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March 18, 2024

When the video game consoles were popular, there was one extremely popular game. Yes we are talking about the super Mario. The game where Mario has to avoid the obstacles. He then had to run through while collecting points. But when the technology changes, things become obsolete. Eventually the video game consoles became obsolete. When one thing goes, a better thing comes. In came the android revolution that led to the development of the android gaming apps. It was a matter of time that the popular super Mario made its presence fell. The makers created a perfect shift to a modern day android app which is provided the same gaming experience.

The super Mario is a game that is created to let you relax and enjoy. The game is based on the original concept where Mario has to jump over the obstacles. The character also has to keep collecting coins while clearing the levels. The game is developed using the latest graphics. This gives a fresh high quality appeal to the gameplay. The game is provided to the gamer for completely free of charge. Just like the original, the game promises unmatched entertainment and fun.

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The game takes you back to your childhood. The game stays true to the original game. It makes the perfect move as an android gaming app. The gamer is introduced to the virtual character, Mario. They have to make sure that Mario escapes all the obstacles. They have to jump over them. One wrong jump and it’s game over for the gamer. The gamer has to also collect the gold coins. This will help them to level up faster. The game is created to be a light hearted entertainer which caters to a larger gaming audience.

The article will help the gamer by sharing all the necessary details about the game. The basic features and gameplay will be shared. The download process and the requirements will be listed. The latest download link to the game will also be shared with the user.

Features of the Super Mario Run:

  • There is one thing about modern day gaming apps. These are based on complex controls. It makes it difficult for the gamers to enjoy them. The makers of the game made sure to create an easy gameplay. In fact the game can be played by using a single hand. This means that there is no need of any prior gaming knowledge to enjoy the gameplay. The gamer has to simply tap the screen of the android device. The gamer has to tap the screen when they want Mario to jump. This is the only control in the game.
  • The game includes a world tour mode. The gamer will have an opportunity to rescue the princess peach from the enemy. For doing this, the gamer will have to go through the jungles, caverns, ghosts and many other things. Each aspect is specifically crafted. It will test a special skill and ability of the gamer. There are 24 levels which the gamer has to clear. At the end of the castle, princess peach will be waiting. Be prepared to take on the nine course world.
  • The remix 10 mode is for the gamers who are running short of time. It provides the gamer with an opportunity to play the shortest Mario courses. The game will have 10 special courses. Each short course will be short and unique. It will test the quickness of the gamer. Daisy is missing in the world and you have to make sure to find her by running through all the 10 courses. This mode is also referred as the super Mario in bits and bursts.
  • The gaming experience of the game takes a new height with unique features. The Super Mario Run comes with an option of multiplayer gaming. The makers made it possible for the gamer to challenge other gamers. You can now challenge your friends to battles. You can even challenge the best of the players from over the world. Show off your skills and moves. Prove that you are the best player out there. Defeat them all and exert your dominance.
  • The game also has the option of collecting coins of different colours. You can use them to build castles and forts. You can choose from the various castle decorations. The game has around 100 different castle building modes. That shall guarantee to keep you engaged to the gameplay. So keep collecting as many coins as you can. Then go to the store and find the best decoration for your castle. Match your style and build the best quality castle.

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How to download and install Super Mario Run Apk?

  • Click on the download link which is given below to start downloading.
  • Click on OK. The download process will begin.

downloading started

  • The user will see the installation page of the game open up after the download process will be completed.

click on install

  • Click on Install and the installation process shall be completed by the android device.

Super Mario Run Apk installed

Final Verdict:

The game is the perfect transformation of the video game favourite into an android app. The Super Mario Run Apk let’s the gamer connect to their childhood. The game let’s you play as Mario. Where you go through the various obstacles in an attempt to evade them. You have to continue collecting coins while doing so. The game has a lot of difficulty levels and gaming modes. These are designed to test the various skills and abilities of the gamer. The game is developed with the best quality graphics. These give a real life like appeal to the gameplay. For all the users, who are not able to download the basic version. Also the users who are not able to access the Google Play store. They can make use of the apk. The same game in the form of an online download link. The ease and convenience of use is the same. The game is available for absolutely free. All this makes the apk a preferred choice.

Reviewed by: Simon Connerty

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2 Reviews

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February 10, 2019

Many Thanks Dear for reminding us those Golden days when we use to play constantly this Super Mario Game on TVs and Computers.

Would also like to check with you if the same type game Islander is available for Android mobile. Would really appreciate your help if you can provide me that link on my Gmail ID [email protected].

Many Thanks for your Help in advance and Keep doing this Good work. Have a Nice Sunday dear.

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Danish Ahmad

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Rated 4.0 out of 5
February 10, 2019

Very nice articels sir,thank you for sharing this post

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Rahul Vishwakarma