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Melancholianna is an RPG game full of puzzles and deadly monsters.

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June 23, 2023

Role Playing games have so much to offer to players. They are always full of exciting elements with addictive gameplay. Melancholianna is also a game worth trying that falls into the same category. The game features addictive gameplay, many tasks, obstacles, monsters, and more. It requires good puzzle-solving skills as you must solve various puzzles to escape a place full of monsters. Explore a huge area, unlock doors to find valuable items to kill monsters, and find the key to escape. The game has a lot more for players that will keep them hooked up with the game for a long.

About Melancholianna

Melancholianna is an RPG game with addictive gameplay that you can now play on your Android. In the game, you play as a female protagonist who has to solve puzzles to escape a place full of deadly monsters. The game starts with the protagonist sleeping in a room and waking up. She has to explore the whole area and different rooms to collect items to help her find the key to escape.

The task is not easy as it seems. Your journey will be full of adventure and deadly monsters. You must explore the huge area to find items to make explosives to defeat powerful monsters. Also, solve many puzzles to make your way and find the key. Beware of evil spiders that can harm you. Keep moving while being careful of obstacles and monsters. Besides, you can save your game progress, so if you lose or restart the game, you can continue from the same point where you left off.


A Huge Place to Explore

The game has a huge place to explore. You can check out different rooms, hallways, basements, and more. And find and collect valuable items to make explosives to kill monsters. You must be careful as there are many obstacles in the game.

Exciting Gameplay

The game has exciting gameplay where you play as a female protagonist who has to solve puzzles, explore a vast area to collect items, defeat monsters, and find a way out.

Creative Design and Graphics

The game’s creatures and environment are created beautifully and look so attractive. Plus, the 2D graphics of the game will take you back to the 90s and give you a feel of playing video games on consoles.

Many Puzzles

It also includes many puzzles to keep players hooked up with the game. You cannot get bored of this game easily, as it will keep you busy solving puzzles. It includes puzzles requiring constant focus so you can collect items and solve them.

Many Monsters

And to make everything more challenging, there are many monsters that you should avoid and kill to clear your way. You must find items and create exclusives to kill powerful monsters in the game.

Easy Controls

Besides, the game has easy controls that are beginner friendly. You just have to move your character left, right up, or down, pick up items, and drop them with a single click.

You can also try the similar games like Echidna Wars and Shini Girl Mini.

How to Install Melancholianna APK

Before you try to install the game, you must ensure whether your device allows Unknown Sources installations. Check the Unknown Sources option, if it is enabled, from your device’s security. And follow the steps given below.

  • Download Melancholianna APK on your device. And let it download.
  • Now, find the file in your device’s storage and tap on it for further installation.find the Melancholianna APK in File Manager App
  • After that, tap on Install and start the installation process.install Melancholianna on your Android device
  • Once installed, Open the game and start playing it.Melancholianna successfully installed


Can we download Melancholianna on Android?

Yes, you can download the game on your Android device. You can download it on all Android running on 6.0 and later versions.

How to download Melancholianna on mobile?

You can download this exciting game from this website. It is safe and malware free, so you can download and install the game without any risk.

Is Melancholianna APK safe?

Yes, downloading is safe, but ensure you download it from a reliable and clean source. And you can find the latest version of the game on this website.

Final Verdict

So, that’s all about the Melancholianna game and its features. This game can entertain you for hours. Solve the puzzles, explore different areas, look for collectibles, and find a way out. The journey will not be as easy as it seems. So many obstacles and monsters will stop you from escaping the place. There will be many small spiders that want to harm you. You have to be careful of different monsters a find a way to defeat them. You must defeat them to proceed in the gameplay. So, download the game and install it to enjoy exciting gameplay.

Reviewed by: Mohamed Khalil

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