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Mastermind your escape in The Escapists APK, a strategy game full of crafty prison breaks!

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July 10, 2024

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in prison? Not the scary, real-life kind, but a fun, challenging world where you can plot your escape without any real-world consequences? Welcome to the world of “The Escapists,” a game that turns the serious setting of prison life into a playful strategy adventure. The goal? To break free, of course!

What is The Escapists?

“The Escapists” is a game that gives you a peek into prison life and challenges you to find your way out. Developed by Mouldy Toof Studios, it’s a strategy game that’s all about planning and executing the perfect escape. With its top-down view, you get to see the whole prison, making it easier to plan your great escape.

Key Features:

A Light-Hearted Take on Prison:

It’s not all doom and gloom. “The Escapists” adds a touch of humor to the prison setting, making it fun and engaging.

Strategic Gameplay:

You need to be smart to escape. The game requires careful planning and thinking ahead.

Sandbox Experience:

There’s not just one way to break out. The game offers a sandbox environment where you can craft items, trade with prisoners, and create multiple escape routes.

Life Behind Bars:

You get to experience daily prison routines, which you must follow to avoid suspicion while secretly plotting your escape.

Multiple Prisons:

Each prison has its own layout and security level. Can you escape them all?

Crafting System:

Combine everyday items to create tools and weapons to aid in your escape.

Routine and Order:

Follow the prison rules, attend roll calls, and do prison jobs while secretly planning your escape.

Customizable Characters:

Create your own prisoner with different outfits and appearances.

Escape Methods:

Tunnel out, wear a guard’s uniform, or even stage a riot. Find the escape route that works best for you.

How to Install The Escapists APK

Are you ready to start your journey in the world of simulated crime and clever escapes? You can get The Escapists APK here and now! No need to go on a downloading spree; our fast and easy link is all you need for the game.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Enable Unknown Sources: Move to the settings of your device where you can enable the option of installations from unknown sources needed for the APK installation to take place.

Unknown source

  • Download the APK: Tap the link provided on this page to the APK file so you can download it.
  • Install the Game: Open the downloaded file and then follow the on-screen instructions to have The Escapists installed on your device.

The Escapists Install

The Escapists Installing The Escapists Installed

  • Launch and Play: Once the game is installed, the screen appears and you should create your inmate to make the first steps towards freedom and run!

Of significance is that start downloading only safe APKs to save yourself from getting electronic infections. Do not take risks, be extra careful to verify the authenticity of the game you want to buy.

Tips and Tricks for New Inmates

Below are the tips and tricks that I used when playing the game The Escapists. I hope they will guide you well and generate the fun that I had every time with the game:

  • Observe and Learn: Watch the guards’ patterns and learn the prison schedule.
  • Make Friends: Befriend other inmates. They can provide useful items and information.
  • Stay Under the Radar: Don’t draw attention to yourself. Follow the rules while you’re plotting.
  • Be Patient: Rushing can lead to mistakes. Take your time and wait for the perfect moment to make your move.
  • Stay Prepared: Always have a backup plan. If one escape route fails, be ready to try another.


The Escapists” APK is your ticket to a thrilling prison escape adventure right on your Android device. With strategic gameplay, a variety of escape routes, and a touch of humor, it’s a game that will keep you entertained for hours. Ready to start your life of crime and clever escapes? Download “The Escapists” APK now and prove that you have what it takes to be an Escapist! Remember, in this game, being behind bars is just the beginning. Your wit and cunning are the keys to your freedom. Can you outsmart the guards and escape to tell the tale? There’s only one way to find out. Good luck, and happy escaping!

Reviewed by: Isabella Pahulu

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