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Silent Castle is a horror game where you have to make strategies for your survival.

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June 7, 2023

Horror games are always full of thrill and excitement as they offer exciting gameplay and give you chills. In this article, we bring you one of the most entertaining Horror games for Android, Silent Castle. It is a game where you must save yourself from a soul reaper who will try to break your defense against it. He will be creeping and attacking the doors. So, you have to upgrade your door and add more security. The game will keep you busy for hours thanks to its simple but challenging gameplay. And keep reading to learn more about the game.

 About Silent Castle

Silent Castle revolves around the theme of adventures and strategies for tower defense. The setup of the game gives a spooky experience. A player is an outsider who explores this creepy castle. While exploring, players will come across soul reapers. For survival, players will have to fight these soul reapers. The game begins with players getting an initial prop reward. They will get this once they select their initial room and begin the adventure.

The type of adventure and the setup depend on the players’ chosen rooms. To protect themselves from soul reapers, players will build doors for their safety. Players will also come across opportunities to win gold coins, different props for attacking, and many other tools. The catch is that every soul reaper comes with unique powers.

Here comes the moment of survival. Players will build their tower while fighting the antagonist to hinder their entrance. These towers or doors are the only things that can save players from reapers’reapers’ attacks. Whoever stays last on the battlefield wins. The players will earn more gold coins and upgraded tools with the increasing level. These will play a decisive role in fighting the soul reapers.


Action Theme

The game begins with you choosing between being a Survivor or a Soul Reaper. To win, you must continually defend against the soul reaper’sreaper’s attacks and gather resources and money to construct a powerful foundation. When you play as a soul reaper, you must constantly level up and smash the doors of the survivors to enter the chamber and murder them.

Impressive Graphics

Silent Castle contains basic 2D visuals that allow you to easily follow the action. Slide your finger across the interface while paying attention to the indicators at the top of the screen to move your character.

Intensive Gameplay

After entering one of the various rooms in Silent Castle, you must fortify the room’sroom’s doors. Only in this manner, and by incorporating numerous traps and offensive tactics, will you be able to withstand the enemy’senemy’s constant onslaught.

Strategic Gameplay

The final objective of Silent Castle is to make it through the terrifying night. However, the game also allows you to play the part of the evil entity out to hunt down every hotel visitor. All you must do to win in Silent Castle is struggle to survive this eerie night. In any event, the title also allows you to play as the evil thing seeking to track down all hotel guests.

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How to Install Silent Castle APK

You must set up your Android device to install the game successfully. Enable the Unknown Sources option from your device’sdevice’s Security Settings. 

  • Download the Silent Castle APK on your Android Mobile.
  • Once downloaded, find the downloaded file in your File Manager App. And then tap on it.locate Silent Castle Apk for installation
  • Now, tap on Install, and the game will now start installing.install Silent Castle Apk on Android
  • Wait for a while and let the game be installed on your device. When installed, Open it and play it.Silent Castle successfully installed


How to play Silent Castle on Android?

You can download and install the game APK on your Android to play it on your mobile device.

Is Silent Castle safe to play?

Yes, it is safe to play when you download it from a clean source. Ensure you download it from a reliable source.

Is Silent Castle offline?

Yes, you can play it offline. The game does not require Internet access, so you can play it without an Internet connection.


Silent Castle is a free-to-play action-packed RPG with spooky themes! You can play as a survivor or a Soul Reaper in this game. If you are a survivor, you must fortify your defenses against the creatures and ghosts in the castle. The gameplay is exciting and full of terror and thriller. So, download the App and install it to experience the fun and excitement.

Reviewed by: Taina Acosta

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