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Remember the days when you used to see classified ads in the newspapers? Well, they still appear in the newspaper, but people rarely read the newspapers nowadays. With the rise of Android apps, most of the popular classified ads services online moved to the apps. With the Vivastreet APK, you can easily post and see classified ads in your region without any hassle. Vivastreet is one of the biggest places to visit if you are looking to find something on the internet.

With the vast range of classified ads, you will find almost everything on this app. With the millions of active users who are actively looking for classified ads and posting the same for selling anything. It’s one of the best apps to look at if you are solely into trusted transactions with the classified. Post the free ads and interact with the other posters for free with the Vivastreet app.

Features of Vivastreet APK for Android

#1 – Free Posting

Yes. Unlike the other classified apps, Vivastreet allows you to post any classified ad free of cost. If you are a legit person, then you can easily post the advertisement on their platform with all the details and photos with ease. There is no hidden charge for posting ads on this platform. All you need is the legit product and the photos to make the advertisement go live, and you will see people inquiring about the ads all the time.

#2 – Voice Typing

The best thing about the Vivastreet app is that it supports Voice typing. If you are tired of typing the description for your advertisement, then you can enable the voice typing mode. With this mode, you just have to say something about your classified ad, and it will be typed automatically. It’s best if you have multiple products to list on this app and you don’t want to write detailed descriptions for all of the products.

#3 – Convenient Editing

If you ever made mistakes while listing anything on this platform, then you can take swift action to edit the listings. You can edit the entire listing, add a new description for the product you are selling, or even add or remove the photos from the listing. It’s a very convenient feature as it will help you to rectify the mistakes and make your classified ads listing a lot perfect.

#4 – Contact Users

If you are on the Vivastreet app to find something, then you only have to check the listing and then contact the users. With the seamless contact option, you can connect with the person who posted the advertisement. There are numerous options to connect with them, like SMS, Call, or even the in-app chat option to have a discussion with the user. This helps you to verify the listing and complete the deal without having any trust issues.

#5 – Multiple Categories

There are numerous categories in the Vivastreet app to let you post and browse classified ads. You can browse through all the categories and find some amazing deals in your localities. You can browse automobiles, electronics, mobiles, and many other types of categories to find the best products. This option gives you the convenience of finding everything amongst the list of millions of classifieds with ease.

How to Install Vivastreet APK on your Android Device?

Vivastreet is available through the website. But having this app installed is such a convenience for everyone. Here are the exact steps that will guide you on how to install this app on your smartphone.

  1. Download the APK file on your device from the link provided above.
  2. After that, tap on the file, and select “Install” to start the installation.
    click on install
  3. The process of installation will consume some time.
    vivastreet apk installing
  4. Once completed, tap on “Open” and start making your classified ads.
    vivastreet apk installed

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Are all the classified listings free on the Vivastreet app?

Yes. All of the listings that you make on this platform are free of cost.

#2 – How to contact the users on Vivastreet?

With multiple options like SMS, Chat, and Calling, you can connect with verified users on Vivastreet.

#3 – Is the Vivastreet app safe to use?

Yes. If you are smart enough and do not post any sensitive information on this app, then it’s completely safe to use.

Final Words

Instead of relying on the platforms like OLX and Quickr, which are filled with scammers, you should rely on trusted apps like Vivastreet. With Vivastreet, you will be able to find more classifieds and post your ads without spending any money. That’s why it’s one of the largest classified ads networks in the world.

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