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The Nova Launcher is an Android launcher that allows the user to customize the feel of their android device. There is no need to have any prior technical knowledge. It allows the user to customize their home screen. The user can choose the screen layouts and customize the animations as per their preference. The app is a perfect balance between customization and a higher level of performance. The app lets you use the complex features of the android device with utmost ease.

The Nova Launcher is designed to give the android user absolute control of the home screen. The app offers you the advantage of customization. There is no technical expertise to choose the screen design. The platform provides maximum speed and efficiency. It lets your android device run smoothly while letting you decide on the screen layout. This is what made it the most popular Android Launcher out there.

Features of the Nova Launcher:

  • The basic version of the launcher is called Nova Launcher. The user can get certain exclusive features in addition to the basic. All they have to do is to pay a small fee in exchange. They can let go of that by choosing the apk which is provided for free. The Nova Launcher will provide the user with the following unique exclusive features:
  1. Unique screen Gestures – The user can simply swipe on the screen. They can even pinch and double tap on the screen of your android device. There are a lot more options on the home screen of the android device. These will help you to open your favorite apps with utmost ease and convenience.
  2. Notification about the unread counts – With the increase in internet connectivity. There are a lot of messages that are received by the user. The Unread count features is the unique solution. It records for the message and notifications from the Hangouts, Whatsapp, SMS, Gmail and many more by making use of the TeslaUnread plugin.
  3. The opportunity to create Custom Drawer Groups –The platform lets the android user to create new tabs. There can also be new folders created in the app drawer. The advantage of customisation lets you design as per your style and your preference.
  4. Save screen space by hiding Apps – The user has a limited android screen. The more the apps, the more crowded the screen looks. But this does not mean that the user delete those apps. The platform lets the user to keep a clean app drawer. All of this by hiding never used or the rarely used apps.
  5. Customised icon swipes – The benefit of customisation is game changing. The platform shines out from the rest by providing the customisation. The user can set custom and specific actions. You can create actions for swiping on app shortcuts. You can even use them on android folders.
  6. Additional unique scroll effects – The Nova Launcher Apk allows the user to have a wide collection of animations to choose from. Each animation has its own specific style and preference. The user can choose from animations such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw.
  • If you think that the platform is only about the above mentioned features. Then you cannot be any more wrong. The platform provides the user with unique icon themes. The user can find a lot of icon themes for Nova Launcher available on the Google Play Store. There is also an option of Subgrid positioning. The platform offers a greater control on your android device. It is more than standard launchers. The Nova Launcher will allow the user to snap icons or widgets. There are even colour controls. They can use to colour code folders, labels, drawers and backgrounds.

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How to download and install the Nova Launcher Apk?

  • Select the download link given below.
  • Click on OK. The download process will initiate immediately.

downloading started

  • The user will see the installation page of the apk open up after the download process is over

click on install

  • Select Install and the installation process will be completed by the android device.

nove launcher prime apk installed

Final Verdict:

The Nova Launcher Apk provides the user with an easy way to run the android device. The platform provides the advantage of customization where you can choose the app design. There is also an option of colour coding. The platform ensures a fast and smooth running of the android device. The platform can be used by all the users irrespective of the technical aspect. The platform is made available to the user for completely free of charge. The users who cannot access the basic version can make use of the apk. They are provided with the same ease and convenience. They are an online download link with the same features. The apk provides a better choice than the basic version of the launcher.

Reviewed by: Inez Justak

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