Is 6PM Legit Or Scam? Find It Out!

Updated on April 22, 2022

The Internet is full of services which is full of services which make our life easy. From shopping to paying your mobile bill. Everything is just a few clicks away. The Internet has made our very easy to live, but at the same, there are some consequences we have to face when we choose someone or something wrong. What’s the wrong you’re talking about? The wrong is trust. We can become the victims of fraud by anytime.

We do trust some of the big brands like Amazon, Uber, Flipkart, etc. when comes to any service provided by them. But not everyone or everything is trustworthy on the Internet. Once such kind of website is 6pm which is an online retailer of clothes and shoes. Many people believe that 6pm is nothing more than a scam to pull out money from people’s pocket. Now we need understand that all the things are true or not? Is 6pm really a scam or it’s completely legit. So let’s start today’s discussion. Also check out Armored Core 6 Release date.

What is 6pm?

As I told you earlier that 6pm is an online retail website which has a variety of products but, it mainly has vast collection of shoes. All the methods, transactions, payment method, and delivery method, in short, all the details and process related to transactions is almost like any other online retailer. If I give you a break up of the categories available on the website, then they are like Shoes, Clothing, Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Clearance, Brands.

The, almost everything from payment to receiving the product is same as any other online retailer. 6pm Delivers the products only within United States and takes charges depending on your location and amount of purchase. If you bought something valued more than 50 dollars then no delivery charge is taken from you. As we got to payments, it’s also same you can purchase stuff using any debit or credit cards ( Major debit and credit cards ) and E-Gift vouchers. Each and everything is similar to any other major E-Commerce site across the world.

Is 6PM Scam or Legit?

So, we going to answer the mighty question that what is 6pm in reality? Is it a scam or not. We’ll take a brief look at it.

For example. You order something from 6pm and you also got the product, but because of any reason you’re not fully satisfied with the product, and you need to return it now. The return policy of 6pm is bit tricky, and that’s why all the chaos happened. As the Return policy of the website is concerned If you have to return anything on the website, then you have to do that within 30 days of shopping. As the process, you have to log in your 6pm account. Then you have to select the order number of the particular order. Check the product you want to return and then click on option “Returned Checked Items.” The other details related to the return will be provided to you.

Now, to return the product you will need the barcode on the original box in which the product was packaged, in case you don’t have that box then you have to take a print of the order confirmation mail from 6pm, attach it to box and then courier it to 6pm. Once the product will reach to 6pm, the paid money will be credit back to you. Remember that the product should be couriered within 30 of shopping. The Only problem the customer has to face is that he or the has to bare the courier charges, 6pm doesn’t refunds it.

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But, the catch is even that doesn’t make 6pm a scam because all the policies including baring the courier charges yourself is clearly mentioned the policies section of the website. And 6pm is not the only website which has such kind of policies. There are many other online retailers out there with such kind of policies.

There are also other reasons which prove that 6pm is not a scam, One prominent reason is that 6pm is owned by Zappos. Zappos is another well-known clothes and shoe retailer which is treating its customer from 1999. You’ll say that doesn’t change anything. So, I will like to tell you guys that Zappos is owned by one of the largest retailers in the world, none other than the Amazon. I think that is enough to prove that 6pm is not a scam.

Another reason for not considering 6pm a scam is that all the products which are sold on the website are original and authentic. All the brand label on the products are not fake at all. Even though the prices of the products are quite less as compared to other online or offline retailers, the quality and originality standard is defiantly maintained by 6pm. The reason for lower prices is that the website not that focused on customer service, but lower prices as compared to any other retailer. But still, even for that business tactic, you can’t say that 6pm is a scam.

Another reason why 6pm is accused of this less legit product reviews. I do believe that product reviews are very important as a customer to get the right product at a right price. I admit that there are fewer product reviews for 6pm as compared to Amazon any online retailer, but that doesn’t mean that the reviews are not legit. Being small in number doesn’t make the reviews fake to something like that.

So, thus, we can definitely come to a conclusion that 6pm is not a scam at all and you can freely shop on the website without having any second thoughts.

Final Words –

Finally, I have to say that I have successfully concluded that why 6pm can’t be considered as scam, but a legit online fashion retailer. If you have any queries or suggestions related to the article, then kindly comment it in the comment section. So I guess you have got answer of your question “Is 6PM Legit?