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Zombie Catchers is a futuristic action game where players, as an alien, catch zombies to squeeze them to make delicious desserts.

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April 16, 2024

Playing Zombie Catchers can be a good choice if you are looking for something exciting to do in your spare time. The game is fascinating and enjoyable with its simple but addictive gameplay. The whole game is about two concepts, catching zombies and developing your cafe. There are different weapons players can unlock to catch zombies. This article contains all the information about Zombie Catchers Apk. Read it to know everything about the game!

About Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers is a futuristic Action game that players can play online as well as offline. The gameplay is simple: you have to catch different types of zombies from different locations. And put those zombies into the squeezers to make various juices and desserts. You can sell zombie products to earn the game money. This money will help you to buy weapons, traps, squeezers, machines, or other items and upgrade them.

You play as a green color alien, AJ, a business partner of a robot, Bud. You catch zombies and squeeze them in squeezers to make delicious juices and desserts to sell to the visitors. As your game progress, you level up and unlock more powerful weapons to catch more powerful zombies. You can upgrade your machines and weapons. Also, buy extra items for your character to get additional advantages in the game.

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Different Locations

The game has many beautiful locations to play on. The backgrounds look so attractive, with vibrant colors and high-quality graphics. You can play on Swamp, The Beach, Snow, Chinatown, and Lagoon.

Powerful Weapons and Traps

There are different types of weapons and traps available to catch zombies. You can use powerful weapons and traps like the Harpoon, Jetpack, Tranquilizer Pistol, Greezer Gun, Zombie Trap, and Tesla Trap.

Online/Offline Game

The best feature is that you can always play the game whether you are connected to the Internet or not. You can play it online and try to climb up the leaderboard Or play it offline.

Do Zombie Business

The game allows players to do business with the zombies they catch from different locations. Catch zombies and process them to turn into juices, desserts, and food items. And this way, you can earn game money which you can use to buy and upgrade weapons.


The game has 80+ exciting levels for players. You can unlock different machines for your cafe as you move up in the levels. And this will enable you to make various juices, desserts, etc., to sell at your cafe.

How to Install Zombie Catchers Apk

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • Firstly, set up your device to install the APK. Your device must allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Go to Settings, and open Security Settings. Look for the Unknown Sources option and enable it if not already enabled.

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Zombie Catchers APK and wait until the file gets downloaded on your device.
  • Now, go to your File Manager App and look for the downloaded APK file.
  • Tap on the APK file. Then tap on the Install option, and it will start installing the game.
  • Once the installation process is done, Open the App.

Step 3: Launch the game

  • Open the game after the installation. You may get a message from Google Play if you want to save your game process online. Tap Yes or Not Now according to your preference.
  • Then Accept the game’s Terms and Policy.
  • You will see the game tutorial now. You can skip it from the top-left corner of the Screen.
  • Now, you will see the Drive-Through Screen and tap on the Found option from the bottom right. And start catching the zombies.

More Information

#Number of Levels in the Game

There are a total of 81 levels in the game, and more will come soon.

#Types of Zombies

  • Swamp Zombies: Lemon Zombie, Slushy Zombie, Zombie Cupcake, Ice-cream Zombie, and Jelly Zombie.
  • Beach Zombies: Zombie Melon, Pineapple Zombie, Shrimp Zombie, Banana Zombie, Coconut Zombie.
  • Snow Zombies: Tea Zombies, Candy Zombies, Chocolate Zombies, Gingerbread Zombies, Hockey Player.
  • Chinatown Zombies: Mary Popplers, Robber, Rocket Zombie, Zombie Helicopter, and Slamming Zombie.
  • Lagoon Zombies: Mermaid, Pirate, Zombie Starfish, Creature Zombie, and Zombie Diver.
  • Plutonium Zombies: Zombie Farmer, Beach Dude Zombie, Zombie Pizza Delivery Man, Zombie Santa Claus, and The Squid Zombie.

#Boss Types

  • Swamp Bosses
  • The Beach Boss
  • Snow Boss
  • The boss of Chinatown
  • Boss of the Lagoon

#Types of Weapons

  • Harpoon LVL1, Harpoon LVL2, Harpoon LVL3
  • Jetpack
  • Network Weapon
  • Tranquilizer Pistol
  • Zombie Trap
  • Tesla Trap
  • Freezer Gun


  • Swamp
  • The Beach
  • Snow
  • Chinatown
  • The Lagoon

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How to download zombie catcher?

Download the game APK file from this website and install it on your device. Open the game and accept the privacy policy. And you can play the game on your Android.

What is the rarest zombie in Zombie Catchers?

Squid Zombie is the rarest zombie in the game. It is the fifth plutonium zombie, and if you are lucky, you can find it in Lagoon. It can swim and run, so do not miss catching it if you find one.

Is the Zombie Catchers game offline?

Players can play the game even without an Internet connection. You can play it offline or complete daily challenges and get exciting rewards.

How many levels are in Zombie Catchers?

There are 81 levels in the game, and more are coming soon. It is fun to complete them while catching different types of zombies and unlocking different weapons.


Zombie Catchers is an action game developed by Deca Games. The game plot is set in the future, where you, as an alien, AJ, catch zombies to make different juices and desserts from them in his cafe. You can use various weapons to catch different zombies. And there are many locations in the game, each with one boss zombie. So, you must be prepared to fight the bosses of different locations. Download the game and start playing it today!

Reviewed by: Isabella Pahulu

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