD Battles and what extra does it offer from the basic original version available on the Google Play Store.

You can create your own mods using Lucky Patcher app for Android.

What’s extra in the Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk?

The game which is already such a blockbuster have a working mod version available on the internet which can be downloaded at the same convenience as the Google Play Store. The Bloons TD Battles unlimited money mod offers the all important advantage of getting unlimited medallions which shall help you outlast all your opponents and be the ultimate warrior by defeating every opponent out there.

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Minimum Requirements:

  • A perfectly working android phone with android version of at least 5.0 or the latest version.
  • The very important download link to the latest version of the Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk.
  • A high speed working internet connection to ensure a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

How to download and install the Bloons TD Battles Mod Apk?

Those who know how the internet functions will tell you that there are a lot of websites available on the internet claiming to provide the download link to the latest Bloons TD Battles unlimited money Mod. The same people will also tell you that majority of these links provide access to the older versions which currently do not function. The other links are just spam links which will allow viruses to enter into your android device and disrupt its working. Without wasting any further time , the following are the steps to be followed in order to gain access to the latest modified version of the Bloons TD Battles:

Installation Process:

  • To begin with, click on the download link given below. After that you will see a warning text as shown below:


  • Once the download process finishes, all you have to do is select open and you shall be redirected to the installation page.


  • Select “Install” and let your device do the rest.


  • You have now unlocked for yourself the unlimited money version of the Bloons TD Battles app.

The given installation process also helps those who are for any reason unable to access the Google Play Store or are unable to download the Bloons TD Battles from the Play Store.

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Final Verdict

The Bloons TD Battles app allows the user to compete with the players from across the globe in order to determine who is the best of the best. Ninja Kiwi allows the user to defend themselves using monkey dart warriors or the strong cannons . Not only defend themselves, the game allows the player to attack the opponent using the assault mode. Everything is just raining praises for the game. Quite evident from the 4.4/5 ratings on the Google Play Store or the fact that the game has crossed the 10 million downloads line. The Bloons TD Battles mega mod provides the much needed advantage of unlimited medallions which shall help you outshine all your opponents. If everything said till now is not sufficient to make you understand then I don’t know what will convince you. Just download the app and get yourself entertained throughout. To a new game and a new story. That’s all for now folks .

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