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TAD VIJAYAWADA is an App to check Train's Arrival and Departure Time and Status when traveling from Vijaywada Station.

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2.2 MB

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July 16, 2023

Traveling from one place to another by train is easy if you know the correct time. But it is not always easy to know that. However, you find help from various websites and Apps for the same. If you are from Andhra Pradesh city and planning to travel from Vijayawada, we have a great application for you, TAD VIJAYAWADA App. It is a free application that lets you see the train’s arrival and departure times. In addition, you can also see the status of a train from the App. Keep reading to learn more about the App.


TAD VIJAYAWADA is an application that can help you if you are traveling from Vijayawada Station, Andhra Pradesh. It is a free application for the public to access information about their train. It will show you the Arrival and Departure times of a train. In addition, you can also see the status of the train you are waiting for. The App has an easy interface making it easy to use for everyone.

Besides, it allows users to select language options from English, Hindi, or Telugu. You can check information about your train in a few clicks. From the App, select your language. And then select the type; you can select Arrival, Departure, or Arrival and Departure. You can see the train number, name, status, time, and PF NO. from there. It will give you the latest updates for your train.


Check Train Time and Status

The App allows you to check your train’s arrival and departure times, saving time and effort. In addition, to time, you can also see the status of the train you are going to take. You can see whether it has arrived, delayed, or canceled. You can check the information according to the train’s name and number.

Free Service

The best part is that the App is free to use. You don’t require to buy a subscription to use the App. Users can use it without paying a single penny as it is made to help people. You don’t even require a registration to use it. Just download it and start using it.

Quick Updates

The App keeps you updated with the latest trains’ timing and status information. The information in the App is updated after every few minutes. However, it is not the same every time. Sometimes, it gets updated in one minute, while sometimes in ten minutes.

Easy to Use

Besides, the App is easy to use. Anyone can use it easily. You can easily check the information about your train with the train’s name and number. In addition, the App allows you to select your language from English, Hindi, and Telugu, making it more convenient for people from various places.

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To install the App on your Android device, you must set up your device first. The App is unavailable on the Play Store or other official App stores, so you can only download it from third-party sources. Hence, enable the Unknown Sources option from your device’s Security Settings and then follow the steps for installation.

  • Download the TAD VIJAYAWADA APK on your Android mobile. Wait for a few seconds and let it download.
  • When downloaded, find the downloaded file in your Downloads and tap on it.locate TAD VIJAYAWADA for installation
  • Now, it will ask you if you want to install the App; tap on Install to start the installation.install TAD VIJAYAWADA on your Android
  • It will take a few seconds to install the App. Once installed, Open the App and use it.TAD VIJAYAWADA successfully installed



Yes, TAD VIJAYAWADA App is available for mobile devices. It helps people to check their train status and time.


It is an App that gives you the latest updates on your Train status and its time when you are traveling from Vijayawada station.

How to download TAD VIJAYAWADA?

The App is unavailable on Google Play Store, so you can only download it from a third-party source. You can download it from this website.


So, that’s all about the TAD VIJAYAWADA App. It can help you and save your effort and time. The App is easy to use, and users can use it in Hindi, English, or Telugu, according to their preference. You can easily get information about your train timings and status by the train’s name and number. You can check Arrival Time and Departure times easily from the App. So, download the App and get live updates and information about your train.

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