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My Singing Monsters is a musical game where players can buy and hatch monsters and raise, feed, and breed them.

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My Singing Monsters

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April 18, 2024

People who are fond of musical games such as Piano Tiles, Cytus, Deemo, and more, are going to love My Singing Monsters. This game allows players to own and pet monsters and raise, feed and breed them. You can decorate your island with cool decoratives and structures. Make your monsters happy, and they will produce money for you. Jump into the article to grab more information and install this exciting game.


  • More than 150 different monsters and dragons. Enjoy the game with cute and funny monsters.
  • Each Monster in the game has its own voice that helps in creating lovely music.
  • Players can play the game with other players around the world.
  • The game becomes more interesting as players can create and customize music, cool decorations, and even the whole island.
  • The game has amazing graphics with an attractive environment and character animation.
  • Players can enjoy more with every new update and a lot of events.
  • The game has engaging and fascinating gameplay.
  • The sound effects of the game take the excitement to another level.

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How to Install My Singing Monsters

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • It is essential to enable your device to allow installations from unknown sources to start.
  • First, open your device’s Settings and go to the Security Settings. Now, enable the Unknown Sources option from there.Enable unknown sources

Step 2: Download And Install My Singing Monsters

  • Download the My Singing Monsters Apk + OBB file from a trusted source.
  • Now, open your File Extracter File Manager and go to the Downloads folder. We are using here ZArchiver File Manager App.
  • On the Downloads folder, you will see the recently downloaded files.
  • Tap on the Apk file.locate the downloaded apk file
  • And then tap on the Install on Install
  • Again select the Install button to begin the Installation process.installation popup
  • After that, tap on Done. Do not Open it on Done
  • Now, tap on the .zip file. Find the downloaded zip file
  • And then tap on the Extract option.Click on Extract
  • Go back and open the Android folder.Go to Android folder
  • Then open the obb folder.Select OBB folder
  • Now, tap on the green button from the bottom-right corner of your screen.Tap on bottom green button
  • Files will be extracted there. Wait for the completion of the process, and you are done with the installation.Wait for the extraction process to get completed

Step 3: Launch The Game

  • After installation, launch the game. Tap on play to start the process.
  • The game will ask you to access your Google Account. Allow it.
  • On the next screen, enter your Age and Continue.
  • Now, check the box and accept the terms of service and privacy policy.
  • A welcome message will appear on your screen. Tap on Continue, and you are ready to play.

What’s New In The Latest Update

  • The Bone Island now has Clavavera.
  • Dipsters are also available on Bone Island.
  • A new seasonal event, The Beat Hereafter
  • New decorations, including obstacle decorations, are available for Beat Hereafter.
  • Rare Withur, a new monster, is available on Bone island.


The gameplay is simple: you have to buy monsters and raise, feed, and breed them. When you first open the game, you see a garden-type area on your screen. You have to install monsters and structures and decorative items.

The game starts with the installation of a rock-shaped monster and later a White Mammott monster. The Rock-shaped monster rhythms like a drum, and the other sings Bourner Bone. You can see the virtual money on your screen, with which you can buy several items for your garden, including the monsters. You can get more monsters by purchasing and mixing eggs and then hatching them. The more monsters are, the better the music will be.

So, the main task of the players in the game is to create more monsters, raise, feed, breed, and decorate their gardens. You can also clean your garden by clearing rocks, trees, and more and earn a lot of game money. Players can also play mini-games and earn exciting awards with them. The main objective is to make the BGM more popular.

Tips And Tricks

  • To earn more coins from your monsters, you must make them happy. Invest in buying objects that they like near them. It will make them happy, and they will produce more coins quickly.
  • You will get more money with the higher level of monsters. Feed them to level up them.
  • As you level up your monsters, the more they will need food. You can stock and save food as much as you can for them.
  • Be more patient while playing for better results.

My Singing Monsters Songs

  • Earth Island
  • Plant Island
  • Cold Island
  • Water Island
  • Air Island
  • Wublin Island
  • Ethereal Island
  • Gold Island
  • Tribal Island
  • Electric Lighthouse
  • My Singing Monsters Medley
  • Cloud Island
  • Dawn of Fire Medley
  • Cloud Island
  • Cave Island
  • The Monster World
  • Space Island


Can you play My Singing Monsters offline?

No, you cannot play the game offline. It requires an active Internet connection to run.

How do I breed a Ghazt?

Players can get Ghazt by breeding T-Rox and Entbrat. It takes one day and 12 hours to breed. However, you can boost the process and decrease the time.

How do I breed an Entbrat?

Players can breed Entbrad with monsters providing Plant, Cold, Water, and Earth Elements without repeating any element. For the same, you can combine Bowgart and Noggin and T-Rox and Potbelly.

How long does it take to complete My Singing Monsters?

There is no official or accurate information on the same. According to collected data, it is 311 hours and 30 minutes.

Does “My Singing Monsters” costs Money?

The game is free to play. Users can download and install the game and start playing for free. However, it includes in-app purchases. A few items are available to buy for free.


So, that is how you can install and enjoy the My Singing Monsters game on your Android devices. Apply the tips and tricks given in the article, and you can make your gameplay better. The game is the best to kill your boredom as it has fascinating and engaging gameplay. The game has mini-games ensuring players play the game for a long without getting bored. All the details are given above; you can read them and enjoy your game.

Reviewed by: Simon Connerty

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