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SAKURA School Simulator is a 3D school life simulation game that offers exciting gameplay and features.

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March 9, 2024

Simulation games are always full of excitement. And school simulation is the new trend among today’s youth. These games allow us to live the virtual life we want. SAKURA School Simulator is one such game that puts you into the shoes of a school student and gets you involved in various activities. You can play the way you want, go to school, be friendly and popular, or get weapons and go on an epic rampage. Interact with people, make friends, and become famous in your town. SAKURA School Simulator gives a variety of elements to make you excited. So, keep reading the article to know more about the game.

About SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator is a school life 3D simulator game like Yandere Simulator. Here you can choose your character and live the life of a school student. You can play the game in different ways, either be a lovable, popular student or go for an epic rampage with several weapons. Besides, you will see many characters in the game. You can interact with them, talk to them, hug or kiss them, gift them, or borrow money from them.

The game has several vehicles to drive, places to visit, edible items to eat, weapons to equip, people to talk to, and activities to do. You go to Schools, amusement parks, hospitals, police stations, parks, shops, and more. But several items and use or gift them to your friends to level up your relationship. You can encounter fights, but there will be no deaths and blood. If you faint, you can wake up the next day in the game.


Customizable Story

The game gives you complete freedom to play the game according to you like Love Sick Game. You can either play it to live a fascinating school life by making friends and lovers. Or go on the epic rampage. You can equip many weapons and use them to faint your enemies.

Interaction with Characters

Unlike many other games, you can interact with all the characters you see in the game. You can talk to them, praise or offend them, give them gifts or borrow money, hug or kiss them, etc. The more you interact positively with people, the more you become famous.

Equip Many Items

You can equip different items and use them later by tapping on the Items option. You can equip weapons, prank items, and gift items for various purposes.

Make Friends & Lovers

You can make friends and lovers by talking to people and pleasing them. They will always defend you, and you can also take money from them.


The game gives you trophies for completing different tasks in the game. Like when you complete Japanese lessons, swim, run a marathon, and more.


The game offers you many customization options. You can customize the graphic quality and game settings according to your device’s configuration. Additionally, you can customize your character, i.e., clothes, look, and more.

How to Install SAKURA School Simulator APK

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • To download this game, you must allow your Android device first to install Apps from third-party sources.
  • Go to Settings and open the Security Settings of your device. Then look for the Unknown Sources option, and enable it.

Step 2: Download And Install the APK

  • Download the SAKURA School Simulator APK on your device. Wait for a few seconds while the APK is downloading.
  • Once the file is downloaded on your device, locate it in your File Manager App.
  • Tap on the file to obtain more options. Then select the Install option to begin the installation process.
  • Now, wait again for the completion of the installation. Once it is done, you can Open the game.

How to Play SAKURA School Simulator

  • Open the game after installing it on your device. Now, you will see a screen like this.
  • Here you can customize the game Settings from the top left and Adjust Quality Settings and Memory Save settings from the top right of the screen. Tap on Select Costume to change the costume and other things. And tap on Slot to load the game or tap on New Game to start a new game.
  • You can now play the game. Control movement from the left side of the screen. And Actions buttons are given on the right. You can Jump, Attack, perform an action, zoom, use the jetpack, and more.
  • You can save the game progress and take pictures from the top right. On the right, you can tap on Items to use the items you have.
  • You will see some icons; the thumb icon is the degree of your popularity; the cross icon is for the number of people you fainted. The heart is for the number of lovers; the two people icon is for the number of friends; the angry emoji is for the number of people who pursue you.
  • Tap on the Menu option to teleport directly to different locations.
  • The Radar option will help you see the map and locate your lovers.


So, that is how you can play and enjoy the most exciting school life simulation game, SAKURA School Simulator. The game has simple controls and is easy to play. There is no fixed gameplay; you can play it the way you want. Be a friendly, lovable student, or be the dangerous one; it all depends on you. There are many beautiful places to visit in the game; you can click pictures and share them with your friends too. Eat different foods, drive many vehicles, equip weapons, buy gifts, and find potions and money. You can download the game from our website Techylist and install it to light up your dull time.

Reviewed by: Joseph Villalobos

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