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April 12, 2024

Has it ever happened with you that you are traveling out to a place and suddenly you realise that your mobile data pack is exhausted and you no longer have access to high speed internet. It sounds like a joke to even enjoy your life without the privilege of having internet all the times. With internet our lives have become a lot easier and convenient. Though there are a lot of places that, in order to help people in this problem, provide you with the awesome advantage of getting free open WiFi networks that shall help you to get immediate internet access. This is exactly where the free Wifi Mapping apps available on the Google Play store come in. But when you ask me about the best out of such apps then the Wifi Map is a definite favourite because it provides one of the most convenient user interface which shall help the users to get access to free internet in the most fastest and easy way. The Wifi Map gives the most awesome set of WiFi tools enabling you to never run out of internet.

Whenever we think that we are out of network connectivity, the Wifi Map comes as a saving grace by taking you a step closer to the free wifi networks provided by a lot of places. The app has a huge collection of over 100 million networks of which it can provide the free passwords. In fact the app has an unique map mode that allows you to see the available free wifi networks around your current location making the process of wifi hunting very easy and convenience. The app is available for absolutely free of cost thereby ensuring that the user can make use of the awesome features of the app at any time and any place of their place.

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Features of Wifi Map:

  • The first thing that must have come across in your mind after hearing the name of the app is the fact that whether or not the Wifi is available for free of cost. The answer to this query is that every Wifi network on this app is provided for absolutely free of cost thereby ensuring that you can get access to the internet services whenever you want. This helped in ensuring the maker’s goal of delivering the best user interface.
  • The second best thing about the app is that it has a lot of free wifi networks. The makers say that there are about more than a hundred million free wifi networks from all around the world ensuring that no matter which part of the world you are at, you will always be connected by a wifi network.
  • The next major step towards using a Wifi network is getting the password of the same network thereby ensuring that you get an access to the network. This is exactly what the app focuses on by not only providing you with the wifi networks but also ensuring that your browsing experience over an open network is absolutely safe and free of frauds by providing you with a lot of tips for safely using the open wifi networks.
  • The app makes the user experience extremely simple and worthwhile by exactly providing you with the nearest wifi networks by filtering the available wifi networks. So using the smart search feature of the app, makers ensured that the searching process is not complicated and the app can be used by everyone irrespective of their technical knowledge. By introducing the smart search feature, the makers made sure that the user is given the option to customise his/ her search choices.
  • There is one thing that takes the entire user experience of an app to an all new level and that is the ability to share it with your friends. The makers capitalised well on this fact by providing the opportunity to share with your friends about the various wifi networks over a lot of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Sharing this with your friends will definitely help them out and this is what the makers intend to do
  • The app gives you the one of a kind feature that allows you to add up the wireless networks into the app’s collection of the wireless networks which shall help it in increasing the app’s resources for good and also gives the user the opportunity to participate in the making of the next something big. The makers are completely devoted towards the promise to create the best wifi networking app that will provide every possible open wireless network close to your present location.

There are some in-built ads in this app, but you can remove it using the Lucky Patcher app.

How to download and install the Wifi Map Apk?

  • Click on below button to start downloading.
  • Select OK and the download process will immediately start.

  • We shall come across the installation page of the Wifi Map, once the download process is completed.

  • Select Install and then you shall see that the android device will complete the entire installation process of the Wifi Map apk.

This link was developed keeping in mind the problems of the people who are for any kind of reason are not able to download the app or are not able to open the Google Play store.

Final Verdict:

With around 100 million plus free WiFi networks available all across the world so that you do not have to worry ever about getting a good speed internet connection wherever you travel in this world. The app is available for absolutely free of cost on the Google Play store that comes with a lot of cool features such as the one allowing the users to use the smart search and the WiFi password and a unique feature allowing you to navigate the maps in order to find out about the next available free WiFi. The number of users who are not able to enjoy the app because they are not able to sign up to the Google Play store or are not able to download the app altogether are growing at a tremendous pace and this is exactly why the download link to the Wifi Map apk, allowing the same convenience is provided in this article.

Reviewed by: Simon Connerty

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