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The Blockheads MOD APK v1.7.6 (Unlimited Crystals/Unlocked)

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The Blockheads



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January 3, 2023


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Playing sandboxed games is quite interesting. It comes with unique gameplay, and the slow pace makes it calming to play such games. Minecraft is one such popular game. But there are numerous variations that have arrived to challenge this OG game. The Blockheads Mod APK is one such alternative to Minecraft that has slightly different gameplay mechanics. With the unique gameplay experience, you will love playing this lightweight game on your device.

Unlike Minecraft, the world of The Blockheads Mod APK is slightly different. It comes in a sandboxed world with different plateaus. You can see the difference while playing both games. Well, Blockheads game APK is perfect if you love the thrill and action in your game. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about The Blockheads Modded version game.

Features of The Blockheads Mod APK for Android

#1 – Endless Gameplay

Even though the game is set in sandboxed mode, you will be able to experience endless gameplay. With the endless gameplay that goes on for a long time, you have to face a lot of challenges, difficulties, and villains. With a fighting spirit and creative skills, it becomes easier to survive the challenges and keep playing this game.

#2 – Crafting

As you pass through the various landscapes in this game, you have to craft almost everything you need through the crafting process. With this feature, you can easily craft anything out of thin air. You have to collect the resources like wood, stone, gold, and others and then start crafting the things that you like. You can craft anything ranging from houses, tools, weapons, etc. You just need to use your creativity, and you can craft almost anything with ease.

#3 – Multiple Landscapes

In the Blockheads, you have access to multiple landscapes. As the entire map is very huge, it becomes convenient to have variety on the same map. There are numerous landscape options in this game which range from snowy mountains, desert landscapes, city landscapes, and others. While completing the missions and building your world, you will pass through these various landscapes and it will provide you with uniqueness in the gameplay.

#4 – Cooking

Unlike the other sandboxed games, the Blockheads game comes with the option to cook. As you have to survive in this vast world, you need to cook delicacies and feed yourself. With the cooking table, you can use all the collected resources and make some delicious dishes that will fill up your energy levels and you can keep going further in the game. There are numerous delicacies you can cook from the available resources, so it’s all about using your cooking skills and feeding yourself.

#5 – Multiplayer mode

What’s better than asking your friends to join you in the adventure? Well, the multiplayer mode in The Blockheads game allows you to join the matches with your online friends. You can join the servers or local multiplayer games. Not just that, the online multiplayer allows you to connect with random people from all around the world and have fun with them. The huge community makes the multiplayer mode an enjoyable gameplay mode.

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How to Install The Blockheads Mod APK on your Android Device?

Installing an APK file is nothing like rocket science. It’s a simple process that takes not more than a few seconds. Here are the exact steps that will guide you through the process.

  1. First of all, download the APK file and tap on the same.
  2. Select “Install” to start the installation process.
    click on install
  3. The installation will take a few seconds to complete.
    the blockheads mod apk installing
  4. Once completed, tap on “Open” to start this fantastic game.
    the blockheads mod apk installed

Special Mod Features

Modded games do have some special features, which may or may not be available in the original game. With this modded version of The Blockheads, you will be able to enjoy free gameplay. Even though the game has some paywalls, the gameplay is completely free. Not just that, all of the in-game items are unlocked and available free of cost. With the special modded version, you can buy anything in this game to assist in your gameplay and don’t have to pay anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Is The Blockheads similar to Minecraft?

Yes. Blockhead’s game is similar to Minecraft but comes with a different style of gameplay. With the unique gameplay, you will get the feel of Minecraft, but the experience is different from the original game.

#2 – Is the Modded APK of Blockheads safe to install?

Yes. It’s a common misconception that all modded games are dangerous. The Blockheads modded version is completely safe to install on your device.

#3 – Are Blockheads free to play?

Yes. Blockheads are completely free to play games. Not just that, the game comes with everything unlocked in the modded version, so you will have every in-game item for free.

Final Words

There are numerous games based on the Minecraft world. But The Blockheads Mod APK provides an entirely different gameplay experience but still gives you the old-school Minecraft vibes. We’ve played this game on various devices and loved every bit of the same. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information about this fantastic game.

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