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72 in 1 is an Atari and Nintendo emulator offering many classic retro games on Android devices.

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August 30, 2023

72 in 1 Game is a one-stop solution for classic retro games lovers. It is an Atari and Nintendo emulator that allows players to play the classic retro game on their Android devices. So many players prefer the App because it does not require a subscription. That means you are getting all services for free. You can play famous games like Pinball, Mario, 1942, Super Tank, and many more. And if you are thinking about quality, then you should be relieved! It is because you can play games with their best quality. Additionally, 72 in 1 has many more features to excite players. Keep reading to know about them.

About 72 in 1 Game

72 in 1 is an emulator that takes you back to the world of classic retro games. It allows you to play Nintendo and Atari games on your Android devices. You can play famous games like Pinball, Mario, Tetris, Super Tank, Kung Fu, 1942, and a lot more. The name of the App itself suggests that you can play 72 classic retro games with it. But is it really so?

However the App claims to offer 72 retro games, but it has only about 64. And that’s not bad; you get so many retro games to play on your Android in a single App. You will find games of different categories. So, you will have many options to play, whatever your type is. Here is the list of all features you will get with this fantastic emulator.


72 Classic Games

As the name defines, the App offers you 72 classic retro games to play. You can play games like PAC-MAN, Goonies, Kung Fu, Bomberman, 1942, Super Tank, Goonies, Galaga, Tetris, Pinball, etc.

Different Categories

You can find many games in the App with different categories. You can find Action, Educational, Fighting, Adventure, Puzzle, Racing, RPG, Simulation, Shooter, Sports, Strategy, and more games.


The App allows you to play games with other players too. That means you can enjoy playing with your friends. You can use a local connection or Bluetooth to play games with other players on this App.

Free to Play

All the games available on this application are free to play. The App does not require a subscription or registration to run. You can download it, install it, and start playing your favorite retro games on your Android.

Simple Controls

The controls for playing games in this emulator are super easy. So, players with or without technical knowledge can easily use it to play games. You will find different virtual keys on your screen, including direction keys, Action Keys, and more.

How to Install 72 in 1 APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • The App is unavailable on the PlayStore. So, allow your device to install Apps from other sources first.
  • Go to Settings >> Android Security and find and toggle on the Unknown Sources option. And if it is already enabled, skip the step.enable unknown sources to install 72 in 1

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the 72 in 1 APK on your device. The downloading might take a few seconds or minutes to complete. Wait for it!
  • After downloading the file, locate it in the Downloads folder for installation.Locate 72 in 1 Game APK file
  • Once located the file, tap on it to get more options. Tap on the Install option to start the installation.tap on Install to install 72 in 1 Game
  • The installation process will take a few seconds to complete. And once it is done, you can Open the App.72 in 1 Game successfully installed
  • It will ask you for Storage access, enable it. And start playing your favorite games.72 in 1 Game asking for storage access


What is 72 in 1 Game App?

It is an Atari and NES consoles emulator that you can use for free on Android. You can play your favorite classic retro games with this App.

Does the 72-in-1 App have 72 games?

Although the App claims to have 72 retro games, it has only 64. But that does not change the fact that all the games are super exciting, and the App is worth downloading. 

Can we play retro games on Android for free?

With the 72-in-1 App, you can play classic retro games on your Android mobile for free. You play popular Atari and NES games like Mario, Super Tank, Kung Fu, Pinball, 1942, and more.

Is 72 in 1 App free?

It does not need a subscription, so you can use it for free. You can play all your favorite Atari and NES games on Android without paying a single penny.


So, that was all about the 72 in 1 App. You can play classic retro games on your Android with the help of this App. It is a gem for Nintendo and Atari game lovers. The App has many features, and there is a lot more to know about App. You will get all the information about the App above. And if it excites you, you can download it from our website Techylist. Just get the APK on your device and install it to experience the fun we used to have back in time.

Reviewed by: Isabella Pahulu

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