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Minecraft Jenny Mod is an Addon that you can install on your Minecaraft to get a female companion and cheat menu.

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Minecraft Jenny






16.9 MB

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August 2, 2023

Minecraft is one of the most popular games for Android and other devices. It has millions of active users worldwide. It offers addictive gameplay that can keep a player busy for hours. You can find many official versions and unofficial mods of the games on the Internet. And Minecraft Jenny Mod is one of them. This Minecraft Mod offers a female companion to your Minecraft character. And you can do a lot of stuff with her. She will help you with your tasks and double the fun of playing. There are a lot of features that come with this mod. Keep reading the article to learn more about this version.

About Minecraft Jenny

Minecraft Jenny Mod is an Addon for Minecraft that offers a cheat menu and a female companion to your character. She will help you with your tasks, whatever you do in the game. Also, she will follow you everywhere you go, and you can talk to her with an emerald. Besides, you can also enjoy some fun stuff with her. You can make her do anything that can excite you.

So, how and where to find Jenny in the game? You can use the eggs from your inventory. Or else, you will see Jenny’s houses in many places in the game, where you can find her. She will be your pixelated companion and help you collect resources, build houses, hunt for food, etc. In short, she will take care of your fun as well as make your survival easier by helping you. 


Get a Female Companion

With this mod, you will get a female companion to your Minecraft character. Now, you don’t have to roam alone; a pixelated partner will accompany you. She will follow you and help you with your tasks. She will help you collect resources, build houses, hunt animals, and kill mobs. 

Do Exciting Tasks

In addition to doing several tasks with you, you can make her do more. You can do some exciting stuff with her. She will keep you entertained throughout the game as you ask her to do anything to serve you. Besides you can also talk to her using an emerald.

Cheat Menu

You can use the cheat menu for several advantages given below.

  • It allows you to unlock everything in the game.
  • Get unlimited money to upgrade your skills, tools, etc.
  • The player’s health will not decrease, so there is no fear of dying.
  • You can shop for anything for free. You don’t need to spend money anymore.
  • It allows you to block ads from the game, so you can play without interruption.
  • Bug Fixes
  • No Lags
  • Anti Ban
  • 100% Safe

Minecraft Jenny’s Fun Facts

  • Jenny’s character can teleport itself.
  • You can find her in every Jenny house.
  • She can recover quickly after an attack.
  • Jenny can talk to you.

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How to Install Minecraft Jenny Mod APK

Note: You don’t need to uninstall your Minecraft game. You can install the Addon to your preinstalled game. Here is how.

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

  • To download the Jenny Mod for Minecraft, you must ensure that your device allows installation from unknown sources.
  • You can check the Unknown Sources option, if it is enabled, from the Security Settings.enable Unknown Sources to install Minecraft Jenny Mod

Step 2: Download and Install the APK

  • Download the Minecraft Jenny Mod APK on your device. It will be downloaded in a few seconds.
  • After downloading it, locate it inside your Downloads folder and tap on it.locate Minecraft Jenny APK File
  • Subsequently, tap on Install to start installing the Addon.install Minecraft Jenny Mod
  • It will be installed in a few seconds. Once installed, you can Open it and use it.Minecraft Jenny Mod successfully installed

How to Install Jenny Addon in Minecraft

  • After installing the Jenny Mod, Open it. And tap on Jenny Mod.Tap on Jenny Mod from the App
  • Then select Jenny Mod and tap on Jenny Mod.Select the Jenny Addon
  • Now, tap Download to download the Addon.Download Jenny Addon
  • After that, tap on Install Now to install it.install Jenny Addon
  • And then, tap on the Launch option to launch the game.launch Minecraft from the Jenny Mod
  • It will ask you to confirm your action and tap OK to proceed.confirm launching Minecraft
  • You can follow the instructions given in the Minecraft Jenny Mod to activate the Addon on your game.run Jenny mod on Minecraft


How do you download Jenny on Minecraft?

After installing the Jenny Addon and launching the game from the Mod App, you can activate the resources pack and behavior packs while choosing the game settings to get Jenny.

Does Jenny Mod work on mobile?

Yes, you can install the Jenny Mod on your mobile and use it to install the Addon in your game.

Is Jenny Mod available for Minecraft PE?

Yes, you can also download this Addon for Minecraft PE and Minecraft BE.

How do you get the Jenny mod on Minecraft Mobile?

You can download the Jenny Mod from this website. It is 100% safe and working.


So, that was all about the Minecraft Jenny Mod. This mod doubles the fun in your gameplay. You don’t have to move alone; Jenny will accompany you. She will follow you anywhere and help you build houses, hunt, kill mobs, etc. Also, you can have more fun with her as you can make her do anything and also talk to her. You can also find her in the Jenny Houses that you can find in different places in the game. So, download the mod and install it to enjoy the Minecraft game with Jenny.

Reviewed by: Melanie Garcia

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