How To Install Game APK Having an OBB File?

For all of us who are wondering what an OBB file is, we need to go a step backward and discuss about the mod apks of the apps which are available on the internet. There are cases when an android user, be it for any reason, is not able to sign in to the Google Play Store or is not able to download the apps ; there can also be a case when the existing user is looking for something extra than the basic app features. To help the user in such a scenario, mod apks were created which are simple modified versions of the apps but with certain added advantages like the entire game unlocked or never ending cash and lives to make the user experience smooth and easy.

Whenever a user looks to download a mod apk from the internet, there is another file available with it. That file is the OBB file or the Opinary binary blob file. These files contain certain cool items like high definition graphics or and loads of assets which are necessary for a better working of the mod apk. The main behind the creation of OBB files was to ensure that the perspective gamer’s gaming experience is so exciting that he never regrets his / her decision to go for the mod apk than the basic version.

Usually the size of the OBB file is pretty large when it is compared to the size of the mod apk. So it is always advisable to download the OBB file over a wireless network for a faster internet speed.

Though the main focus of both the mod apks and the OBB files was to ensure gamer satisfaction and a smooth quality better gameplay than the basic version. But at times the user faces troubles while extracting the OBB file. Without the OBB file, the mod apk cannot perform up to its full potential.

In order to help users like me who face this problem while using the mod apk, I shall be discussing the process which shall help you extract an OBB file in the simplest way without using much efforts so that you can enjoy the mod apk the way it should be enjoyed.

extract zip file in android phone

Requirements for downloading the OBB file:

  • A working android device with an android version of at least 4.0.
  • Download link to download the latest version of the OBB file
  • Download link for getting an access to the latest working version of the ES file explorer for extracting the OBB file.
  • Network connection for downloading the settings.
  • Space on your SD card for storing the OBB file because of its large size.

Process for Extracting the OBB file :

  • The most basic requirement for extracting the OBB file is an ES file explorer. The downloading link for the ES file explorer is given below :

Download ES File Explorer

  • Once you have finished installing the ES file explorer then download the mod apk and the OBB file of your favourite game from the internet. Because of its size, it is best if the OBB file is saved to the SD card and downloaded over the wireless network. There is no need to open the OBB file at the moment.

install es file explorer

  • Now you need to launch the ES file explorer and then you must locate the mod apk which you downloaded and click on Install. (It is also advisable to save the mod apk and the OBB file at a familiar location on your android device so that it can be located easily.)
  • You still do not have to open the mod apk. You have to locate the OBB file on the ES file explorer. Then tap on the OBB file.
  • The ES file explorer will ask about the ES zip viewer once you tap on the OBB file. Then the OBB file shall open and you will see, on the top right hand corner, a small box with an arrow. This is the extract button and clicking on it will extract your OBB file.

downloading started

  • The next step is straight forward, Click on the Extract button.

select destination

  • After this the ES file explorer will ask about the location where you want to extract the OBB file. It is advisable that the OBB file is saved at Android and then into the OBB folder. If your device does not have an OBB folder, you should create an OBB folder and then extract the OBB file to that folder. The example of your file location will be something like this :


  • The final step is to click on the OK button and you will see that the OBB file is beginning to get extracted.
  • Once the OBB file extraction is finished, you can tap open the mod apk and enjoy the modified version of your game with superb graphics and added advantages which shall make your gaming experience like never felt before.

The extraction process is pretty straight forward and easy once you install the ES File Explorer from the internet. The process also works for all the OBB files out there despite of the fact that the file can be downloaded from any website out there.

Now you can easily install games like Shadow Fight 3 Mod, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas etc. in your Android phone.

Conclusion :

The OBB files are what supports the smooth functioning of the mod apks which are downloaded from the internet. They are large in size and are expected to be stored in the SD card. Wireless connectivity is also recommended. The users face problems while downloading the OBB files. So the ES File explorer helps everyone in the extraction process. The process is pretty simple where you just have to locate the OBB file from your android device and press on the extract the OBB file by pressing the button. Then you can enjoy the game in its full potential.