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2nr is a free communication App offering private and disposable numbers for free.

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July 5, 2023

Technology has developed a lot; it allows you to use various phone numbers without even a SIM Card inserted into your device. Here, we are talking about the 2nr App. It is a free application that lets you use various temporary phone numbers on your mobile. You can send or receive text messages or calls to and from worldwide. The App is easy to use, and you can quickly get, use, and change your temporary numbers from the App. It allows you to use three disposable numbers at once. And keep reading to learn more about the App.

About 2nr – Drugi Numer App

2nr, or Second Premium Number, is a free application that offers you disposable numbers. It provides three temporary numbers at once. And you can use these numbers to send or receive messages or calls from anywhere worldwide. The App is free to use as it does not require a subscription or registration.

Besides, the App is easy to use. You can see the number on your Home Screen and use that number for any purpose, i.e., calls and messages. You can tap on the refresh icon beside the number to change the number. The number you have added will remain in use for the next seven days.

The App guarantees your complete security, privacy, and anonymity. Not only it supports SMS but also support Multimedia Messages (MMS). So, you can send or receive picture messages too. In addition, the App allows users to use the voicemail feature, so the person calling you can also leave a voicemail if you are not available.


Send Or Receive Calls & Messages

The App allows users to send and receive calls and messages on temporary phone numbers. Along with calls and SMS, the App supports MMS also. And you can send or receive to and from anywhere in the world.

Use and Change Numbers

You can quickly get, use, and change the temporary numbers you get on the App. You can use three different numbers at a time. And change them anytime. It will be automatically removed after seven days. But if you want that number for a long, you can extend the period. And when you don’t need them anymore, you can quickly delete them.

Security and Privacy

The App ensures total security; it will secure numbers from being used by others. In addition, it offers complete privacy and keeps you anonymous. No one can ever get or access information about you.

Voicemail and Notifications

In addition to all these features, you can get the benefit of voicemail and notifications. When someone calls you, and you are unavailable, the App allows the caller to record a voicemail. It will also notify the receiver of the missed and the message received.

Full Calls and Message History

The App shows you the entire call history. You can see the dialed, received, or missed calls. In addition, you can also see your SMS and MMS messages history. Not only can you see them, but you also can delete them anytime.

Request a Number

Besides all these features, the App allows users to request their desired number. You can enter a number you want and send a request to get it.

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How to Install 2nr APK

To install the APK on your mobile device, you must set up your Android device first. Enable the Unknown Sources installation from your device’s Settings and follow these steps.

  • Download the 2nr APK on your mobile. Wait while downloading is in process.
  • Once downloaded, find the downloaded file in your File Manager App and then tap on it.locate 2nr APK for installation
  • Now, tap on Install to start the installation process.install 2nr on your Android
  • Once installed, Open the App and start using it.2nr successfully installed


Is 2nr safe to use?

Yes, the App is safe to use. It ensures total safety and security for the users. Also, it will keep you anonymous while you use the numbers.

Is the 2nr App free?

Yes, the App offers free service. You don’t need to spend a single money to use the App.

Where can I download 2nr?

You can download the App from this website. Also, it is available on the Play Store; you can download it from there too.


So, that is all about the 2nr App. The App offers you temporary phone numbers. You can use three different disposable numbers at a time. Also, you can delete them anytime when you don’t need them. You can send or receive calls, SMS, and MMS to and from anywhere worldwide. So, download the App and install it to get your private numbers.

Reviewed by: Simon Connerty

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