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February 16, 2024

Being a human, we have been blessed with the ability to love and care for others. In short, we have emotions and these emotions are what differentiates us from the other creatures on this planet. Everyone of us at one point of the other in our life have definitely made this request to our parents. Haven’t we as kids have begged our parents to let us allow to keep a pet at home. But because we are already so occupied with our work nowadays that almost every time our request has been turned down by our parents. We have always loved and cared for the pets of our very lucky friends who were fortunately allowed by their parents to keep a pet.

Pou is the best gaming app out there which lets you virtually take a charge of a pet. So days of longing for a pet are finally over. Pou isn’t any ordinary game. It lets you take care of your very own alien pet. So it is entirely your responsibility to bathe, feed and take care of your alien pet.

In this article, we shall be talking about the Pou apk, its basic features and its gameplay. We shall end our discussion with the download link which shall provide you with the access to the latest version of the Pou Apk.

Pou : Features and Gameplay

The pou allows you to take on the responsibility of your virtual pet and not just any pet but an alien pet. The game allows you to be totally responsible for feeding, bathing and taking complete care of your Pou. You will be a part of the journey of your Pou to grow into a healthy pet. All this while unlocking unique quirky wallpapers and crazy funky outfits which can be used by you to dress up your Pou and make them stand out from the crowd. Because if your alien pet is not unique and cute then you haven’t taken care about your pet in a nice way.

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Features of the Pou Game:

  • The game lets you take care of your Pou in your own personalised way. You can decide what to feed you Pou and how to dress your Pou. The game adds a feel of customisation by letting you take complete charge and responsibility of your Pou.
  • Pou lets you play various games in the game room. Because the game does not let you get bored. By playing the games in the game room, you can collect valuable coins which can be used by you to make purchases for your Pou in order to make it unique.
  • With the online mode, Pou lets you enjoy and share the fun with your friends. If a game does not let you play with your friends then it isn’t a game in the first place.
  • There are potions in every game which lets you pace any function of your Pou. But Pou is an unique game, it lets you enter into the shoes of the inventor and develop and experiment with various potions in order to make the recipe for success.
  • Your Pou isn’t just a virtual pet of whom you have to take care. The game has an unique feature that lets you talk to your Pou. So all you have to do is speak with the your Pou and it will repeat what you said in its own cute quirky voice. Sounds fun Right !

The game has a lot of unique and super cool features which makes it stand ou from all the other games out there in the Google Play Store. If you are still aren’t convinced, then maybe the next section which talks about what is extra in the modified version will help you.

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How to download and install the Pou Apk ?

  • To begin, click on the download link provided below. As soon as you do that, you shall see a warning text as shown below :
  • Select “Yes” and you shall see that the download has started.


  • After the download process is finished, you shall be redirected to the installation page.

click on install

  • Select “install” and your android device shall do the rest.

Final Verdict :

Keep visiting our blog Techylist to get latest version of Pou apk. Undoubtedly it is an unique gaming app out there in the Google Play Store which lets you take care of your unique alien pet. It makes you entirely responsible for the well being of your alien pet. You are in charge of feeding and bathing your pet. You get to be a part of the growing journey of your Pou.

Reviewed by: Melanie Garcia

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8 Reviews

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December 21, 2023

I love this kid’s game

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No Title

October 15, 2023


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Ana Julia

No Title

October 9, 2023


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No Title

July 20, 2023


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No Title

April 6, 2023

Why its not max level??? kinangina

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Why its not max level Pisti